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Imported Miniatures Sale!! Confrontation, Lord of the Rings and Full Thrust on sale! - 7/14/2007
We have put several of our most popular imported lines of miniatures on sale:

Rackham - Confrontation, Cadwallon and AT-43 from France
Mithril - Lord of the Rings and Middle Earth Miniatures from England
Ground Zero Games - Full Thrust Miniatures from England

As those of you familiar with these products know, these are VERY high quality games and miniatures. Sales have been a bit slow on them, and that is because you've told me with the exchange rates the current retail is too high. So we have listened and slashed the prices!!! Get these great miniatures while you can, we probably won't be restocking them unless the dollar rises significantly in value.

Lowest Price Ever on Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures & Star Wars Miniatures!! - 7/2/2007
I'm pleased to announce that due to a new pricing arrangement we are able to offer you the very popular Dungeons & Dragons, Dreamblade, and Star Wars miniatures at a new low price - $119.95 per case and $89.95 per case on the Huge Packs!!! That’s over 30% off of retail! The most recent Night Below and Alliance and Empire releases are included in this as well. And we aren't bumping up our shipping costs to make up for it, fair shipping prices are included in the deal!!!

Free RPG Day is Here! - 6/23/2007
Welcome to the first annual FREE RPG DAY - starting Saturday June 23rd. Over 300 retailers nationwide participated and we are happy to be one of them. As a collector and purveyor of rare items, I know how exciting it is to get a chance to grab some potential future rarities for free. We have a number of cool freebies to give away including free adventures for Warhammer Fantasy, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Paizo's Gamemastery, Tunnels & Trolls and more. Free RPG day products are purchased by the retailer and then given away to their customers. We expect that many of these products will have quite a bit of value to the collector in the future. To ensure that everyone gets a fair crack at the 1st annual Free RPG Day, and that the products aren't snatched up en masse by people looking to resell them, we have set the following limits on them:

1) In store pickup - 3 items, no duplicates, so you can't take 3 of the new Dungeon Crawl module, but you can get 1 of three different cool items.
2) Website order - Same as above, 3 items per order, no duplicates.


Q. I thought Free RPG Day was supposed to be free?
A. It is. You may stop at our shop, or your local participating retailer, and pickup 3 free products of your choice, no charge or purchase necessary. Mail order costs a significant amount of postage and labor. In order to get any sort of volume of these products in to meet the demand of our mail order division, we had to pay several hundred dollars, so for mail order we ask they go out in reasonable quantity with an order. Please note, we routinely offer a lot of items on our site at .01 (our site won't allow .00 price to be input) as bonus items, so feel free to add a few of those as well if you'd like!

Q. I want all your copies of the Sinister Secret of Whiterock from Goodman Games and I will pay you a lot of money for them! What do you say?
A. We could sell these all at a premium, but we have decided to give them away free in the spirit of Free RPG Day.

Q. I want more then 3 items, I'd like to pickup an extra item for a friend, etc, can you help me?
A. If we know you and/or you are a regular customer of NKG we may make minor exceptions to the above rules. We will also do what makes common sense, if you would rather place a larger order then some smaller ones to try and get more items please just place your order and add them. We expect to have enough product to do this a bit. Do not add lots of multiples to your order. Please feel free to email us with questions or suggestions.

Q. I will just add them to my cart anyways, how come your system doesn't stop me?
A. It would be expensive to ask programmers to develop functionality to handle this one situation. Our packers will be instructed to remove items that abuse the spirit of these rules and your order will be shipped without them.

Q. What products are included in Free RPG Day?
A. Here's a list of the products offered:

Paizo - Gamemastery Modules - Hollow's Last Hope - Module
Goodman Games - Dungeon Crawl Classic - The Sinister Secret of Whiterock - Module
Goodman Games - Wicked Fantasy Factory - Temple of Blood - Module
Goodman Games - Xcrawl - Dugeonbattle Brooklyn - Module
White Wolf Publishing - Changeling - The Lost - Quick Start Rules w/Adventure
Flying Buffalo - Tunnels & Trolls - Quick-Start Rules w/2 Adventures
Troll Lord Games - Castles & Crusades - Wilderlands of High Adventure - Imperial Town of Tell Qa - Sourcebook
Troll Lord Games - Castles & Crusades - Quick Start Rules w/Castle Zagyg Adventure
Black Industries - Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - The Pig, the Witch and her Lover - Module
Amarillo Design Bureau - Prime Directive (d20) - The Temple of Terilek Prime - Module
West End Games - Bill Coffin's Septimus - Fire & Forget Quickstart Rules w/Adventure
White Silver Publishing - The Chronicles of Ramlar - Black Arrow Run - Module
Mongoose Publishing - Runequest - Fisticuffs at O'Leary's Place - Module
Vajra Enterprises - In Dark Alleys - Little Boy Lost - Module
Lone Wolf Development - Hero Lab - World of Darkness Hero Lab Demo CD
Chessex - D6 Free RPG Day Sampler (4)
Skirmisher Publishing - Little Wars - Little Orc Wars Quick Play Rules

