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Mukden, 1905 - Russia vs. Japan

By: S&G Games

Type: Ziplock

Product Line: War Games (S&G Games)


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Mukden, 1905 - Russia vs. Japan
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This is a division/brigade-level simulation of the climactic battle of the Russo-Japanese War (1904-05). Each game turn equals one day; each hexagon on the map equals three miles from side to opposite side. The game's production values are primitive by today's standards. For example, the map is done in only two colors, while the 80 half-inch unit-counters must be hand-trimmed and are printed only on thick stock paper. That said, the game is simple without being simplistic, and will be easy for even those entirely new to the hobby to get into. It is loaded with action and covers an unusual historical topic. This two-player, ziplock game contains an eight-page rules folder, which also presents all the charts and tables needed for play, and one set of 80 unit counters and one map sheet. Designed and developed by the famous team of Richard Spence and James Gabel, this is a hard to find classic from a long-gone era of the wargaming hobby.

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