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Blood and Space - d20 Starship Adventure Toolkit

By: RPG Objects

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Blood and Space (d20)

Last Stocked on 4/7/2020

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Blood and Space - d20 Starship Adventure Toolkit
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Blood and Space contains extensive rules for starship construction, combat, and crews as well as new classes, feats, and skills for space based adventures.

New Core and Prestige Class. 10 new core classes: Doctor, Engineer, Haulers, Hotshot, Marine, Mercenary, Starship Pilot, Starship Officer, Scientist, and Smuggler. 6 new prestige classes: Colonial Marine, Contact Specialist, Marine Commander, Pirate Captain, and Starship Commander.

New Feats and Skills: New and modified space themed skills and feats, including a collection of starship piloting and item creation feats.

New Personal Equipment: A sampling of personal equipment for characters as well as optional rules for starship trading.

Starship Construction: A detailed system for constructing starships and bases, including rules for hulls, star drives, defense systems, weapons systems, and on-board faculties.

Starship Crews: A flavorful system for managing crew quality, actions, and advancement.

Starship Combat: A complete system for strategic space combat, including rules for natural hazards such as black holes, asteroids, planets, and more.

Sample Ships: Also included are 10 pre-made ships, each on its own 8.5x11 page, complete with an illustration, and ready for adventure!

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