We hope that you enjoy Free RPG Day!
- Aaron Leeder, Owner
Noble Knight Games

Noble Knight Games Welcomes Mithril Miniatures - Full Line of Classic Lord of the Rings Miniatures - 6/1/2007
Founded in 1987, Mithril Miniatures has been since dedicated to the creation and faithful portrayal of miniature figures as inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s world of Middle-earth, in such seminal work as “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit.”

The company’s goal is to recreate the characters from these literatures and imbue the figurines as much as possible with the atmosphere and feel of Middle-earth. To that end, Mithril has invested painstaking research for the range, both in costume and character appearance to ensure authenticity and consistency with Tolkien’s original vision.

We at Noble Knight Games have a full stock of Mithril’s range. Fans of the Middle-earth will surely appreciate Mithril’s representations of all the celebrated characters, while taking advantage of NKG’s discounted prices! You can own either Aragorn or Gimli at Helm’s Deep for $6.95, one of the Nine Nazgul between $7.95 and $11.95, or any one of the early ring bearers like Elrond or Galadriel ($11.95). We also have the entire “M” series — supplied undercoated and ready to paint — that reproduced the rest of the cast, i.e., minor and generic roles like foot infantrymen and officers from various nations (starting at $6.95 per pack), hobbits of the Shire ($15.95), orcs of Mordor ($11.95), etc. For keepsake or actual play in Tolkien’s Middle-earth, you’ll never be at a loss with figures for virtually every part present!

Rackham - Confrontation, AT-43, Cadwallon - FULL LINES IN STOCK! - 5/10/2007
More and more enthusiasts of miniatures gaming are turning to Rackham for quality miniatures, rules, and accessories every day. Since 1997, the France-based manufacturer has guided the design and production of a wide range of miniatures, as well as continuing to improve their expertise to bring a vision to the world of gaming that is unique and not found elsewhere.

Rackham miniatures featured exceptional detail, painstakingly sculpted to the very last eyebrow and leather stud. It is that level of attention that first drew the recognitions of hobbyists and propelled Rackham to the top of the miniatures business.

Take, for instance, Rackham’s flagship line, Confrontation. Already in third edition (rulebook available from Noble Knight at $35.95), the system presents details and diagrams that is the company’s hallmark. It utilizes fully Rackham’s entire range of gorgeous fantasy miniatures. Whether you preferred the exiled elves of Cynwall and their constructs (from $9.49 for Equanimous Warrior up to $249.95 for the Dragon Titan of Aarklash box set), the loyalty-less Dogs of War ($9.49 each for such ruthless mercenaries as Assassin, Kelt Shaman, or Crossbowman Deserter), the legion of faith known as Griffins of Akklyanie (featuring templars and exorcists starting at $8.95 each), the savage moon-blessed Wolfen (two-packed warriors at $16.95, three beastly Predators of Blood for $41.95), or any of the 12 other fantastic factions, you can build an attractive army at a substantial saving, courtesy of Noble Knight Games.

And if you just want to sample Confrontation’s rich mythology and world of Aarklash, you have the choice of the boxed game Hybrid ($79.95) and the expansion set, Hybrid: Nemesis ($53.95), as well as Rag’Narok ($49.95-$54.95).

How about fans of the Cadwallon fantasy RPG? No problem, you can bring favorite personalities to life with the selection of figures from Noble Knight Games. From Ahsa Ruyar ($9.49) and Captain Kelian Durak ($9.49) to Morzath the Hell-Spat ($17.49) and Vladar the Arrogant ($13.49), we have you covered.

On the sci-fi front, Rackham offers AT-43, the thrilling game of futuristic battles and featuring miniatures of the same high standard one has come to expect with the company. You’ll be proud to march the splendid Assault Golems ($22.95), Wraith Golgoth ($35.95), Fire Toad Mk. 2’s ($16.95), Steel Troopers ($22.95) and their brethrens across the tabletop to your opponent’s doom.

Don’t miss Cry Havoc, the tri-monthly magazine dedicated to Rackham’s gaming universe. Every issue features information you need on figure painting and assemblage, battle tactics and tips, rule variants, and insight into the game systems, all packed in 80+ pages of full-colored goodness.

In addition to the signature lines, the Rackham range also includes numerous elements of scenery, doors, columns, and statues for you to embellish your creations, suitable for any fantasy game. Take a browse through our Rackham inventory and see for yourself what the rave is all about!

New Shopping Cart System - Saves Carts - 4/9/2007
We have a new shopping cart system in place that will save your carts across sessions, so if you leave the site either accidentally or on purpose and come back the items will still be saved into your cart. Since we sell many used and rare items and may only have one in stock, the system will let you know if the item in the condition you selected is no longer available. If you encounter any bugs in the system, please let us know.

B&J Dice - "Old School" Dice in Both Style and Price! - 4/5/2007
B&J Dice are "old school" gaming dice from the early 1980's. They are similar in style to the Gamescience "Precision Edge" dice. In the tradition of old dice the numbers are uninked. These old lots we have found are a fantastic bargain compared to current dice pricing. You get a bag of unused/mint dice in lots of 100 from $9.95 to $12.95 per bag. Compare that to, for example, the simplest Opaque Chessex dice at $48 (retail) per 100! Click on the NKG logo to go straight to these products.

Wargame Parts Available - 3/10/2007
Over the years we've had some games come in that were incomplete, missing a map or a few counters. A lot of these are Avalon Hill, SPI or 3W titles. These have built up into some pretty good stacks that are becoming too large to keep properly sorted. We've also had some odd requests, for very inexpensive games, for random maps, counters, etc and other parts, so I thought I'd offer these here to those who might be interested:

10 random wargames, either incomplete or possibly incomplete $50
10 random empty wargame boxes (condition used to new) $20
1000 random counters $40 (you'll probably get closer to 1500)
10 random wargame maps $20
5 pounds of wargame rules, charts and other printed material $15

Bulk offers encouraged!

These are not available on the website, please email if interested.

NKG Welcomes Grave Digger Games - Custom Dice Towers and Trays - 2/15/2007
Grave Digger Games has been gaming since the early 70s and, being enthusiastic gamers, understand what can help fellow gamers have more fun and move the game in a faster pace. That goal has spurred them on to produce a great line of gaming accessories, featuring solid wood dice towers. These beauties guarantee that your dice rolls are properly randomized, as the dice enter from the open top and get plenty of bouncing action on their way down the chute to lined tray (so the dice aren’t scratched up!). Better still, the towers keep dice from falling on the floor or messing up the miniatures, counters, or what-have-you on the table!

We currently carry two models of the tower: Curly maple with green leather inlay ($49.95) and red oak with green leather inlay ($54.95), each a saving of $7.05 off the regular price! For the more budget-minded, we also offer from Grave Digger Games the fine maple dice tray ($34.95). Measured at 15” long, 8” wide, and 1-1/2” deep, with lining to protect the surface of your dice, there’s no worries of them bones rolling off the table or not getting enough tumbles again.

Champions and Hero - All Eras and Editions in Stock! - 2/1/2007
CHAMPIONS is the first roleplaying game to present a truly functional point system for character generation. Originally published in 1980, the superhero RPG also influenced many future games with the introduction of character advantages/disadvantages. The then-unprecedented freedom to create and customize virtually any type of characters made CHAMPIONS a huge hit, paving the way to its success that has spawned to date five editions, countless campaigns, numerous supplements as well as conversions of the basic game mechanics — the HERO SYSTEM — into genres other than superhero, like cybernetic future, horror, contemporary, and even dueling giant robots!

Here at Noble Knight we have an extensive inventory of old Champions/Hero System books in stock. You can find such rarities as Danger International ($30-$35), Justice Inc. ($32), Wings of the Valkyrie ($60); or popular oldies like Aaron Allston’s original Ninja Hero ($4-$6), BLOOD & Dr. McQuark ($15), Classic Enemies ($12), Primus & Demon ($4-$6). A Champions GM but missed out on the older adventures? Now you run the heroes through dastardly plots from Deathstroke, Day of the Destroyer, the Great Supervillain Contest, to Red Doom, Target Hero, and The Zodiac Conspiracy, each very affordable at $4-$6! There are gems for fans of Fantasy Hero, Horror Hero, Cyber Hero, and almost every published milieu too. So, take a browse through our HERO SYSTEM listing and discover what treasure is awaiting you!

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