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War in the Pacific - The Ultimate War Game Monster - 12/3/2006
Talk about a “monster game”! WAR IN THE PACIFIC, from Decision Games, lets you re-create the entire Pacific theater of operations during World War II from start to finish, reporting for duty at a hefty 8,900+ counters, 30 assorted log sheets, and 24 tactical maps, among many other components! This revision of the original title now places greater emphasis on several elements, such as the supply and command sides of the operational aspects of war, while retaining the vital importance of supply management and planning… Speaking of planning, you can expect to do plenty of that, since the game enables you to move and engage in combat on all levels: air, ground and naval; not to mention a completely revamped ground combat system that features a step-loss system adapted from Victory Games’s Pacific War.

And what’s the price of this war? You can get it at $120 off at Noble Knight, bringing the whole campaign home for $299.95!! Now, for devotees of the original game or those who have always wished to explore the WWII Pacific Campaign on a scale they've never before attempted, neither your money nor your time will have gone to waste.

Cyberpunk - Back in a New 3rd Edition! - 11/1/2006
The Future has definitely changed for Cyberpunk, the first roleplaying game of the doom-and-gloom megacorp-dominated dystopia depicted in such cutting-edge novels as William Gibson’s Neuromancer, Count Zero, and Mona Lisa Overdrive. The latest version, CYBERPUNK V.3.0, is redesigned for the new millennium and fitted with the Fuzion game system. All the chromes and nifty cyberwares are still there in full display—only even more edgier! Now you have a new environ, the Postholocaust, to deal with, as well as new foes ranging from the DNA-shapeshifting Reefers and cyborg assassins to robo-enhanced mechjocks and nano-boosted warriors of Rolling State. Featuring six completely new cyber systems, a new post-2020 timeline, and available for just $26.95, you can’t afford to miss out on this Brave New World!

Dungeons & Dragons Limited Edition Chess Set - 10/18/2006
Test your skills and battle for supremacy with the dragons of the D&D worlds. Align yourself with Bahamut, the King of the Good Dragons and his metallic dragons (gold, silver, bronze, brass, copper) on the White side of the board, or with Tiamat, Queen of Evil Dragons and her chromatic spawns (red, blue, black, green, white) on the Black lair side. With this limited edition set, you can feel the impending armageddon as you move the majestic creatures and hold the fate of the world in your hand—something you don’t get everyday, especially at a lofty $50 off for $149.95 here at Noble Knight!

Traveller - The New Era 1248 - New Edition Now Available - 10/15/2006
Traveller: The New Era 1248

Traveller: The New Era came from GDW’s fine Traveller roleplaying game pedigree, winning an Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Rules in 1994. The setting featured a controversial plotline in which has the dreaded Virus crippling the Third Imperium and collapsing the interstellar society, opening up new themes for fans to explore.

Now, more than ten years later, the Traveller universe continues in ComStar Games’ THE NEW ERA 1248 line! Out of Darkness, the first sourcebook, features the Charted Space, the interstellar landscape of year 1248 still under reconstruction one century after the Third Imperium tore itself apart in civil war. New powers have emerged, among them the Fourth Imperium, the Terran Commonwealth, the Freedom League, and the Zhodani Concord. The story moves forward from the aftermath of Traveller: The New Era, and at $24.95, also answers the Big Questions of the New Era!

Bearers of the Flame, the second supplement, presents the complete details on the Fourth Imperium, successor to the tragic Third Imperium one century after its fall. This latest chapter finds the new interstellar empire leading the fight against the genocidal Dominate, forging trade corridors through the Wilds and rebuilding shattered world, while facing diplomatic tensions with the Vilani Imperium. At $24.95, there’s no better time to plunge yourself right into this exciting new incarnation… This book is a complete guide to the greatest state of Charted Space in the New Era. Never before has the Imperium–any Imperium–been developed in such detail!

Battletech - Total Warfare! - 10/12/2006
FanPro has just revved up your giant-mech battles with Total Warfare, a compendium of all the rules for various units that have a direct impact on the deadly battlefields of the thirty-first century, accumulated from over twenty years of campaign experience. You can get everything you need to destroy enemy models and advance your House’s agenda with greater efficiency in either the regular hardcover ($34.95) or a VERY limited-edition release ($59.95).

RuneQuest - Glorantha, Rune Cults, and Ducks, Oh My! - 10/9/2006
It’s true. Mongoose Publishing has resurrected the vaunted, classic RuneQuest fantasy roleplaying game. Originally saw print in 1978, the popular system has received a 21st-century revision that streamlined everything the fans loved about adventuring in Glorantha, with full rules for skills, guilds, combat, and monsters, as well as additions such as Rune Magic—the first magic system introduced for this edition.

