#23 "Starship Troopers Battle Report, The Belt Alliance for Babylon 5, Gangs of Mega-City One Scenario"

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Product Line: Signs & Portents Magazine (d20)

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#23 "Starship Troopers Battle Report, The Belt Alliance for Babylon 5, Gangs of Mega-City One Scenario"
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Issue 23 of Signs & Portents sees our first-ever miniatures photo cover, heralding the serious arrival of miniatures articles within the magazine. There’s still plenty for everybody, though, so dig in and enjoy!

The Belt Alliance – There is more to the Babylon 5 universe than massive empires with huge fleets. This article examines a small, independent fleet that operates in the Asteroid Belt of the Solar System.

Defence of Zulu Outpost – Direct from the front lines of the Starship Troopers miniatures game, we bring an introductory battle report featuring Mathew Sprange against Dangerous Ted Chang. Ooer!

Starship Troopers Open Evening – The usual S&P photo shoot with Old Bear showing the usual suspects getting a thrashing at Starship Troopers. Come and see just what fun we have at Mongoose Towers. Yes, really. Sort of…

Toranese Archer – This new Lone Wolf article introduces a brand new character class, the semi-legendary Toranese Archer, whose skills are whispered of in every corner of Magnamund. Anybody this god with a longbow will be in demand!

Bank Raid! – Most gangs in Mega-City One prefer to avoid attracting the attention of the Law but some are reckless enough to go directly up against the Judges of the Justice Department. Does your gang have what it takes to handle a bank raid scenario?

Shadow Dancing – This scenario for A Call to Arms takes place during the Shadow War and pits the Army of Light against the lethal Shadow fleet. Can you defeat the Shadows and rescue Commander Ivanova? (By the way, did I mention she was the Guest of Honor at the Open Day?)

Desert Undead – Few things are capable of surviving in the bleak wastelands of the desert. However, there are a few things that do not need to survive…as the desert has already killed them. Yes, it’s Creature Feature time again!

The Last Stand – Cut off from their own forces, a desperate platoon of Mobile Infantry prepares to sell their lives dearly against the Arachnid swarm. Step into their shoes and see if you can survive.

The Temple Grontenheim – The final phase of our epic Might of Midgard series for Slaine is this fantastic new scenario. Face off against the drunes and warriors of Midgardand attempt to unravel Grontenheim’s dark secret.

Add in the usual mix of Jonny Nexus, Inside the Chainmail Bra and Design & Conquer and it’s another exciting issue of Signs & Portents, the magazine about which the legendary Gary Gygax said: ‘I was impressed with the quality of production, layout, art, and content. Congratulations!’

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