Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great
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Alexander the Great is one of the most famous names in history, and he led his armies to the ends of the earth and carved out an empire. Upon his death, the empire he conquered split apart within a few years. This source book contains a detailed historical overview of the period outlining the important events and battles of Alexander's Age up until his death. Featured within this book are detailed army lists for Alexander and his enemies including:

• Rise of Macedon - Army lists allowing you to recreate the Macedonian armies of Alexander and his father, Philip.
• The End of Persia - Army lists allowing you to recreate the Persian army of Darius III and his Satrapal generals.
• The Indian army - Army lists allowing you to recreate the Indian army of Porus as well as other Indian army variations.
• Greek Mercenaries and Barbarian army lists from the period are also included, and these can fight either for, or against, Alexander. Accompanying each of the army lists are detailed notes on Warhammer Ancient Battle wargames tactics, and collecting and painting the armies of this defining period in history.

Also included are a series of detailed Orders of Battle allowing you to follow in Philip's and Alexander's footsteps and recreate some of their famous encounters and campaigns:

• The Battle of Chaeronea 338 BC
• The Battle of Granicus. 334 BC
• The Battle of Gaugamela 331 BC
• The Battle of Hydaspes. 326 BC Alexander the Great: Rise of Macedon 359 - 323 BC also contains a 16-page full-color section portraying the armies of the time and a wealth of illustrations and maps.

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