Those thirsting for the richness of the Glorantha setting can find the fabled world fully detailed in GLORATHA: THE SECOND AGE ($29.95), where heroes achieve power by questing for runes—physical manifestations of the eternal abstract forces that shape its destiny. Gamemasters will never be in short supply for foes with MONSTERS ($29.95), a compendium of creatures fierce and fantastical native to Glorantha. It is also much more than a simple listing of monsters; it provides information on how to create a full-fledged character using the various sentient races found within the book. Lastly, the introductory adventure, RUNES OF CHAOS ($8.95), promises exploration, thrill, and intrigue that only the RuneQuest RPG can bring!

Magic - The Gathering Time Spiral Now in Stock! - 10/6/2006
Magic: The Gathering returns to Dominaria in this latest expansion, Time Spiral! Teferi revisits Dominaria three hundred years after the Phyrexian invasion, intending to bring back the phased lands of Shiv and Zhalfir. The scheme, combined with magical rifts from other cataclysmic events, sets off a chain reaction that threatens to destroy the plane of Dominaria, and in turn the entire multiverse!

Time Spiral revives creature types from previous blocks. Slivers, merfolk, and kavu are prominent, alongside such old abilities as Buyback, Echo, Flanking, Morph, and more. Four theme starters—Fun with Fungus (green/black), Hope’s Crusaders (white), Reality Fracture (blue/red), Silver Evolution (white/green/red)—ensure players a good start. If you enjoy finding cool or powerful cards in booster packs, this set features five mages with abilities of artifacts from very old expansions (Mirror Universe, anyone?. . .) How about REALLY legendary characters like Mishra, Ith, and Lim-Dul? They’re among the rares you can pluck out of the TIME SPIRAL expansion, so find yours before your opponents do!

Super Rare TSR ST1 Up the Garden Path Module Now Available - 8/10/2006
A module printed exclusively in the United Kingdom by TSR UK. Using the 1986 National Garden Festival as its theme, this module was sold both at that festival, and at the 1986 Games Day RPG convention at the Royal Horticultural Society Hall in London (hosted by Games Workshop that Saturday, September 27th).

The module uses the actual map of the National Garden Festival event, held at Stoke on Trent (presumably where the code "ST" comes from), and translates such features as the parking lot into a "grey wasteland surrounding the universe". It is composed of a wrap-around cover (that bears the full-color map) and a 16-page booklet with a 4-page pull-out section. It contains three new monsters: the IffanbutT, Shadow Wolves, and the Snap Dragon. The adventure itself is humorous and whimsical (similar to the style of Dungeonland and Land Beyond the Magic Mirror).

This is one of the rarest and most valuable TSR modules, mainly due to its extremely limited availability (only at the UK convention) and small print run (speculated at 250-500).

The picture shown upper right is of the actual module for sale here. The spine has several small creases, however the rest of the module and the interior are in excellent to mint condition.

This module is being offered in conjunction with the original owner as a consignment sale. NKG does have the module in its possession and has verified the condition, however this module will only be available for a limited time. UPDATE - Module Sold.

D&D War of the Dragon Queen Boosters & Singles Now in Stock - 7/10/2006
Long anticipated by fans, War of the Dragon Queen is the second D&D Miniatures set to feature Huge figures from the D&D realm. These figures tower over other miniatures in the set and are accurate representations of the larger side of the D&D creature lineup. The figures in the set were chosen from a variety of D&D roleplaying titles, including several volumes of the Monster Manual, Heroes of Battle, and the Eberron and Forgotten Realms campaign settings. The set also includes an elite selection of characters that are accompanied by a second, epic level stat card, allowing players to assemble higher-value armies with which to battle.

Traveller BITS Now in Stock - 6/27/2006
Founded in 1995 by Andy Lilly, the “British Isles Traveller Support” (or BITS) is a publisher in the United Kingdom dedicated to supporting Marc Miller’s classic science-fiction roleplaying game, Traveller. To that end, BITS has made significant contributions to all incarnations of Traveller: Classic, MegaTraveller, The New Era, T4, GURPS Traveller. Whatever your needs, we have the BITS products to facilitate your journey through the starlanes of the magnificent Imperium. . .

Starting with the “101” series. Each book presents 101 pregenerated entries to inspire and for the GMs on the go. The selections cover cargos, corporations, governments, lifeforms, patrons, plots, religions, rendezvous, starcrews, and travelers. Moreover, related scenario ideas, rules, and GM tips are included on top of the detailed descriptions. Considering the myriad possibilities contained within, any one of these little beauties is twice the bargain at $8.95 each.

For the adventuring minds, you can try to outwit the Imperials as the psionic Zhodani in Delta 3 is Down, join a tale of noble intrigue and forbidden love in The Khiidkar Incident, or repel drug-crazed pirates in Spacedogs, each a module easy on the wallet at $8.95.

As a Traveller fan, you can also enjoy Power Projection Escort ($13.95), a stand-alone combat game using the popular Full Thrust game engine, adapted for Traveller and combined with elements from old favorite Traveller titles like High Guard, Mayday, and Battle Rider. Or stay in the roleplaying universe with the Power Projection Fleet supplement ($22.95), 72 pages worth of game statistics for a range of warships, weapons, and starship combat rules.

Make the jump and discover what BITS have in store for your Traveller campaign!

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