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Magic - The Gathering Time Spiral Now in Stock! - 10/6/2006
Magic: The Gathering returns to Dominaria in this latest expansion, Time Spiral! Teferi revisits Dominaria three hundred years after the Phyrexian invasion, intending to bring back the phased lands of Shiv and Zhalfir. The scheme, combined with magical rifts from other cataclysmic events, sets off a chain reaction that threatens to destroy the plane of Dominaria, and in turn the entire multiverse!

Time Spiral revives creature types from previous blocks. Slivers, merfolk, and kavu are prominent, alongside such old abilities as Buyback, Echo, Flanking, Morph, and more. Four theme starters—Fun with Fungus (green/black), Hope’s Crusaders (white), Reality Fracture (blue/red), Silver Evolution (white/green/red)—ensure players a good start. If you enjoy finding cool or powerful cards in booster packs, this set features five mages with abilities of artifacts from very old expansions (Mirror Universe, anyone?. . .) How about REALLY legendary characters like Mishra, Ith, and Lim-Dul? They’re among the rares you can pluck out of the TIME SPIRAL expansion, so find yours before your opponents do!

Super Rare TSR ST1 Up the Garden Path Module Now Available - 8/10/2006
A module printed exclusively in the United Kingdom by TSR UK. Using the 1986 National Garden Festival as its theme, this module was sold both at that festival, and at the 1986 Games Day RPG convention at the Royal Horticultural Society Hall in London (hosted by Games Workshop that Saturday, September 27th).

The module uses the actual map of the National Garden Festival event, held at Stoke on Trent (presumably where the code "ST" comes from), and translates such features as the parking lot into a "grey wasteland surrounding the universe". It is composed of a wrap-around cover (that bears the full-color map) and a 16-page booklet with a 4-page pull-out section. It contains three new monsters: the IffanbutT, Shadow Wolves, and the Snap Dragon. The adventure itself is humorous and whimsical (similar to the style of Dungeonland and Land Beyond the Magic Mirror).

This is one of the rarest and most valuable TSR modules, mainly due to its extremely limited availability (only at the UK convention) and small print run (speculated at 250-500).

The picture shown upper right is of the actual module for sale here. The spine has several small creases, however the rest of the module and the interior are in excellent to mint condition.

This module is being offered in conjunction with the original owner as a consignment sale. NKG does have the module in its possession and has verified the condition, however this module will only be available for a limited time. UPDATE - Module Sold.

D&D War of the Dragon Queen Boosters & Singles Now in Stock - 7/10/2006
Long anticipated by fans, War of the Dragon Queen is the second D&D Miniatures set to feature Huge figures from the D&D realm. These figures tower over other miniatures in the set and are accurate representations of the larger side of the D&D creature lineup. The figures in the set were chosen from a variety of D&D roleplaying titles, including several volumes of the Monster Manual, Heroes of Battle, and the Eberron and Forgotten Realms campaign settings. The set also includes an elite selection of characters that are accompanied by a second, epic level stat card, allowing players to assemble higher-value armies with which to battle.

Traveller BITS Now in Stock - 6/27/2006
Founded in 1995 by Andy Lilly, the “British Isles Traveller Support” (or BITS) is a publisher in the United Kingdom dedicated to supporting Marc Miller’s classic science-fiction roleplaying game, Traveller. To that end, BITS has made significant contributions to all incarnations of Traveller: Classic, MegaTraveller, The New Era, T4, GURPS Traveller. Whatever your needs, we have the BITS products to facilitate your journey through the starlanes of the magnificent Imperium. . .

Starting with the “101” series. Each book presents 101 pregenerated entries to inspire and for the GMs on the go. The selections cover cargos, corporations, governments, lifeforms, patrons, plots, religions, rendezvous, starcrews, and travelers. Moreover, related scenario ideas, rules, and GM tips are included on top of the detailed descriptions. Considering the myriad possibilities contained within, any one of these little beauties is twice the bargain at $8.95 each.

For the adventuring minds, you can try to outwit the Imperials as the psionic Zhodani in Delta 3 is Down, join a tale of noble intrigue and forbidden love in The Khiidkar Incident, or repel drug-crazed pirates in Spacedogs, each a module easy on the wallet at $8.95.

As a Traveller fan, you can also enjoy Power Projection Escort ($13.95), a stand-alone combat game using the popular Full Thrust game engine, adapted for Traveller and combined with elements from old favorite Traveller titles like High Guard, Mayday, and Battle Rider. Or stay in the roleplaying universe with the Power Projection Fleet supplement ($22.95), 72 pages worth of game statistics for a range of warships, weapons, and starship combat rules.

Make the jump and discover what BITS have in store for your Traveller campaign!

Long awaited AEG Warlords of the Accordlands in stock! - 6/14/2006
From the fantasy world of the Free Kingdoms, the Deverenian Empire, the Nothrog, the Elves, and the Dwarves comes the Warlords of the Accordlands RPG!

