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Gary Gygax Signature, New Old School Dice, Throne of Eldraine Preorders, Machi Koro Legacy, & more!

Hello Everyone!

We've got lots of big titles coming out this week. Among them is the newest release for Magic the Gathering, Throne of Eldraine. Officially releasing Oct 4th, you can preorder your copies today or purchase copies early during this weekend's prerelease events. Ecos - The First Continent is another big title coming out soon from AEG. Machi Koro has joined the ranks of legacy games which is a great way to get a custom experience for this beloved title. You can also find copies of the Kickstarter Edition for Parks the boardgame while supplies last.

We've acquired a large selection of dice and supplies from Old School Dice & Accessories. They have a wide variety to choose from and a lot of great color combinations like watermelon which even have black flecks that look like seeds. If you're looking for something truly classic though we acquired a copy of City State of the Invincible Overlord Primer with signatures from both Gary Gygax and Jeff Leason right there on the same page! You could even use a copy of Drow of the Underdark to fill your 3.5 campaign with the classic dark elves from the depths below.

New in stock is Bleeding Kansas from Decision Games. Lots of classics have been rolling in but among those you can take a closer look at Phantom Fury, The 2nd Battle for Fallujah, the original version of Quebec 1759 from Gamma Two Games, and the Tet Offensive from GDW.

New and used titles are rolling in every week so be sure to keep an eye on our New Releases and New Arrival for the latest additions!

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder