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D&D 2E Rare Modules, Cthulhu Wars Pre-order, Isle of Dread back In-stock!

Happy New Year!

Starting in 1998, TSR began producing RPGA Adventurer's Guild Modules. These adventures were produced in limited quantity and are very rare. We just received in 5 including 2 Ravenloft modules and also modules for Greyhawk, Council of Wyrms and Forgotten Realms. These were never printed again and are some of the last material ever produced for 2nd edition. We also have a huge selection of OOP figures and expansions for Zombicide, some going all the way back to season 1. Check the Zombicide link below to see what just came in! We also have Zombicide Invader (Kickstarter Bundle) available for pre-order at the same link.

There have been a ton of restocks in the last week. We now have Isle of Dread, Gloomhaven, Keyforge deck displays and Trudvang Chronicles books back in-stock. We are also expecting the next onslaught of Cthulhu Wars in the next month as we backed the Kickstarter and will be one of the 1st stores to get the game. We’ll be getting the core game, restocks on all the expansions and all of the Kickstarter exclusives and new expansions as well. The core game is available for pre-order now.

We started carrying Unstable Unicorns which is a strategic card game about building an army of unicorns! We have all the expansions and plushies available as well. In our brick and mortar store, we have several events planned in the coming weeks including a D&D Epic charity event, a GW 40K tournament and a Learn to Play Board Games Day February 9th. If you are local, we would love to have you. Check the brick and mortar page on our website for more details!

Please contact us anytime if you have any questions or if we can help in any way!

Happy gaming,
Dan Leeder
Noble Knight Games