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GM's Survival Guide

By: AEG (Alderac Entertainment Group)

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Legend of the Five Rings (1st-2nd Edition)

Last Stocked on 2/9/2021

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GM's Survival Guide
jim pinto
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Honour. Glory. Loyalty. Steel.

These are the only tools a samurai requires.
But a true master needs moreā€¦
Within the pages of this book, over 1001 tips, hints, answers, and options are available to help Gamemasters customize their campaigns in the Emerald Empire. Valuable advice and expansive charts organize everything from plot structure to village inhabitants, from creatures to crops. Flexible rules options assist with mechanics, and pages of useful information outline many details of culture, economics, and the ins and outs of samurai life.
Sample Plots: A complete guide to creating detailed plotlines, handouts, and game scripts designed to encourage both roleplay and player interaction.
Expanded Section on Rokugani Culture: Adventure hooks and campaign ideas, as well as expanded information on setting and society, provide Gamemasters with detailed and comprehensive information on the Emerald Empire.
Comprehensive Skills, Advantages, and Disadvantages Chart: All the information you need to define a character is now collected and compiled in one location for easy reference.
Using the CCG in the RPG: Innovative ideas for fans of the L5R Collectable Card Game, providing for easy integration of personalities, locations, and other elements defined in the CCG.

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