Based on Alderac Entertainment Group’s (AEG) top-selling collectible card game, Warlord: Saga of the Storm, “the CCG you already know how to play,” Warlords of the Accordlands uses the popular d20 system to bring the world of Larnisar to live. At $41.95 ($8.00 off cover price), the Master Codex guides you through character creation from the 18 core classes to the over 50 prestige classes present, and races unique to the Accordlands (with the groundbreaking Racial Gifts mechanic for additional diversity). Also included are optional rules for mass combat, dueling, hunting, removing limbs. . .all aspects of Larnisar’s harsh daily life.

The World Atlas, available here for $34.95, complements your Warlords campaign with encyclopedic information and maps of the Accordlands’ major races and nations, detailed accounts of the First War with the Great Dragon, plus overview of the deities and religion—as well as their secrets. If you’re short on preparation, The Campaign Adventure Book ($41.95) comes already with 24 scenarios to progress the characters from level 1 to 20, while experiencing one of the greatest chapters in the history of the Accordlands: the epic battle with the Medusan Lords. To pit the heroes against the dangerous beasts in Larnisar, there’s Monsters and Lairs ($34.95), a 300-page tome of the monstrous creatures roaming the Accordlands.

Can you weather the storm of war?

NKG Welcomes HPS Sims - Fine Computer Wargame Simulations - 6/13/2006
Since 1990, HPS Simulations has been a trusty bulwark of microchip generals everywhere. Whether it’s an epic Napoleonic confrontation on the Danube River, the classic Blue vs. Gray clash at Gettysburg, the roaring air war over Vietnam, or modern NATO and Warsaw Pact forces going head-to-head on the Korean Peninsula, we have all that and numerous award-winning HPS Sims titles to choose from for your next electronic military campaign.

The Panzer Campaigns series—featuring Bulge ’44, El Alamein, Kursk ’43, Normandy ’44, Tobruk ’41 and more—is sure to exercise your military acumen on the WWII fields, complete with scenarios for “what-if” simulations. Match wits with Napoleon or one of his opponents at Eckmuhl, Wargam, Waterloo, or in Russia. For strategists of contemporary warfare, the Modern Campaigns series will take you from Middle East ’67 to the Fulda Gap ’85. If naval encounters is your forte, command your fleet in real-time exchange in Jutland, Guadalcanal, or Tsushima. Tactical-level simulations are well-represented by the Squad Battles series, where titles like Advance of the Reich, Pacific War, and Tour of Duty offered between 30 to 70 scenarios each, so you won’t run out of alternatives any time soon.

All these titles are available starting at $35.00 and run up to $41.95 apiece, down from the regular retail price of $49.95. Most of them also featured map editor, scenario editor, and support multiplayer network game over LANs and the Internet—just in case you don’t find the program challenging enough.

Your move. Historical generals like Robert E. Lee and Rommel are waiting.

Deadlands Reloaded - Are Your Six Guns Ready? - 5/23/2006
Are your six-guns ready? Are you quick on the draw? It has been 10 years since Pinnacle Entertainment Group released Deadlands - The Weird West. Now, finally, back by popular demand Great White Games brings us Deadlands - The Weird West Reloaded. Fueled by the popular Savage Worlds game engine, Reloaded brings you all the horse riding, boot stomping, six-gun slinging, high-noon adventure any hombre could want. The adventure begins with the Reloaded core book in both a normal format and the 10th anniversary limited edition hardcover. Only 1000 copies of the limited edition were printed so get your hands on one while you can! Coming in 2006 will be all new plot point books for reloaded and if that is not enough don't forget to check out all the classic Deadlands books from Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

New Rare RPG and Board Game Items - B3, Palace of the Vampire Queen, War of the Ring and more - 5/22/2006
We have listed several extremely rare gaming relics today including a copy of B3 Palace of the Silver Princess (Orange), War of the Ring board game from FGU, War of the Ring board game from SPI (in the shrinkwrap), Quest of the Magic Ring board game (shrinkwrap), and the 1st EVER module ever produced - Palace of the Vampire Queen 1ST PRINTING from TSR/Wee Warriors.

L2's Streets of Stalingrad - In Stock for a Limited Time - 5/6/2006
Since its founding in 2001, L2 Design Group has been setting a new standard in the quality of wargames, from physical components to graphics to playability. L2’s 2002 World War II entry, Streets of Stalingrad, is widely acknowledged as one of not just the most eye-pleasing wargames ever, but of all games! This is in addition to the award-winning game system with historically accurate details, scenarios to develop a full campaign, and maps based on aerial photography. We have managed to attain a small number of copies of this out of print game, and to offer them $199.95, for a limited time.

L2 also worked its magic on The Russian Campaign (in its fourth edition), Bitter Woods and Bitter Woods Expansion Kit, and Russia Besieged, all modern classic WWII games featuring the same high L2 quality. For the hardcore grognards, they seldom come better than this.

Player's Handbook II - 5/5/2006
The Player’s Handbook II builds upon existing materials in the Player’s Handbook. This is the first direct follow up to the best-selling and most used D&D rulebook. It is specifically designed to expand the options available for players by both providing new material and increasing the uses for existing rules. Included are chapters on character race, background, classes, feats, spells, character creation, and character advancement. New rules include racial affiliations that make race matter as a character advances in level, new character classes and alternate class features for existing classes, new feats, tools for rapid character creation, and additional organization and teamwork benefits -- an option first introduced in Dungeon Master’s Guide II and Heroes of Battle.

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