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Master Atlas (3rd Edition)

Master Atlas (3rd Edition)
Genre: RPG - Fantasy
Publish Year: 2001
Dimensions: 9x11x.75"
Restockable: No
Type: Softcover


Return to the Shadow World, home of Dragonlords and Loremasters, mysterious ancient civilizations and Navigators who ride the magical Flows of Essænce. The Master Atlas, Third Edition has arrived, completely updated and revised.

• More beasts, demons, plants, poisons, rare gems and magical elements.
• Complete race listings and statistics.
• Greatly expanded histiory, updated to 6054 Third Era of Ire.
• Geopolitical overview of the entire Western Hemisphere.
• New information about the East.
• Vocabulary of five languages.
• Exhaustively indexed.
• Info on the major good and evil deities, stats on selected Loremasters, Navigators and other NPCs.
• Many new illustrations, including 3D renderings.
• Color maps of the western hemisphere.
• Designed for Rolemaster, but includes conversion information to other systems.