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New Update Posted - Magic Ixalan, Fighting Fantasy, Nightbane, Guild Ball, Bautzen, Lock 'n Load Games Galore, Xia, Cthulhu Tales, Tannenburg

Welcome to the next update of new, used and rare games from Noble Knight Games! Below you'll find the new release highlights, along with a link to the full listing of new, used and rare titles that have come in since our last update. Please feel free to write anytime with questions, requests or trades. I hope you enjoy the update.

To view this week's update, please click on the Noble Knight Games logo to the upper left. Please note that this update will only be viewable until the next one is posted.

Best regards,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

Role Playing Games

  • Starship Catalogue, Stellar Adventures & The Titan Herbal from Arion Games for Fighting Fantasy
  • RuneQuest - Quickstart Rules and Adventures from Chaosium
  • Ankur - Kingdom of the Gods from Chris Miller Games
  • Ebonclad from Dungeons on Demand
  • Legendary Worlds - Volretz & Legendary Worlds - Melefoni from Legendary Games
  • Pathfinder Adventure Path #122 "Ruins of Azlant #2 - Into the Shattered Continent, Book of the Damned, Flip-Mat - Haunted House, Heroes for Highdelve (GenCon 50th Anniversary Edition), Antihero's Handbook, Starfinder Condition Cards from Paizo Publishing
  • Dark Designs from Palladium for Nightbane
  • Codex Geographica from Paradigm Concepts
  • Night's Black Agents - Dracula's Castle Art Print from Pelgrane Press
  • Era L- Lyres Pocket Rulebook from Shades of Vengeance

    Miniatures & Miniatures Games

  • Young Armoured Dwarf w/Pickaxe & Shield, Coatl inged Serpent, Crypt Scorpion, Mischief of Rats, Canno AFV Banshee & more from Alternative Armies
  • Caledonian Volunteers & Shikami from Corvus Belli
  • Legendary Heroes - Dwarf Hero, Female Ranger & Orc Hero from Games and Gears
  • Codex Adeptus Mechanicus, Datacards - Adeptus Mechanicus, Deathshroud Bodyguard & Belsarius Cawl from Games Workshop
  • Black Crusader Shields, Bioss H.04 Equalizer, Bioss H.05 Invader, Wild Card Gunslinger, Wild Card Raider & more from Hexy Miniatures
  • Panzerfauste Dice Set, Deathless Command Set, Dwarf Panzerbar Mk I - Armored Warbest, Local Orc Volunteers Section & more from Hysterical Games
  • Death Takes a Ride & Grim Reaper from Iron Wind Metals
  • Pneuma Post from Micro Art Studio
  • Beastcrafter & Apprentice & Sigilist & Apprentice II from North Star Military Figures
  • Hillbilly, Victorians, Winter Wolf, Yeti Shredder, Kyra & Lavarath and more from Reaper Miniatures
  • The New Age of Science, The Scarlet Circle, The Bloody Master, The Changing Tide, Pirate's Return & Strings of the Spirit Weaver from Steamforged Games
  • 3' x 3' - Desert, BG Snow Field, Red Space Battle Mats, Terrain Kit, Flags & Objectives and more from Unipolar Games
  • No Quarter Prime Magazine #1 "Fire and Forge, Company of Iron, Hostile Territory" from Privateer Press

    Collectible Card Games

  • Game of the Thrones Chapter Pack #6 - The Brotherhood Without Banners from Fantasy Flight Games
  • Code of the Duelist Booster Boxes & Packs from Konami
  • Deck Boxes - Full Moon (Werewolf), Nuts (Coming for Your Nuts Squirrel) & Thirst (Vampire) from Max Protection
  • Ixalan Booster Boxes, Packs, Bundles, Planeswalker Decks & Deckbuilder Toolkits from Wizards of the Coast

    War Games

  • 1750 - Britain vs. France from Battle Hardened Games
  • Vae Victis #135 w/Bautzen 1945 from Cerigo Editions
  • Animal Mother - Hue Monster Map Set, Gold Beach - Monster Map Set, Sword Beach - Monster Map Set from Critical Hit
  • Modern War Magazine #32 w/Operation Musketeer from Decision Games
  • Hindenburg's Hour - The Tannenburg Campaign from Dr. Richter Konfliktsimulationen
  • Black Lion's Roar from High Flying Dice Games
  • Lock 'n Load Compendium Vol. 1 - World War II Era, Compendium Vol. 2 - Modern Era, Compendiums 3 & 4, Day of Heroes, Heroes Against the Red Star, Heroes in Defiance, Heroes of North Africa, Nations at War, Lock 'n Load Solo, Bear and the Jackal, Dark July 43 - Battle Generator, Days of Heroes, Tank on Tank, Hollow Cell (Sci-Fi) and more (!!) from Lock 'n Load Publishing
  • Miniature Wargames Magazine #410 "Zulu Wars, Airfix Battles, Ulterior Motives" from Warners Publications
  • Twilight of the Gods from Victory Point Games

    Board Games

  • Oath of the Brotherhood from AEG
  • Sherriff of Nottingham - Merry Men Expansion from Arcane Wonders
  • Innovation - Artifcats of History, Cities of Destiny, Echoes of the Past & Figures in the Sand from Asmadi Games
  • Cities of Splendor Expansions from Asmodee Editions
  • Spot It - Peg Edition & Tin Edition from Blue Orange Games
  • Universal Rule Deluxe Pack from Button Shy Games
  • Pairs (Deluxe Edition) from Cheapass Games
  • Ghostbuster - The Board Game II, Louis Tully Plazm Phenomenon from Cryptozoic Entertainment
  • Cthulhu Tales from Cubicle Seven
  • Magic Maze from Dude Games
  • Europe Cycle Expansion, Monster Pack B & Mission Generator from Emergent Games
  • Tavarua & Embers of a Foresaken Star for Xia from Far Off Games
  • Go Nuts for Donuts! From Gamewright
  • Ascension - Valley of the Ancients from Gary Games
  • Yogi from GIGamic
  • Drawing Dead from Gold Baby Games
  • Drachen Turm, Flower Fairy Dominos & Princess Mina from HABA
  • Centipede (Atari) & Orphan Black - Clone Club from IDW Games
  • Heart of Crown - Far East Territory Expansion from Japanime Games
  • Iron Dragon (2nd Edition) from Mayfair Games
  • Zombie Slam from Mercury Games
  • DrunkQuest (Tin Box Edition) & DrunkQuest - Porcelain Gods from Ninja Division
  • Blurble Blurble & Happy Salmon - Blue Fish from North Star Games
  • Shadowscape from NSKN Games
  • Pathfinder Tales Character Deck from Paizo Publishing
  • Flip Ships from Renegade Game Studios
  • Muertoons from Steve Jackson Games
  • Wartime from WizKids

    Dice & Supplies

  • Death Guard Green Spray from Games Workshop
  • Poly Set Permafrost w/Gold from Gamescience
  • Blank Counter Sheets 1" (White) from GMT
  • Necrozma (Regional Championship Promo) playmat from Pokemon Company International
  • Ixalan Binder, Deck Boxes & Sleeves, Amonkhet Promo D20 & Hour of Devastation Promo D4 from Wizards of the Coast