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Wargamer Magazine w/Games - Complete Run Listed - 4/14/2006
We have recently listed a complete run of the Wargamer magazine with the games intact, and the majority unpunched. This magazine was produced from the mid 70's to the late 80's and includes such games as Siege of Peking, Holy Roman Empire, Bloody Buna and Fallen Eagle. The early issues are particularly hard to find. Prices range from the value priced Glory Road, Condottieri, Duel in the Desert, Rise of the House of Saud, and others ($6-$10), to $50-$85 for the early rare and collectible issues.

The Blog is Back! - Rare Tolkien Board Games - 4/13/2006
Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, we've been so busy handling orders and trading with you fine folk that it completely slipped my mind! Today we have listed several of the rarest of the rare, the crème de la crème as they say, of rare Tolkien related board games. These have been in the NKG vaults for several years, and represent the last of what was once a virtual library of rare items. Included are Two Towers from Fantasy Games, There and Back Again from West Coast Games, Jagdpanther with The Siege of Barad Dur (only a 190 copy print run) and two copies of Battle of the Ring, one with the Wargamer #1 issue, and the other in its later released baggie format. Prices on these range from $400 to $950, they are not inexpensive, but given the rarity, condition, and desirability of the items, represent a fantastic value in collectible games.

Do you have what it takes to be Exalted? - Exalted (2nd Edition) in stock! - 3/21/2006
Welcome to the 2nd age of man. Will you be able to live up to being a character of legend with near god like abilities? Will you be a savior of the world or it's nemesis? It is all up to you in this fantasy setting brought to you by White Wolf. Exalted (2nd Edition) has arrived with the release of the beautiful, full-color, 400 page Exalted (2nd Edition) core book, the Storyteller's Companion and the Character Sheet Pad. As a bonus we also have several free items available for those quick to order, the Exalted full color Poster Map, and the Return to the Tomb of 5 Corners adventure. Join the battle for your world today!

D&D War Drums Miniatures Singles in Stock - 3/20/2006
We have a great selection of the newest D&D painted miniatures set War Drums available for sale as single figures. Check out figures such as the "Warpriest of Moradin," "Large Bronze Dragon," as well as common figures such as Orcs, Derro and Duergar! These figures, fully painted, remain the best value in the minatures market.

Beat your War Drums! - New D&D Miniatures in Stock - 3/1/2006
War Drums is yet another step up in terms of painting and sculpts. A couple of the best-looking commons and uncommons, not to mention the rares, can be found in this set. As a Starter set, War Drums is a great blend of many classic D&D monsters and representatives from campaign worlds and recent products, and marks the first D&D Miniatures Starter Set since Aberrations. There are some notable differences between the War Drums Starter and the Aberrations Starter. For instance, the War Drums Starter includes double-sided maps instead of terrain tiles. The War Drums set has more large-sized, rare minis than any previous set, and only Underdark boasts more distinct large models. In War Drums, however, no fewer than four giant type creatures make an appearance, plus the War Troll (classed as a monstrous humanoid)!

NKG launches new Genre based search - 2/23/2006
After 12 months in development we have classified all of the items in our database into categories. Looking specifically for d20 based Superhero RPG's? Looking for Vietnam era war games? What about gaming themed DVD's? Click on the logo for our new genre based search. We will continue to refine our classification system and encourage suggestions if you have them!

RuneQuest - Borderlands & Beyond - 2/20/2006
From Moon Design Publications comes Borderlands & Beyond, an updated and reformatted 300+ page reprint of ALL of the information from the original Borderlands boxed set, Plunder, and Runemasters, as written for the Runequest 2 rules. Also included is additional Plunder items, expanded Runemasters character histories, and loads of background info from Nomad Gods and Wyrms Footnotes magazine. The interior is lavishly illustrated with dozens of new pictures from Simon Bray, Dario Corallo, plus loads of oldies but goodies from Lisa Free, Luise Perrinne, Gene Day and Rick Becker.

In addition to Borderlands & Beyond, Noble Knight is pleased to offer RuneQuest fans the Griffin Mountain and Cult Compendium reprints, as well as obscure releases from The Chaos Society and The Unspoken Word, and original material from Avalon Hill and Chaosium.

NKG welcomes Gio Games from Italy - 2/13/2006
NKG is pleased to welcome Italy's Gio Games to its wargame catalog. Gio Games currently markets 3 titles, Yankees & Rebels (Gettysburg), War to Axis (Normandy) and Advanced Vive L'Empereur (Napoleonic). All use there unique "Histo Command Dice" system, have quality components, beautiful boxes, and come with English rules.

Advanced Squad Leader - Beyond Valor Returns - 2/10/2006
The last year has been somewhat of a coup for ASL fans. The ASL Rulebook was finally reprinted, and now we have the long awaited Beyond Valor as well. The ASL Starter Kits #1 and #2 have been HUGELY popular. Their low price points of $21.95 and $24.95 sure don't hurt either. Add that to the ASL Journals, the upcoming Armies of Oblivion, and the wide assortment of other modules available and you have the best ASL year yet!

NKG welcomes Compass Games - 2/5/2006
Compass Games was founded in 2004 by a partnership of veteran gamers. There two new releases, Bitter End and Silent War, have been long awaited by the wargaming community and are now in stock.

Bitter End - A Classic Reborn!

Bitter End is an operational-level simulation of the German attempts to relieve the encircled Hungarian capital of Budapest, besieged by Soviet forces, in January 1945. Compass Games brings to you this hard-to-find classic in a new, upgraded deluxe edition!

Bitter End lets the players explore the historical possibilities with two scenarios. In addition, players can test their skills with several viable historical alternatives, with the inclusion of forces that could have been available to the respective commanders, allowing a large variety of options. Bitter End is VERY suitable for solitaire play!

Silent War
Silent War is a solitaire simulation of the United States' submarine war against Imperial Japan during the Second World War. The scenarios allow players to recreate various stages of the war or the entire campaign. In each of these scenarios, the player takes on the role of Commander Submarines, US Pacific Fleet (ComSubPac), deploying available submarines from either Pearl Harbor or Brisbane in order to attack the Japanese Navy. Additionally, in the patrol game, using single submarines, players can recreate some of the war's most famous patrols. The amount of flexibility the game allows the player is tremendous, a single submarine patrol can be completed in 10 minutes, the various campaigns can be completed in 10 or more hours depending on which campaign you play and your progress as commander.

For more information click on the Bitter End box above.

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