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2 New Kickstarters in-stock! New Building Update!

Hello Everyone!

We back several Kickstarter projects a week and this week we received in 2 big ones including Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder from Petersen Games and also Mantic’s Terrain Crate Kickstarter. Coming in the next few months we are expecting more big Kickstarters including Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3 from Petersen Games, Song of Ice and Fire from CMON, and many others. We

Lock N Load New Rules! Star Wars RPG 30th Anniversary Now Available, Gloomhaven and Azul back in-stock!

Hello everyone,

We have been receiving a ton of new items these last few weeks including Lock ‘N Load’s v5.0 Core Rules, Prelude to Rebellion from Compass Games and Star Wars RPG 30th Anniversary edition from Fantasy Flight. Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition released this past weekend and there are plenty of box sets, core rulebooks and accessories still available. We also received much antic

Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition! Free RPG Day and Battlefront Sale!

Hello All,

We had a great turnout both in-store and online for Free RPG Day and I hope you all are enjoying the new titles! We still have lots of Free RPG Day items remaining on our website and in-store so feel free to grab another. You can add 1 Free RPG or penny item to your order for every $15 of product ordered.

Below is a link to the Free RPG Day 2018 items that ar

Free RPG Day Online 2018 Starts Now!

Hello everyone,

FREE RPG DAY 2018 is here!! Pick up a new RPG or something new for the game of your choice! See below for all the details on Free RPG Day. We’ve also posted a list of all the new releases over the last few weeks so scroll towards the bottom to see all the new items.


To ensur

Free RPG Day In-Store tomorrow! Armageddon War, Gloomhaven Game and Insert in-stock!

Hello Everyone,

Free RPG Day is tomorrow for our in-store customers! Stop in and pick up a title! For our online customers, Free RPG Day starts Monday morning. Free RPG Day is a great way for RPG fans to get exposed to a new RPG, or for gamers who haven’t tried an RPG, this is a great way to get started! We will be sending out full details of the online version of Free RPG Day on

Battlefront Sale on Now! Free RPG Day Coming June 16th!

Hello everyone,

June 6th marks the D-Day anniversary with today being the well known invasion where the war turned in the favor of the Allies. We have been stocking up on Battlefront Miniatures this year and have a ton of supply. That is good news for all our Flames of War customers out there as we have a sale on for ALL Battlefront products right now. Stock up on any tanks, planes

Building Update, Mordenkainen, Atlanta is Ours, Dragon Castle and more!

Hello everyone,

There has been a lot of progress on our new building in Fitchburg over the last few weeks. All of the structural steel is now standing and the windows, doors and about ½ of the exterior walls have been put up. We are on-track to move and open the new store and play area this fall which we are very excited about! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for pictures of the p

Spring Sale Ends Today!

Hello Everyone,

Today is the LAST day of our Spring Sale where 200,000+ products are marked down. This includes 5000+ publishers on-sale! Act now and take advantage!

Below are some highlights of what we have received in so far this week. As usual, take a look at our website for a full list of new releases and arrivals available in real-time.

Happy Gaming!

Spring Sale Ends Soon! Fire in the Steppe, Menara, The Art of Mage and much more

Hello everyone,

Our spring sale ends soon so act now! We have over 200,000 products on sale across nearly all of our vendors. The sale includes new / used / in-print and out-of-print games AND rare and collectible items!

From Lamentations of the Flame Princess, we now have their latest book ‘Frostbitten and Mutilated’ back in-stock along with several other LOFP titles!

Spring Sale Continues! Save on 200,000+ games!

Hello everyone,

Our Spring Sale continues this week with almost all of our inventory marked down for a limited time. Take advantage while it lasts!

There have been many new titles in the last week including the Battle for Greyport expansion for Red Dragon Inn, Monsters and Minions expansion for Roll Player and many others. We continue to inventory tons of new Miniature

Spring Sale is On! 200,000+ Titles Discounted Now, Free Shipping over $149

Hello everyone,

Our Spring Sale is now on! We have nearly our entire inventory discounted and on-sale on our website and in our store. In addition to the spring sale, we continue to have our Free Shipping offer for orders over $149 in the continental US so take advantage of both today!

Take a look at the new products received in the last week in the list below or on our

NKG Update - Dominaria, Thanos Rising, Borg Cube, Changeling, DCC, Realms of Terrinoth, Feudum, Bluebeard's Bride

Hello All,

Dominaria releases on Friday and we will be inventorying many more singles than we have in the past for our MTG players. Look for these up on our website this weekend! All of the sealed product will be available Friday including booster boxes, bundles and the various planeswalker decks.

Lots of Miniature restocks and new items came in this past week includi

NKG Update - New Building, Midgard, Century Golem, Catacombs, Monster Menagerie III, Elves vs Inventors, Raiders of the Deep, Tropic of Capricorn

Hello All,

As we announced in our last newsletter, we are constructing a new building in Fitchburg, WI (Greater Madison area) that we expect to open later this year. We had our groundbreaking ceremony last week and the excavation crews are busy getting the lot prepared for construction. We are expecting the steel for the building to start being erected in May which is coming quickly

Noble Knight Games - Huge Announcement! Tales from the Loop, Star Wars Legion, Norway 1940, Rising Sun, S&T Quarterly, Napoleon's Resurgence

Hello everyone,

Over the last year we have been working relentlessly at finding a new location for our operations as we have completely run out of room in our warehouse and store. We are happy to announce that next week we break ground on a new building in Fitchburg, Wisconsin which will house a new store, play area and warehouse! Fitchburg is part of the Greater Madison Area in Wis

New & Rare Games Update - Firefly, Starfinder, Masters 25, Dark Souls Card Game, Last Eagles Awaken, Eldritch Lairs, Spirit of '77

Hello All,

Aaron and I are headed to GAMA this coming week to meet with game publishers, distributors and other retailers. We are excited to see the latest and greatest in gaming and bring this to all of you. It should be a great week and gets us out of cold Wisconsin for a few days!

There were lots of New RPG arrivals this week from Kobold Press, Paizo, Melsonian Arts

Free Shipping, Frog God, 7th Sea, NAM, Warrior Queen, Tale of Pirates, Cthulhu, Dracula

Hello All,

We received a slew of new Frog God Games titles for D&D 5E, Pathfinder and Swords and Wizardry this week. We also received a new shipment from GMT which included new releases Battle of the Warrior Queen and Space Empires Replicators Expansion. We have tons of new miniatures from Gaddis Gaming, Battlefront, Privateer Press, Corvus Belli, AW Miniatures and more! There are

New & Rare Games Update - DCC, Small World, PF Works, Rocket Age, Dragon Shields, 1500, Greedy Dragons, Brewin USA

Hello All,

Over the last few months we have been working to increase the amount of Dungeon Crawl Classic titles that we carry. We are now carrying third party adventures from Steve Bean Games, Stray Couches Press, Thick Skull Adventures, Order of the Quill, Three Sages Games, Owl Knight Publishing and more! We also picked up a great new miniatures line from Pedro Fernandez Works, ta

NKG Games Update! Laser Craft Workshop, Malign Portents, Yu-Gi-Oh, 1500, Rise to Nobility, Stuffed Fables, Cowboy Bebop, Bios Genesis, Gangs of Rome

Hello All!

This past week we have received a ton of new terrain including shipments from Laser Craft Workshop, ESLO and Amera. Laser Craft Workshop is a new terrain publisher for us and we were blown away by the terrain they carry. Check them out! For Games Workshop, this week was the much awaited Malign Portents and Thousand Sons Codex. We regularly back Kickstarters and this wee

Conan, Cthulhu, Batman RPG, Attu, The Great Game, Muse, Breaking Bad, Dokmus, Strawberry Ninja!

Hello All,

Another week and another huge selection of New, Used and Rare games have arrived! We received new adventures and RPG’s from Cubicle Seven, Green Ronin, Chaosium, Taylor and other great publishers. From Modiphius we received several Conan titles including Book of Skelos, The Thief and The Mercenary. Tons of new miniatures this week including GW, Privateer Press, Mantic, Sc

Free Shipping! plus Rivals of Ixalan, Pendragon, TT Combat, S&T, Dixit, Battle Foam, Chaos Daemons, Ticket to Ride

Hello All,

We are excited to offer a new shipping promotion! Starting today and through February, Noble Knight will offer free shipping for website orders over $149 within the continental US. For orders under $149 in the continental US, we will continue to offer the maximum 9.95 flat rate shipping that we have offered for years. For our international customers, we dramatically redu

New & Rare Games Update - Mythic Wars, Blight, Explorers of the North Sea, Pickett's Charge, One Deck Dungeon, Land Cruisers, Legendary Planets

Hello everyone!

There are several big new releases this week including Gloomhaven and Rivals of Ixalan both coming on Friday. We also just received Lion of Judah and The War Expansion from Compass Games, Star Wars Destiny Legacies from Fantasy Flight and restocks from Reaper Miniatures, GHQ, White Dog Games and Legendary Games. Several Kickstarter shipments were received this past we

New & Rare Games Update - Pandemic, Netrunner, GOT, Battlefront, Charterstone, Cry Havoc, Dr Who, AK Interactive, Dice Lab

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year to you! I hope you all have had a great start to the New Year. We have made many updates to the website recently including re-vamping the basic search logic and also updating the sales page and creating a new clearance page. The clearance page allows you to more easily identify those products we have at 40%+ discounts which is over 6000 products!

New Update Posted - Mistborn, Pathfinder, LO5R, Decision, Next War Poland, Star Wars, B17, Unstable

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all having a great holiday season and enjoying the latest in gaming! We've been busy at Noble Knight and have had some great new items and restocks coming in including big restocks from Decision Games, 4ground, Dan Verssen Games, Fantasy Flight and Wizards of the Coast. We've also brought in products from AW Miniatures including their French & Indian, Sa

New Update Posted - Vurt, Starfinder, Star Trek Tactics, Trafalgar & Waterloo 1815, Megiddo, South China Sea, Axis & Allies Anniversary, Guild Ball

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the next new, used and rare games update from Noble Knight Games! Below you'll find new release highlights along with a link to the full newsletter.

Also if you are in the area or attending Gameholecon next weekend in Madison, WI, we will be hosting a small booth. Stop by and say hi! It's a great convention.

To view this wee

New Update Posted - The Blight, Conan, Runewars, Wild West Exodus, Ager Sanguinis, 878 Vikings, 1754 Conquest, North Sea Raiders, Magna Racks

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the next new, used and rare games update from Noble Knight Games! Below you'll find most of the new release highlights along with a link to the full newsletter. A little on the small side this week, but includes several long awaited releases in The Blight and Ager Sanguinis in particular. I hope you see something you like. Feel free to write anytime