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Aliens RPG

By: Leading Edge Games

Type: Softcover

Product Line: Aliens RPG

Last Stocked on 2/22/2020

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Aliens RPG
Product Line
Barry Nakazono, David McKenzie
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This Time It's War
Now you can be a part of the danger and excitement of the hit movie ALIENS, from Twentieth Century Fox! From the ruins of the Colony that was destroyed by the Aliens to the chaos and greed of Earth itself, the ALIENS Adventure Game pits you against Aliens, other dangerous lifeforms, and corrupt Humans as you find out what it takes to be a member of the Colonial Marine Corps.

Another Glorious Day in the Corps!
The accent of the game is on the Aliens, of course, but there is far, far more. For those who want to go beyond the Aliens and the Corps, there is a whole galaxy of deceit and danger in the bleak Corporate future of the ALIENS storyline. Try your hand at one of the other possibilities offered; corporate mercenary, explorer, businessman... your choices are limited only by your imagination.

The ALIENS Adventure Game prominently features full color and black and white art from the movie, as well as fast, fun game mechanics. Fast paced and intense, ALIENS is sure to thrill anyone who enjoyed the movie.

Included are Sections covering:
* Character Generation
* Colonial Marine Background
* Other Character Backgrounds
* General and Professional Skills
* Specialized Skills and Training
* Personal Equipment
* Individual Combat
* Ground, Air, and Space Vehicles and Combat
* Worlds, Colonies, and Outposts
* Missions and Campaign Settings
* Alien Lifeforms and, of course,
* The ALIENS - Abilities, Metabolism, and Scenario Ideas.

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