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Burning Wheel, The (1st Edition, Limited Edition)

Burning Wheel, The (1st Edition, Limited Edition)
Genre: RPG - Fantasy
Product Line: Burning Wheel, The
Author: Luke Crane
Publish Year: 2002
Dimensions: 5x7x1"
Restockable: No
Mfg. part #: GHQ1000
Type: Softcover

Burning Wheel, The (1st Edition, Limited Edition)


Burning Wheel is designed to offer players the opportunity to feel the dirt below their boots, the grit between their teeth, and cold steel in their hands. What makes the game dynamic is a focus on character development, earning your abilities, and fast-moving, scripted combat.

Everyone comes from somewhere. Choose from hundreds of lifepaths, providedin the Character Burner, to create nearly infinite variations of characters. All characters have something in common, but no two are completely alike! Examples include Taskmaster, Galley Slave, Mad Wizard, Sword Singer, Artificer, and Blood Summoner.

How can you be an expert marksman if you never pick up a bow? The answer is: you can't. Only through overcoming "obstacles," can a character become better at what he/she does. The more difficult the obstacle, the more the character improves. You can also set up practice routines to improve your character over time.

Combat is scripted and broken down into three separate sections, called volleys. The more agile your character is the more he/she can act in a volley. Once all characters have written out their actions, melee is resolved. Script Strikes, Counterstrikes, Feints, Blocks, and more to take control of harrowing combats!

The Burning Wheel was printed in limited run of 1000. Each set is hand-numbered.