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New & Rare Games Update - Need Cash? Old School Tactical Vol 3, Dice Envy, Ammo Crate, Mage the Ascension, Old School Essentials and More!

Hello everyone,

Looking to clean out your game closet or need some cash? Take a look at our Buy-Sell-Trade program which allows you to trade in new or used games for cash or store credit. This applies to any kind of tabletop gaming item ranging from tabletop RPG’s, Board Games and War Games to Magic cards and miniatures. All you need to do to get started is reach out to our trades specialists at trades@nobleknight.com and they'll walk you through the process. We also offer Free Shipping on trades for customers in the continental US!

We've got a very big title available for preorder for you this week. The Kickstarter is one of the top backed of all time hitting over $6,000,000 USD in pledges. We're talking about Tainted Grail - Kingdom of Avalon. The box contains a massive amount of content and some absolutely wicked sculpts that help to portray the events of the game which are unique adventures that conclude in multiple potential endings.

Lock N Load has been releasing new titles like Devil's Beach and Stalin's Triumph. Along with these titles they've also released a new Ammo Crate which is a fantastic storage container for your counters that will help you to avoid spills and keep everything neat and organized. Flying Pig Games has also brought something new to the table and has released Old School Tactical (Volume 3) which brings the popular OST system to the Pacific Theater of WWII.

New to our shop this week is Dice Envy, a dice manufacturer that has Infinity Dice, Translucent Dice with custom glitter combos, and gorgeous wood sets for you to choose from. These pair well with terrain from 4ground like their new series, Ports of Plunder, which shows off some seaside architecture perfect for plundering pirates!

Rare vintage titles this week include the very first issue of Against the Odds, a great piece for any collection for a fan-favorite among wargamers. Also in is the 3rd Ed for Doomed Battalion from Multi-Man Publishing for the ASL system. Roleplayers out there who prefer a classic approach to adventuring should take a closer look at the Black Box for Old-School Essentials, which is a modular system perfect for a night at the table.

Thank you for your continued support and let us know how we can help!

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder