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Limited Edition Tyranny of Dragons, GW's Blood of the Phoenix, RAF - Battle of Britain, and more!

Hello Everyone!

We’ve got the latest DnD 5e release! We've just received copies for Tyranny of Dragons (Limited Edition Alternate Cover), a book that contains the two part adventures from Hoard of the Dragon Queen and Tyranny of Dragons in a single volume. This new book has a gorgeous new cover designed by Hydro74, check it out!

Decision Games has just published the latest RAF - The Battle of Britain, 1940 and Dan Verssen Games has been releasing new content for Warfighter. A 1st printing of Blitzkrieg, an extremely rare monster wargame, has just arrived along with some very rare collectable pins made by White Wolf for Werewolf - The Apocalypse, Wraith - The Oblivion Key, and Changeling - The Dreaming. Games Workshop released Blood of the Phoenix which is the latest 40k box set with 2 armies, all the rules and everything you need to play 40k!

Have games that you never play just sitting around your home? Send us an email to trades@nobleknight.com or bring them into our brick and mortar store and we can help you out by turning those unwanted games into cash or store credit!

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder