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Tomorrow Knights

By: Z-Man Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Tomorrow Knights

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Tomorrow Knights
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“… as a not-unforeseen result of the Pax Corpus Treaty of 2012, most governments are now controlled, openly or clandestinely, by the United Corporate Council.

The UCC, a union of huge multinational cartels that evolved from the old military-industrial complex, promised peace to a world still reeling from the limited nuclear exchange now known as the 13 Hour War. The Treaty outlawed open warfare, restricted weapons research, made mandatory military service illegal, and limited the possession of nuclear weapons to those of a defensive nature. To a global community that had just lost 30 million citizens, the Treaty seemed heaven-sent. It was approved unanimously by the United Nations in its last official session.

Hailed as the manifesto of a new Golden Age, the Treaty was in fact the catalyst for the ultimate corporate takeover. To solve the problem of who would enforce the Treaty, the “politically unbiased” UCC “volunteered” several of its major weapons conglomerates to organize their own legal mercenary army as a peace-keeping force. Acceptance of this paramilitary group paved the way for a massive transfer of political, economic and military power from government to the private sector.

This snowballed into the current state of worldwide anarchy, where all-out war is virtually impossible, but political assassination, economic blackmail and corporate guerrilla warfare are everyday occurrences.

Each major Corp has its own mercenary army, plus technologically-enhanced operatives (via bionics, battlesuits, bioengineering, etc.). These agents are used constantly in covert action against uncooperative nations and competitive companies. There is constant competition between Corps and governments to overcome their “Merc-Gaps.” Only these feuds and power struggles keep the UCC from gaining total control of the world’s economy. The Cold War has been revived, but the combatants are now divided by profit concerns much more concrete than the Iron Curtain ever was.”

--Excerpt from the President’s Commission on World Affair Reports, 5/12/2020

Based on the comic book series from Marvel’s Epic imprint, this new role-playing game brings all the action, adventure, and intrigue right to your gaming table! Tomorrow Knights utilizes a fast yet innovative game system that stays true to the darkly cinematic setting at every turn. The rulebook also features extensive information about the TKs Universe, from the events that shook the world to the technology used by the Corps. It’s all here! Plus, you’ll find loads of fantastic art by Roy Richardson and Rod Whigham… some of which has never been published before!

So, join us in the adventure of a lifetime and remember: chivalry lives… for a price!

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