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Best of White Dwarf Scenarios, The #1

Best of White Dwarf Scenarios, The #1
Publish Year: 1980
Pages: 56
Dimensions: 8x12x.25"
Restockable: No
Type: Magazine


Features 12 full scenarios for D&D, Runequest, Gamma World, Traveller, and Chivalry & Sorcery. Including:

Halls of Tizun Thane (D&D)
Lair of the White Wyrm (Runequest)
Paths of the Lil (Gamma World)
Jorthan's Rescue (RQ)
Bar-Room Brawl (D&D)
A Place in the Wildernes (D&D)
Lair of the Demon Queen (D&D)
The Sable Rose Affair (Traveller)
Grakt's Crag (D&D)
Ogre Hunt (C&S)
The Lichway (D&D)
Pool of the Standing Stones (D&D)