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Battle of Kursk Kickstarter! Galaxy Trucker Anniversary Editin!

Hello All,

From Flying Pig Games, we received in the Battle of Kursk Bundle, which contains all the Kickstarter exclusives we received with our pledge on Kickstarter. We also have the latest World at War and Strategy and Tactics magazines from Decision Games. If you love war games or history, you will enjoy the detail in both of these magazines.

We still have plenty of stock of Root and The Riverfolk Expansion but they are going fast so act soon before this printing is sold out. From CMON, we received in a restock of The Grizzled Armistice Edition and also their newest release, Victorian Masterminds.

In Out-Of-Print goodness, we received in Expedition to the Barrier Peaks from TSR and Gary Gygax. This is a great 1st edition D&D module where your party explores a spaceship that has crashed in the mountains. We also have Apex – Theropod Deck Building Game where you can build your deck and play as a pre-historic predator. We received in a Near Mint copy of Galaxy Trucker – Anniversary Edition where you race to build a space ship and then complete your flight mission. Keep an eye on the New Release and Arrival pages on our website to see all the latest titles we are receiving.

We would love to help you in your search for your next game. Contact us if you have any questions or if we can help in any way!

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder