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Free RPG Day #2 Starts Now!

Hello All,

When you move, you find stuff. When we move, we find games! We came across tons of Free RPG Day items from previous years when we moved earlier this month. So.. Here comes Free RPG Day – Lost Treasures!! This works the same as the Free RPG Day Online that happens every June. For every $15 spent on our website you can select 1 free RPG Day item!


To ensure that everyone gets a fair crack at the most popular freebies and that the products aren't snatched up en masse by people looking to resell them, we have set a limit of one item for each $15 spent (before shipping)! Please limit duplicates of the same item so we don't run out prematurely.


Q. I thought Free RPG Day was supposed to be free?
A. It is! We’ve set aside copies of each of these items for when our new store opens in early November. Mail order costs a significant amount of postage and labor. For mail order we ask they go out in reasonable quantity with an order. Please note, we routinely offer a lot of items on our site at .01 as bonus freebies for our customers (our site won't allow .00 price to be input thus the .01) so feel free to add those per the same rule - one .01 item per $15 spent in your order (before shipping).

Q. I want all your copies of the new XX module and I will pay you a lot of money for them! What do you say?
A. We could sell these at a premium, but we have decided to give them away free in the spirit of Free RPG Day. As these items are given away and come back in trades, they may carry a price tag although this typically takes a few months at least.

Q. I want more than one item, I'd like to pick up an extra item for a friend, etc., can you help me?
A. Sure, you can add 1 item per $15 spent as a guideline. We expect to have enough product to do this a bit.

Q. A product listed here is no longer on your website? Can you get more?
A. No I'm afraid not. Once they are gone, they are gone. We usually get a few back in trade over time, but we have to pay more for these so they will be priced accordingly.

Q. How long does Free RPG Day last?
A. While Free RPG Day is technically for just one day, we will continue offering these until our supply is gone!

Q. What products are included in Free RPG Day?
A. Here's a list of the products offered:

Free RPG Day – Lost Treasures! Product List:
Judge's Screen (Free RPG Day 2015)
Prelude to Adventure w/Something Foul in Potos (Free RPG Day 2015)
Birch Dice Tray w/3 Flat Dice (Free RPG Day 2015)
Official Munchkin Free RPG Day Bookmark of Roleplaying Freedom (Free RPG Day 2015)
Pathfinder RPG Player Character Sound Sets (Free RPG Day 2015)
Tup (Free RPG Day 2016)
Quick Start Rules w/Fog of War (Free RPG Day 2016)
Free RPG Day Pins (Free RPG Day 2016)
Flat Dice (Free RPG Day 2016)
Sixteen Tons (Free RPG Day 2016)
Escape From Alfadabin - Adventure Seed and Quickstart Rules (Free RPG Day 2016)
Derelict, The (Free RPG Day 2016)
Under the Blood Red Moon (Free RPG Day 2016)
Acropolis of Voor Darayn (Free RPG Day 2016)
Dark Eye, The - Quick Start Rules (Free RPG Day 2016)
Quickstart Rules w/Hong Kong Task Force 88 (Free RPG Day 2016)
Swords Against the Dead/The Van Helsing Letter (Free RPG Day 2016)
Prelude to Adventure w/Trouble in Tortessos (Free RPG Day 2016)
We B4 Goblins! (Free RPG Day 2016)
Lankhmar/Mutant Crawl Classics (Free RPG Day 2016)
Adventure Maps - Mega Dungeon 4 - Rooftops and Alleyways (Free RPG Day 2016)
Instrument of Inscription +2 (Free RPG Day 2016)
RuneQuest - Roleplaying in Glorantha (Free RPG Day 2017)
Penny Dreadful, One Shot - Earthly Desires (Free RPG Day 2017)
Cthulhu Bonus Sound Pack (Free RPG Day 2017)


Feel free to checkout our "One Cent Items" section on our website for a variety of other .01 items (one per $15 spent in your order please).

Valid while supplies last only! We hope that you enjoy Free RPG Day - Lost Treasures!!

Happy Gaming,
Dan Leeder