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Cyber Monday - Massive Sale Ends Soon!

Cyber Monday is here! 700,000+ games, books and accessories are on-sale but act now because the sale ends soon!

Since our last update, we’ve received the Trudvang Chronicles RPG from Riot Minds, The Witcher RPG from R Talsorian and Tome of Horrors for 5e from Frog God Games. In War Games, we have Dog Sector from White Dog Games and CH Annual #4 from Critical Hit and many more.

700,000 Items On Sale Now! D&D Releases, Fireball Island and More Kickstarters!

Hello Everyone,

Our Holiday sale continues with over 700,000 items on sale for a limited time. Black Friday is right around the corner and there are TONS of new releases that we’ve received in the last week. For D&D players, The Core Rulebook Gift sets (both Regular and Limited Editions), Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica and Dungeon of the Mad Mage are now in stock. We also receive

Holiday Sale Is On! Betrayal Legacy & Keyforge In Stock!

Hello All!

Our Holiday sale is on and over 700,000 items are on-sale now! It’s a great time to stock up on new games and gifts for family and friends. Take advantage of free shipping in the continental US with an order over $149.

New this week from the creator of Magic the Gathering, Richard Garfield, is Keyforge, a unique deck building game. We have the starter set

Gamehole Con! Grand Opening Update!

Hello Everyone,

GameHole Con in Madison WI starts this Thursday! The Con has thousands of scheduled games, live stream D&D events, tons of special guests including Monte Cook, Mike Mearls, Matthew Mercer, Satine Phoenix and many others and True Dungeon! True Dungeon is a live action escape room with a full sized dungeon that will be at GameHole Con as well. If you will be at the Con

Games Update! Deities & Demigods, Art & Arcana, Arkham Horror!

Hello All!

Every day we are cataloging hundreds of out-of-print games. Just this week, we received in a 2nd printing Deities & Demigods with Cthulhu which is hard to come by. We’ve also received quite a few titles in the Gamma World product line which we’ve highlighted below. Gamma World is well known for being one of the 1st post-apocalyptic RPG’s when it was created by TSR in

Free RPG Day #2 Starts Now!

Hello All,

When you move, you find stuff. When we move, we find games! We came across tons of Free RPG Day items from previous years when we moved earlier this month. So.. Here comes Free RPG Day – Lost Treasures!! This works the same as the Free RPG Day Online that happens every June. For every $15 spent on our website you can select 1 free RPG Day item!

Free RPG

Store Grand Opening! War of The Ring, Artis Opus Kickstarter and More!


Loads of in-print and out-of-print products are being received in advance of the holiday season! From Artis Opus’ recent Kickstarter, we have the S series brush set that comes with a beautifully designed case for serious miniature painters. We just received War of the Ring - Warriors of Middle Earth Limited Edition from Ares. Back in stock from Elven Ear Games we have Cl

We have Moved! Guilds of Ravnica, Transformers CCG!

Hello everyone,

We completed the move to our new building on schedule last week and started operating out of Fitchburg on Thursday. It took us 60 truckloads to move all of our games to the new location but we did it in 5 days! Now that we have everything here, we are working diligently to get the new store and play space ready so we can open to the public in early November!

Move Update! Noble Knight Miniature now available!

Hello Everyone,

Lots happening this last week at Noble Knight!

We have been receiving an absolute ton of used and new items and restocks the last few weeks! X-Wing 2nd Edition from Fantasy Flight just released, and the core game and all the conversion kits are in-stock. D&D’s Waterdeep Dragon Heist from Wizards of the Coast released, and we have the book and collecti

TSR's Gamma World, Scythe Legendary Box, Codenames XXL!

Hello All,

This last week we have received in lots of new releases and restocks in advance of the move to our new facility. Notable RPG releases include Imprisoned in the God Skull by Goodman Games and Shadowrun Street Lethal by Catalyst. In Board games new releases include The Legendary Box for Scythe, Codenames XXL, War Chest by AEG and more! We have been receiving tons of used

Huge Moving Sale Continues! Our Lowest Prices Ever!

Hello Everyone!

Our biggest sale ever continues! 200,000+ products are on-sale at the lowest prices we’ve ever had! This is all in preparation for the move to our new building in Fitchburg, Wisconsin (Greater Madison area) which will be happening in 5 weeks! Check out our website and grab some new games and help lighten the move for our impending move!

This past we

Massive Moving Sale!

Hello Everyone, Our Massive Moving sale continues with over 7000 manufacturers on sale.  This sale includes OVER 200,000 products at the lowest prices we have ever had!  Take advantage while it lasts as we will not be holding this big of a sale again. Thank you to all of you who have placed an order with us already, it will help make our move much easier. This past week we received a well preser

Lamentations GenCon Exclusives! Pathfinder Playtest and New Building Update!

Hello Everyone,

Pathfinder v2.0 Playtest is here and we have all the playtest items in-stock. This is a one-time printing only, so when these are gone they are gone for good! Pickup a copy and let Paizo know your feedback to make the 2nd edition RPG better!

Noble Knight met up with Lamentations of the Flame Princess at GenCon and we have the last of their GenCon Exclus

Planescape Campaign Setting SW! Delta Green Slipcase, America Falling from One Small Step!

Hello Everyone!

With Noble Knight taking in trades and picking up gaming collections each day, we are cataloging gaming “gems” on a regular basis. Our most recent gem is a shrink wrapped copy of the Planescape Campaign Setting for D&D 2nd Edition. This is one of the last campaign settings that TSR published and is widely regarded for it’s artwork and uniqueness. It is rare for us

NEW Newsletter, Batman from Wizkids, New RPGS!

Welcome to the NEW Noble Knight newsletter!

This new format works much better with mobile devices and is more graphical so we are happy to roll it out to all of you. For those of you who like the text based format, you can click the “View Text Based Newsletter” button near the bottom of this email which will take you to the format you’ve been used to seeing through the years. Please

2 New Kickstarters in-stock! New Building Update!

Hello Everyone!

We back several Kickstarter projects a week and this week we received in 2 big ones including Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder from Petersen Games and also Mantic’s Terrain Crate Kickstarter. Coming in the next few months we are expecting more big Kickstarters including Cthulhu Wars Onslaught 3 from Petersen Games, Song of Ice and Fire from CMON, and many others. We

Lock N Load New Rules! Star Wars RPG 30th Anniversary Now Available, Gloomhaven and Azul back in-stock!

Hello everyone,

We have been receiving a ton of new items these last few weeks including Lock ‘N Load’s v5.0 Core Rules, Prelude to Rebellion from Compass Games and Star Wars RPG 30th Anniversary edition from Fantasy Flight. Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition released this past weekend and there are plenty of box sets, core rulebooks and accessories still available. We also received much antic

Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition! Free RPG Day and Battlefront Sale!

Hello All,

We had a great turnout both in-store and online for Free RPG Day and I hope you all are enjoying the new titles! We still have lots of Free RPG Day items remaining on our website and in-store so feel free to grab another. You can add 1 Free RPG or penny item to your order for every $15 of product ordered.

Below is a link to the Free RPG Day 2018 items that ar

Free RPG Day Online 2018 Starts Now!

Hello everyone,

FREE RPG DAY 2018 is here!! Pick up a new RPG or something new for the game of your choice! See below for all the details on Free RPG Day. We’ve also posted a list of all the new releases over the last few weeks so scroll towards the bottom to see all the new items.


To ensur

Free RPG Day In-Store tomorrow! Armageddon War, Gloomhaven Game and Insert in-stock!

Hello Everyone,

Free RPG Day is tomorrow for our in-store customers! Stop in and pick up a title! For our online customers, Free RPG Day starts Monday morning. Free RPG Day is a great way for RPG fans to get exposed to a new RPG, or for gamers who haven’t tried an RPG, this is a great way to get started! We will be sending out full details of the online version of Free RPG Day on

Battlefront Sale on Now! Free RPG Day Coming June 16th!

Hello everyone,

June 6th marks the D-Day anniversary with today being the well known invasion where the war turned in the favor of the Allies. We have been stocking up on Battlefront Miniatures this year and have a ton of supply. That is good news for all our Flames of War customers out there as we have a sale on for ALL Battlefront products right now. Stock up on any tanks, planes

Building Update, Mordenkainen, Atlanta is Ours, Dragon Castle and more!

Hello everyone,

There has been a lot of progress on our new building in Fitchburg over the last few weeks. All of the structural steel is now standing and the windows, doors and about ½ of the exterior walls have been put up. We are on-track to move and open the new store and play area this fall which we are very excited about! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for pictures of the p

Spring Sale Ends Today!

Hello Everyone,

Today is the LAST day of our Spring Sale where 200,000+ products are marked down. This includes 5000+ publishers on-sale! Act now and take advantage!

Below are some highlights of what we have received in so far this week. As usual, take a look at our website for a full list of new releases and arrivals available in real-time.

Happy Gaming!

Spring Sale Ends Soon! Fire in the Steppe, Menara, The Art of Mage and much more

Hello everyone,

Our spring sale ends soon so act now! We have over 200,000 products on sale across nearly all of our vendors. The sale includes new / used / in-print and out-of-print games AND rare and collectible items!

From Lamentations of the Flame Princess, we now have their latest book ‘Frostbitten and Mutilated’ back in-stock along with several other LOFP titles!

Spring Sale Continues! Save on 200,000+ games!

Hello everyone,

Our Spring Sale continues this week with almost all of our inventory marked down for a limited time. Take advantage while it lasts!

There have been many new titles in the last week including the Battle for Greyport expansion for Red Dragon Inn, Monsters and Minions expansion for Roll Player and many others. We continue to inventory tons of new Miniature