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New & Rare Games Update – January Giveaway Winners! Arcanum 30th, DM Guide signed by Gygax, Vampire the Masquerade, Theros Beyond Death, New Dark Souls!

Hello Everyone!

Every month we'll be giving out 2 - $50 store credit gift certificates to our lucky readers! All you have to do to qualify is read out newsletter. Congratulations Mathew Banks at mr************@hotmail.co.uk and Greg Zdenek at gz*****@verizon.net. You are our first two winners! Reply to us from the above emails in order to claim your $50 store credit.

We've got a classic with a brand new edition in Arcanum 30th Anniversary Edition from Zila Games. Originally printed by Bard Games, Arcanum was a breath of fresh air in a time where generic system and big name system clones were running rampant. Also in RPG’s we have a new hardcover book for Vampire the Masquerade with Chicago by Night. Magic the Gathering has returned to Theros and the underworld with Theros Beyond Death. Open up your own packs or take your pick from the new set with single cards. More content just released for the Dark Souls Board Game so be sure to take a look at the Last Giant expansion if you want to freshen up your game or to simply enjoy the miniatures. Also in Miniatures we have the latest terrain from TT Combat and the newest Mantic releases, including Uncharted Empires for 3rd Edition.

We have quite the gem that has been signed by the founding father of tabletop RPG’s! We have a copy of a 1st Edition Dungeon Master's Screen that was owned by Duke Siegfried and signed by Gary Gygax! Other rare titles include Ambush!, a solitaire wargame published back in 1983 by Victory Point Games, and Shadows Over Camelot by Days of Wonder.

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder