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By: Warner Books

Type: Novel - Softcover

Product Line: Aspect Fantasy Novels

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Product Line
Richard Knaak
Publish Year
Novel - Softcover


An eternal curse...a love forever lost...a ghost that annihilates worlds...

Castaways of the Doom Spell...

Beautiful Maia and sly Shifter are two of the Scattered: sorcerous exiles cursed to awaken in life after life, Earth after Earth-only to see each world they enter destroyed. And they are pursued by a demon-god, once lord of galaxies, who thinks he can reclaim his empire by murdering the Scattered.

Yet demons and sorcerers are all helpless when the ghost ship Despair sails the sky, signaling the arrival of the Maelstrom that swallows universes. Now Maia must find the magic to confront the captain of the Despair, a tragic, eons-dead being known only as the Dutchman. And somehow, the sorceress and the sailor must stop the tides of Fate. For the castaways have reached the far shore of Forever. The last universe. The final Earth.


A Sailor on the Seas of Forever...

A hole opened up in the middle of the room, floating about four feet in the air. A cloaked figure stepped through the hole into the suite.

Shifter looked up into black orbs with no pupils, and for a minute he thought that what towered over him was some new hunter employed by the Darkling.

Then it came to him who it was who had rescued him from the collapsing lair of the Roschach.

The Boatman. The angel of death. The Flying Dutchman. The end of the world was at hand...Again.

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