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Grimoire I

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Grimoire I
Genre: RPG - Fantasy
Author: Steven Long
Publish Year: 2003
Pages: 270
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.65"
Restockable: Yes
Mfg. part #: DOJHERO501
Type: Softcover


Sometimes a Fantasy Hero player or GM needs to create a spell, or an entire magic system, as quickly and easily as possible.

The Fantasy Hero Grimoire has just what you need: over four thousand spells suitable for any Fantasy character or campaign. Unleash the full power and potential of Fantasy Hero magic in your game! The Fantasy Hero Grimoire includes:

—hundreds of spells organized into twelve major categories: Alchemy; Conjuration; Divination; Druidry; Elemental Magic; Enchantment; Necromancy; Sorcery; Thaumaturgy; Witchcraft; Wizardry; and Divine Magic

—a dozen or more options and variations for most spells, making it easy to change or customize any spell so it's just right for any Fantasy Hero character, campaign, or setting

—a "spell template" for each spell, allowing you to determine the basic effect, casting time, duration, Skill Roll penalty, Endurance cost, and other information about a spell at a glance

—descriptions and rules explanations both for common spells and for more unusual magical effects

Wizard, priest, sorcerer, necromancer, witch — any spellcaster can find just what he needs in Fantasy Hero Grimoire!