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New D&D Release, Pirates! Battle of North Kursk, WarCry, APBA Teams, and more!

Hello Everyone!

Wizards of the Coast has just released their newest adventure Descent into Avernus for D&D 5E. Now you can take your crew from the city of Waterdeep deep into the realms of Hell in a Madmax style cruise taking you deeper and deeper into the abyss. There is a whole line of prepainted miniatures made just for Descent into Avernus. We even have Figurines of Adorable Power which can keep you company while you take on this dangerous venture.

We also just received Extraordinary Adventures - Pirates from Forbidden Games. In War Games, we have some new titles from Cry Havoc Fan that you can try out with Custer and Operations Rosselsprung which allows for great solitaire games set in WWII. which allows for great solitaire games set in WWII. From Kuro Neko Design Workshop, Battle of North Kursk is just in.

We pride ourselves in having the world's largest selection of games. Many of these titles have become available because people trade in their used games and collectables as a way to earn a little extra cash, rotate their collection, or open up some extra space in their homes. If you would like to get some cash for your games, contact our trades team at trades@nobleknight.com.

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder