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New & Rare Games Update - Vampire Eternal Struggle CCG,  Pax Transhumanity, Artis Opus Brush, Humblewood, Volo and Mordenkainen Minis, & Drowned Earth

Hello Everyone!

We have a fresh new look at a classic game this week and Vampire - The Eternal Struggle back in-print. Back in the early 2000s VTES was toted as the all-time best multiplayer collectible card game and garnered itself quite the following! Additional new titles this week include Humblewood, a new campaign for DND 5E set in the world of Everden, a new miniatures game called Drowned Earth, as well as a new set of pre-painted miniatures for 5e based around the adventures of Volo's and Mordenkainen's Foes. We also have new high quality detail brush sets from Artis Opus including a drybrush set, miniatures set and the original S series brush set.

New Wargames this month include U.S. Navy Plan Crimson (2nd Printing) and the Coral Sea (2nd Edition) from Avalanche Press, Pocket General World War II from Pacific Rim Publications, and more! We’ve got restocks from Sierra Madre Games including Bios – Origins and Pax Emancipation. Gloom of Thrones Deluxe Edition is here along with the newest Escape Adventures from Asmodee!. We’ve also brought in Ides of March, and classic Star Trek Miniatures produced by FASA from back in the 80s.

Need something to help stretch your budget this holiday season? We accept your old games for cash or store credit which goes a long way in making your dollars go even further. Message our trade team at trades@nobleknight.com for details!

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder