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#100 "Incursion, Lich-Queen Super Adventure, Knights of Lich-Queen Mini-Game"

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#100 "Incursion, Lich-Queen Super Adventure, Knights of Lich-Queen Mini-Game"
by TSR
Sub Category: RPG Magazines
Publish Year: 2003
Pages: 190
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.35"
Restockable: No
NKG part #: 2148930902
Type: Magazine



"The Lich Queen’s Beloved"
The Incursion has begun! Dungeon’s contribution to this three magazine project sends the PCs to the Palace of Whispers in the githyanki capital city on the Astral Plane. There, the characters must brave the githyanki lichqueen’s deadliest tricks and traps to stop her quest for godhood. A D&D adventure for 18th-level characters.
By Christopher Perkins

“Old Embers Never Die”
The designer behind the revised Player's Handbook brings one of DUNGEON’s most memorable villains back to the pages of the magazine. The cover subject of issue #1, Flame, the powerful red dragon featured in that issue's “Into the Fire” and issue #17’s “Out of the Ashes” returns to his lair in the Western Mountains, hungry for blood and treasure. A D&D Adventure for four 12th-level PCs.
By Andy Collins

“Woe to Mistledale”
This sequel to issue #87’s ”Raiders of Galath’s Roost” takes the PCs back to the Dales region of the Forgotten Realms. Someone--whether drow, the local elves, or another force entirely--has taken up residence in the forests near Mistledale, disrupting trade along the Moonsea Ride and slaughtering merchants and taking their goods. The PCs must embark on a convoluted investigation to uncover the mystery behind the attacks. A D&D Forgotten Realms adventure for four 8th-level PCs.
By Skip Williams

“Beast of Burden”
Some massive engine of destruction has appeared from the wilds, stalking and destroying entire villages. That alone would have the region in an uproar, but the fact that an organized army seems to live on the creature’s back, raining destruction on villagers and the land alike. The PCs must catch the mysterious creature and stop the marauders living atop it before it reaches a major city. A D&D adventure for four 6th-level PCs.
By Michael Kortes

Take the role of the enemy in the Knights of the Lich-Queen Mini-Game, in which you play a githyanki invading a Prime Material world. The rest of Incursion assumes you’re the good guys.We know you better than that.
By James Wyatt

Plus, “Critical Threats” by Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Rich Baker, and Peter Adkison; a new Map of Mystery; and an editorial retrospective and timeline looking back at DUNGEON #1-100.