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New & Rare Games - Return to Dark Tower, Ride the Rails, Pacific Rails KS Ed, Death Ride - Tarawa, Genesys RPG, & Long Out-of-Print Historical Minis!

Hello Everyone!

There are a lot of games that came out during the 80s that delighted gamers for decades but few come even close to Dark Tower. A team of 2 dozen highly trained artists, designers, and engineers are re-releasing the game as Return to Dark Tower with fresh assets and solid hardware to endure the test of time. If you are looking for other upcoming preorders for your gaming table then be sure to look at Ride the Rails by Capstone Games, Pacific Rails Inc. by Vesuvius Media, and Age of Artisans from Renegade Game Studios.

Grognard Simulations has released a new title as part of their Death Ride Series which takes place during part of the most gruesome fighting of the Pacific Theater in Death Ride - Tarawa. The Genesys RPG has been tricky to keep in stock but we've just recently stocked a full selection of the books and the player's aid decks. If old school is more your style then you should look into the adventures from Dungeoneer's Guild Games which are perfect for mixing in fresh content into the classic systems. From Games Workshop there are lots of new Warcry warband box sets that have just been released along with ability card packs. Forsage Games brings great intro wargames to the table with titles like Tank Chess and Panzer Strike. Take a look!

We also just received a large supply of plastic historical miniatures. Some of these date back as far as 1956 and are still in box from companies like Revell, New Millennium Toys, ESCI, and Italeri. Other rare titles include the beloved Draconomicon for Metallic Dragons, Rout Packs for ASL from Critical Hit, and the Game Master's Guide for Gamma World.

We are happy to help so contact us if we can help in any way!

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder