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Fall Clearance Sale Ending Soon! X-wing, Dawn's Early Light, Rifts, 30 Years War, Pendulum, Arkham Horror, Cindr, Numenera & more!

Welcome to October! Time just keeps on ticking into the future...

With time marching ever onward, our Fall Clearance sale is ending soon. Take advantage of the thousands of items we've added to the Clearance selection before the sands of time drain from the hourglass. We've sampled a few of these wonderful new and pre-owned gems at reduced prices in today's newsletter, just for you.

But first, lots of fun new releases and pre-orders are also being added this week, so lets take a look at a few.

Popular publisher Stonemaier Games has stuck to a demanding time-table this year to offer up a game where Time is an actual resource that you both utilize and spend. Pendulum promises to be unlike any other game! Heading back in time, a new Rifts RPG book, Primer & Adventures sends you back to the 90's with reprints plus new adventures rolled into one. Rewinding even further back, Dawn's Early Light - The War of 1812 takes war gamers into a high-stakes territorial battle. Or roll back further yet to Strategy & Tactics Quarterly's latest edition, #11 w/Thirty Years War and journey to the conflicts raging across Europe in the 1600s.

If the future is more your style, maybe your eye will fall on a new Star Wars X-Wing miniature, the Xi-Class Light Shuttle. Or pre-order Bill & Teds Riff in Time, and make sure your future self has this game!

Happy gaming,
Jess, Dan, Aaron, & the Noble Knight Team

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