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Hero System (5th Edition, Revised)

by Hero Games

Category: Role Playing Games
Genre: RPG - Universal
Product Line: Hero System (5th Edition)
Author: Steven Long
Publish Date: 2004
Pages: 592
Dimensions: 8.5x11x1.75"
Restockable: No
NKG part # Mfg. part # Type Condition
DOJHERO109 Hardcover

Widely regarded as the best roleplaying game system ever created, the HERO System has become even better with this revised version of the 5th Edition rules!

Unlike any other roleplaying game, the HERO System provides you with unfettered flexibility, allowing you to exercise your own creativity without hindrance. Build any character, power, gadget, skill, weapon, ability, or vehicle you can think of! It's the ultimate gamer's toolkit, allowing you to do what you do best: create great characters and games.

Whatever you want to do, in any genre, time period, or setting, the HERO System lets you do it!

The Hero System 5th Edition, Revised includes:
- The complete HERO System 5th Edition rules, revised and updated to to address commonly-asked questions, improve clarity, and make the rulebook easier to use
- Hundreds of options for Hero gamers, allowing you to better create and define characters, abilities, vehicles, and more
- Over 300 example powers, gadgets, abilities, weapons, and spells for all genres
- A dozen sample characters, from all the major genres, along withguidelines about how to use the HERO System for each genre
- A detailed, comprehensive index

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My favorite RPG of all time...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Reviewer: Remjin from Illinois

Review: Well, suffice it to say I'm probably a bit biased in my review as this is my favorite game. Its got incredible versatility, and you're able to play anything you want... but that's already in the description, isn't it? So here's what isn't in the description...

The Hero system will seem complex to some, and just looking at the book or even looking at it intimidates a lot of people. Its enormous, like a phone book. Don't get discouraged! The ruels themselves are actually not that much, the Hero book has a LOT of extra material including genre description and how to play within them to characters from genre to genre and a LOT of examples and samples. The rules themselves can be bought simply with the Hero System Sidekick, a $15 MSRP book, but it doesn't have all the extra information in it. If you want to go on the cheap, that might be the better book to buy, but this is the comprehensive book that contains a LOT of information. Each section of the book is pretty thorough in its explanations.

While the system may look complicated, in the end its not very complicated at all. There are a lot of optional rules which can be ignored or used piece by piece at your choice.

The basic mechanic is that you are given a series of stats that define your ability in any given task by giving you a number to roll under on 3 six-sided dice. You get a result under the target number, and you succeed. Cake. The complicated parts are really just understanding some simple ideas, and the rest is easy. Its just that first time trying to put it all together is confusing because its a very foreign system to those who play the more usual RPGs like D&D, etc.

Its a point-based system that allows you to create whatever you want. The GM/Storyteller/etc. defines the genre, what types of things are allowed, and you go to it making whatever you want within those limitations. As an example, if I wanted to run a wild west game, I'd tell all the players how many points they get to create their characters, that powers are disallowed, and that they will be limited to normal characteristic maxima... which is to say nothing superhuman. They'll get their equipment from the gear section with a defined set of money I allot to them, and any supernatural talents are disallowed as well.

On the other hand, if I were running a superhero game, I might state that they are creating 350 point characters, anything goes, but damage at startup is to be capped at a certain level, and everything is bought via points.

The idea is that whoever is running the game and those playing in the game define what they are playing and the tools with which to create whatever elements are needed are included with the rules, to be used as each game dictates. It sounds willy-nilly the way I describe it, but its quite defined in game-terms.

To go along with the main rulebook are TONS of resources and resource books. The main genres that have a lot of books out for them at this point are Fantasy Hero, Star Hero (sci-fi), Champions (superheroes), Pulp Hero (think Indiana Jones, etc.), Dark Champions (grittier modern style games), Ninja Hero (martial arts games) and variations on those themes. There's always more, including Cyber Hero and Horror Hero, etc... previous editions of shown quite a bit of diversity. Check out the website and visit the forums for lots of friendly help.

Really, if you're the type that likes to play pretty much any genre and likes the idea of consistent rules throughout, this game would be great for you. Its better than GURPS, in my personal opinion, simply because you don't NEED any books besides the main rulebook to play anything. They're just there as source material and with genre-specific items added in that were simply derived from the main rules.

Try it, its a great game, and makes every sourcebook in the market useable to you as just that... source material. =)

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Hero System (5th Edition, Revised)
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