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New & Rare Games Update - Rio Grande Games, Lumineth, DUST 1947, Starfinder, Smallworld of Warcraft, Fairy Trails, Tomb of Horrors & more!

Greetings, travelers!

Rest your weary bones for a spell, and let us tell you a tale of new releases, pre-orders, and rare arrival games to add to your collections...

New Lumineth faction miniatures and accessories have dropped for Warhammer Age of Sigmar and wow, these are some show-stopping sculpts in true Games Workshop style. Not to be outdone, DUST has new infantry units on their way, starting with the Mercenary Multi-Option Infantry Squad that gives you tons of flexible build options.

Fast Play Wargames has several new releases, and true to their company name, you can pick these up and be playing in no time. Wargame collectors might be interested to see a still in shrink wrap copy of 1995's Empire of the Rising Sun, but might be just as intrigued by the deluxe reprint of Struggle of Empires, a board game of naval combat and global strategy! Speaking of war and board games... Smallworld of Warcraft has just arrived, and we can't believe it took so long for these two IPs to meet. Lok'Tar!

RPGs have their own crown jewels this week, including new Starfinder Adventure Paths, and perhaps the best known (and most infamous) adventure module of all time, 1981's Tomb of Horrors, also still in shrink wrap.

How do we come by these hard to find treasures, you may ask? Why, it's simple! We buy, sell, and trade. If you have games you're no longer playing, we'd be pleased to help you make some room on your shelf (and in your wallet) for new ones! Click our banner below to learn more about how we can put cash into your pocket and find your games loving new homes all over the world.

Happy gaming,
Jess, Dan, Aaron, & the Noble Knight Team

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