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Brakiri Syndicracy Fleet Box (1st Edition)

Brakiri Syndicracy Fleet Box (1st Edition)
Product Note: 46 figures
Publish Year: 2005
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: MGP3372-1
Type: Minis Box Set


One of the rising governments among the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, the Brakiri are ruled by profit-driven corporations formed from the original water clans who competed over precious resources long in their homeworld’s past. Brakiri is a dry world blasted by the direct rays of its sun, with cities built around to few natural sources of water, though with the advent of space travel and mining of other planets in the system, the pressures of life on this world have eased. Even so, the Brakiri are still a nocturnal race, learning to work during the darkness to avoid the blinding glare and withering heat of the sun.

Humanoid in appearance, the Brakiri have evolved incredible night vision and tough leathery skin, allowing them to survive and prosper in the rigors of their home world. However, they have demonstrated a remarkable ability to adapt to other environments, permitting them to colonies other worlds and move around other races with ease. Brakiri are superb traders and despite their relatively small foothold of systems within the League, they have gained a great measure of political influence through mercantile treaties with many other races. A side effect of this is that technological development among the Brakiri has been stymied and very few scientists are to be found in their population, for they have found it easier to trade and barter new developments rather than spend many years in research. This has gained the Brakiri a poor reputation among some other races in the League who view them as parasites living off the efforts of others, even though their strong trade links with other worlds made them invaluable in helping to bind the League together in the first place.

It is money, trade and commerce that is the power of the Brakiri Syndicracy but their assets are backed up by their impressive and dangerous warships as well. The Brakiri have some of the most advanced ships in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, forming fleets that are remarkably well-balanced in terms of their offensive and defensive capabilities and which regularly out-perform the ships of their peers. Of special note is the Brakiri innovation of gravitic technology, a scientific principle that runs through almost all their spacecraft and fleet assets. Their ships often possess an alarming level of firepower and are not to be underestimated.

This boxed set contains:

2 Tashkat advanced cruisers
4 Avioki heavy cruisers
4 Ikorta light assault cruisers
36 Falkosi fighters.