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New & Rare Games Update - Kickstart Games - Storming the Gap , Fat Cat Exp, and Stalingrad!

Hello Everyone!

There are a lot of great games coming in across the board and this week, we have a lot of titles for you and some great savings on War Games and Miniatures. Upcoming titles that are available for preorder would include the Fat Cat Expansion for Raccoon Tycoon, Storming the Gap from Lock N' Load Publishing, Napoleon 1807 and Pathfinder 2nd Edition which releases after Gen Con next week!

We've also been receiving quite a few Kickstarter items recently. There's a lot to choose from but we would recommend checking out titles like Terror Below w/Hidden Cache, Zombicide - Invader, and Stalingrad - Inferno on the Volga. There's a lot more where that came from though. See here for more Kickstarter titles! New Wargames that are here include Fortress Europa (Designer Signature Edition) and Paper Wars #92 from Compass, Moravian Sun from Acies Edizioni, and the latest Strategy & Tactics from Decision Games.

E-Raptor has been churning out new box inserts for all manner of board games. When you have games like Gloomhaven or Twilight Imperium, tools like these can be a great by keeping your game organized.

This Saturday, we are hosting a Midsummer Knight's Dream event in our brick and mortar store where everyone can join in and have a chance to try out family friendly boardgames, RPGs, talk with local artists, and even win prizes for the evening. Stop in if you are local to Madison, WI!

We are happy to help so let us know how we can help you in your search!

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder