#309 "Return of the Lichmaster, Codex - Black Templars, Buildings of Middle-Earth"

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Product Line: White Dwarf Magazine #301 - #350

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#309 "Return of the Lichmaster, Codex - Black Templars, Buildings of Middle-Earth"
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Return of the Lichemaster: Part two of a three part campaign returns to Athel Loren with Kemmler and Krell, Forest Spirits and a Grail Knight.

Modeling & Painting Workshop: Non-human Undead Create a Vampire Counts amy with the corpses of the fallen.

Warhammer Chronicles: Knightly Orders of the Empire A simple system to customize your own Knightly Order

On the Borders of Athel Loren: A Warhammer ladder campaign involving an escalating conflict between two forces.

Painting Showcase: Wood Elf Regiments Six painters produce their own versions of a seasonal Wood Elf theme.

The Wild Hunt: A new scenario for the Wood Elves

Painting Human Faces: A Golden Demon winner details some techniques used for faces.

Crusaders of the Emperor: A special preview of Codex: Black Templars

Enemies of the Imperium Know your foe!: Modeling ideas for the Eldar, Orks, and Tau

Waagh! Grishnak!: Modeling an ork warboss and retinue and using clan colors

Chapter Approved: Kill Team Nemeses Rules to add some really large and frightening bad guys to your Kill Team Brute Squads

Painting Showcase: Ultramarines Bob Kelly's fantastic army which won Player's Choice at the 2005 Seattle Grand Tournament

Scenery Workshop: Modeling Xenos Defenses Alien installations and outposts of the Eldar, Ork and Tau races

Commorragh's Elite: A veteran tournament player proves the strength of the Dark Eldar.

Battle Report: Into the Dark The Fellowship races through the Mines of Moria with four different scenarios.

Pursued by Wolves: A mini-game featuring Bill the Pony

Might, Will & Fate: Heroic characteristics in The Lord of The Rings games

Battling in the Box: How to make a Balin's Tomb gaming board from the Mines of Moria box

Buildings of Middle-earth: Creating themes for your terrain in The Lord of The Rings game

Painting Workshop: Legolas Adrian Wood explains how to paint the character models from the Mines of Moria boxed set.

Modeling Workshop: Leading the Charge Personalize your Battle Company Captains.

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