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Second World Sourcebook, The

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Second World Sourcebook, The
Author: Steven Peters
Publish Year: 2003
Pages: 288
Dimensions: 8.5x11x.75"
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NKG part #: 2148774039
Mfg. part #: 2WS1000
Type: Softcover


The Second World Sourcebook is a complete guide to multi-genre roleplaying in the d20 universe. Drop a team of Special Forces Ops into any fantasy world, trap your wizard, thief and cleric in a near future cyber-based metropolis run by greedy corporations. The possibilities are endless for how you can cross or jump genres adding hundreds of new and exciting options to your game.

The Second World Sourcebook supports both the d20 Modern Rules and the standard d20 rules and provides a complete set of genre and technology rules for customizing the way reality works in the two worlds, in alternate planes, or even in your own game world. Over 200 powers spread across 8 prestige classes (with an alternate, feat-based system) are detailed. Each class gets to pick one ability per level from a list of at least 25 special powers; this provides maximum customizability in character development. It also includes a complete set of influence rules with over 30 organizations and 100 favors to request; this system provides a nifty method for adding crunch to the political aspect of a game. The Second World Sourcebook also provides a basic campaign setting designed to show off the full potential of genre jumping.

The Second World Sourcebook bridges the gap between modern day adventuring and traditional fantasy roleplaying. It provides a "campaign template" for running a dual-world game. By combining the sourcebook with your own favorite setting you can take your fantasy characters and run them through a modern day scenario, or take your modern characters and run them through one of the many fantasy modules currently available.