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New Update Posted - The Blight, Conan, Runewars, Wild West Exodus, Ager Sanguinis, 878 Vikings, 1754 Conquest, North Sea Raiders, Magna Racks

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the next new, used and rare games update from Noble Knight Games! Below you'll find most of the new release highlights along with a link to the full newsletter. A little on the small side this week, but includes several long awaited releases in The Blight and Ager Sanguinis in particular. I hope you see something you like. Feel free to write anytime with questions, comments, trades, etc.

To view this week's update, please click on the Noble Knight Games logo to the upper left. Please note that this update will only be viewable until the next one is posted.

Best regards,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

Role Playing Games

  • The Blight in D&D 5e/Pathfinder/Swords & Wizardry versions, including, The Blight, The Blight GM Guide, The Crooked Nail, Horror in the Sinks, Bloody Jack, The Crucible, Children of the Harvest, Tomb of Blighted Horrors and a collection lot!
  • Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, Dice Set & Players Guide for the Conan RPG by Modiphius Entertainment
  • OneDice Cyberpunk from Cakebread & Walton

    Miniatures & Miniatures Games

  • Codex Astra Militarum, Datacards - Astra Militarum, Foetid Bloat Drone, Nauseous Rotbone - The Plaguesurgeon, Plagueburst Crawler, Scribbus Wretch & Realm of Battle - Moon Base Klasius from Games Workshop
  • Essentials Pack & Latari Elves Army Expansion for Runewars from Fantasy Flight Games
  • Black & Brown (58x58x50mm) Wooden Bases from Andrea Miniatures
  • HPC-64 Hover APC from Dream Pod 9
  • 39" x 29" Playmat - Gory Field & Mountain of Pain for Blood Bowl, 72" x 36" Playmat Runewars 1, 2, 3 & 4 for Runewars, 48" x 48" Playmat - Bloody Dusk, Gates of Menoth, Grymkin City, Mercenary Market & Ware Square from Lukas Schmidt Playmats
  • Craelix, Fang of Everblight for Hordes Mk III, Commander Anson Hitch, Colonel Markus "Siege" Brisbane, Trenchers Force Box & Exemplar Warder Elias Gade for Warmachine from Privateer Press
  • Morty & Lysette for Dark Heaven Bones from Reaper
  • African Sailors, U.S. Sailors & Girlfriend on Shore Leave, U.S. Sailors - Armed, Chinese Tong Warriors, Chinese Warlord Gun Crew & much more from a relaunched McEwan Miniatures under Reviresco
  • K9 Attack Dogs, K9 Gun Dogs & Legendary Marie Laveau for Wild West Exodus from Warcradle Studios
  • C3 Plasma Bombard for Beyond the Gates of Antares & Soviet Mammoth Walker for Konflikt '47 from Warlord Games
  • Dwarf Female Paladin, Elf Female Wizard, Human Male Druid, Human Male Paladin & Wraith & Specter, Thor - Ragnarok Gravity Feed & Booster Packs, Gnolls, Half Orc Male Barbarian, Pillars, Serving Girl & Merchant & Treasure Piles from Wizkids

    Collectible Card Games

  • Nightmare Deck - Flight of the Stormcaller, Temple of the Deceived & The Thing in the Depths for the Lord of the Rings LCG from Fantasy Flight Games
  • Red Horizon Booster Box for the Universal Fighting System CCG from Jasco Games
  • Deck Box - Brains, Fighting Dragons, Fire Angel, Fire Breather, Galaxy Tiger, Inigo Princess Bride, Keep Calm and Counter & more from Max Protection
  • Tablemat - Amonkhet (96" x 30") from Ultra Pro

    Historical Miniatures

  • Custer, 1876 from Andrea Miniatures
  • British Spitfire vs. German Do-17 Bomber from Desktop Dioramas
  • Desert #3 Game Mat for Tanks Miniature Game from Gale Force Nine
  • Australian Jungle Division Infantry Section, Australian Militia Infantry Section, Australian PIAT and Anti-Tank Rifle Teams, German Heer Howling Cow Rocket Launcher for Bolt Action, Command Group #4 , Townsfolk, Villagers & Sir Bevill Grenville & Anthony Payne for Pike & Shotte from Warlord Games

    War Games

  • Anarchy #1, & #2 Counter Sheets & Ager Sanguinis for Cry Havoc from Cry Havoc Fan (Historic-One)

    Board Games

  • 878 - Vikings, Invasions of England Core Game, 878 - Vikings Kickstarter Extras Pack, Building Miniatures Expansion, Giant Map Mat, Leader Miniatures Expansion, Viking Age Expansion, 1754 Conquest - Native Alliance Expansion Card Deck, The Treaty of Paris Board, 1755 Rebellion - The Treaty of Paris Board for Birth of America & more from Academy Games
  • 60 Seconds to Save the World, Cat Lady & Mad Science from AEG
  • Betrayal at Baldur's Gate from Avalon Hill
  • Ether Wars from Burning Games
  • Nosh from Crafty Games
  • Ally Pack - Ahsoka Tano, Heart of the Empire, Villain Pack - Emperor Palpatine & Villain Pack - Maul, Seeker of Vengeance for Star Wars Imperial Assault from Fantasy Flight Games
  • Allies of the Old West Expansion, Burrower XXL Sized Enemy Pack, Flesh Stalker & Flesh Drones Deluxe Enemy Pack, Scourge Rat w/Rat Nest & Undead Outlaws Deluxe Enemy Pack for Shadows of Brimstone from Flying Frog Productions
  • This War of Mine from Galakta
  • Roswell 51 from GameWick Games
  • Kitten Cards from Glittercats Fine Amusements
  • Botswana (2nd Printing) from Gryphon Games
  • Caution, Under Construction!, Crazy Corral, On the Hunt for Dinos, Prima Ballerina. Rally Run! & Tiny Park from HABA
  • Pirates 21 & Witching Hour from Indie Boards & Cards
  • Merjoram Alexian Expansion for BattleCON from Level 99 Games
  • Just Desserts - Just Coffee Expansion from Looney Laboratories
  • Samurai Gardener from Osprey
  • The Law of Lions Deluxe Expansion for Ashes - Rise of the Phoenixborn, Dead Winter - Warring Colonies & Raxxon from Plaid Hat Games
  • Killer Bunnies Quest Yellow Ball w/Red Stripe from Playroom Entertainment
  • Raiders of the North Sea (2nd Printing) from Renegade Game Studios
  • Archmage Origins & Nightmare Forest - Under Terror from Solar Flare Games
  • Codenames Disney from USAOpoly
  • Dungeon Hustle from WizKids
  • Jungle & Spy Net from Z-Man Games

    Dice & Supplies

  • Pea Dot Camo Paint Set from Andrea Miniatures
  • Large Individual Magna Rack Tray, Magna Rack Large Kit Alpha, Magna Rack Large Kit Bravo, Magna Rack Large Kit Charlie, Magna Rack Medium Kit Alpha, Magna Rack Medium Kit Bravo Magna Rack Medium Kit Charlie & more from Battlefoam
  • Knockdown Dice Tower - Cosmic from Blue Panther
  • 10 pc Poly Sets in Rose Gold Metal w/Black, Rose Gold Metal w/Electric Blue, Rose Metal Gold w/Gold, Rose Metal Gold w/Green, Rose Metal Gold w/Orange, in Skull Cases, Dice Rolling Tray - Black & Skull Self Standing Dice Bag from Easy Roller Dice
  • Playmat - Megaman, Pixel Tactics from Jasco Games
  • D6 8-Bit Dice - Shooter & D6 8-Bit Dice - RPG from Turn One Gaming Supplies
  • Emoji Skull, Standard Pro-Fit Edge Inner Sleeves, Pro-Matte Eclipse Card Sleeves - Red, Black, Standard Deck Sleeves - Card Back, The Walking Dead - Surrounded Playmat & more from Ultra Pro