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NKG Welcomes Lamentations of the Flame Princess - Old School AD&D 1st Edition Products - 10/22/2009

A growing number of gamers are wanting RPG products released the way they used to be, and LotFP is satisfying their demand. But note that LotFP is not merely recreating the past. Playing these classic games is not an exercise in nostalgia or a longing for a different time - these games are vibrant and alive and continue to provide true gaming excitement today, and on their own terms. LotFP's game offerings treat these games with the respect they deserve while giving their referees and players innovative and fresh material for those games

Value priced, LotFP's offerings currently include:

Death Frost Doom (Module) MINT/New $9.95
No Dignity in Death - The Three Brides (Module) MINT/New $11.95
People of Pembrooktonshire (Softcover) MINT/New $10.95
Green Devil Face #1 (Module) MINT/New $3.95
Green Devil Face #2 (Module) MINT/New $3.95
Green Devil Face #3 (Module) MINT/New $3.95

Future products are in the work assuring you a fully supported vibrant line.

LotFP's role-playing books are supplements and adventures compatible with existing First Edition, Original Edition, and "Basic Edition" fantasy role-playing games, as well as modern "clone" games including Labyrinth Lord™, OSRIC™, and Swords & Wizardry™.

For detailed information, click on the LotFP logo and see all the manufacturers in this genre. The reviews each of these LotFP products have received are on the product detail pages and make an interesting read.

New Updated Posted! - Battletech, Cthulhutech, Cthulhu, Pathfinder, Rackham, Adventurers, Conflict of Heroes, Lock 'n Load - 10/15/2009

Hello everyone,

This week we've got the hot new release for Cthulhutech - Mortal Remains, Battletechs StarCorps Dossiers, Secrets of New Orleans and Cthulhu Britannica for Call of Cthulhu, Tome of Secrets and several new Paizo releases for Pathfinder (the Bestiary releases next Wednesday), Civilian Vehicles for Traveller, Monsterpocalypse series #4, new Confrontation and AT-43 miniatures from Rackham, Conflict of Heroes - Storms of Steel, the Adventurers board game from AEG, Railways of the World from Eagle Games, and Battle Pack Bravo for World at War. Also for our local customers, please note our new store hours: 11-7 M-Sat (closed Sunday). If your in the area, stop in browse some games and say hello!

To view this weeks update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Happy gaming!
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Updated Posted! - Rogue Trader, Arcane Legions, Zendikar, Richard III, Battlelore, Space 1889 - 10/8/2009

Hello everyone,

This week we have in the new Rogue Trader RPG from Fantasy Flight Games, new Castles & Crusades and Wilderlands of High Adventure from Adventure Games Publishing, the special edition Secret's of Smugglers Cove from Black Blade for AD&D 1st Edition, new Space 1889 - The Complete Canal Priests of Mars, Call of Cthulhu - Our Ladies of Sorrow, Castles & Crusades PHB 4th Printing, several new Indie Press RPG's including eCollapse (Wild Talents) and more, new GW Space Wolves, new Uncharted Seas game cards and play map, Arcane Legions - the new historical miniatures game with plastic figures from Wells Expedition, Magic Zendikar booster boxes (from the 1st printing with the possibility of random old rares inserted), fat packs and intro packs, Alexandrian Wars from HPS Sims (PC), Richard III from Columbia Games, the Battlelore Heroes expansion, new Firefight DTP wargames (Perry Moore), and a huge selection of unpunched wargames!

To view this weeks update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Happy gaming!
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

Free RPG Day Is Here!! - 6/20/2009
Welcome to Free RPG Day!

Highlights include an Eberron Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Adventure, Hollow Earth Expedition Quickstart Adventures, Paizos Bonus Beastiary, Castles & Crusades Quickstart Adventure, Paranoia XP Citizens Guide, Dragon Warriors Quickstart Adventure, Dungeon Crawl Classics Flipbook, Warhammer 40k Quickstart Adventure and more! Many of these items are sure to become sought after collectors items like they have year after year. Below you'll find the details of participation, slightly refined from last year.

To ensure that everyone gets a fair crack at the 1st annual Free RPG Day, and that the products aren't snatched up en masse by people looking to resell them, we have set the following limits on them:

1) In store pickup - One free item of your choice! You can come back another day to get another item if we still have them available (no duplicates).
2) Website order - Choose one item for each $15 spent (before shipping)! Please limit duplicates of the same item so we don't run out prematurely.


Q. I thought Free RPG Day was supposed to be free?

A. It is! You may stop at our shop, or your local participating retailer, and pickup a free product of your choice, no charge or purchase necessary! Mail order costs a significant amount of postage and labor. In order to get any sort of volume of these products to meet the demand of our mail order division, we had to pay a significant amount for the items, so for mail order we ask they go out in reasonable quantity with an order. Please note, we routinely offer a lot of items on our site at .01 as bonus freebies for our customers (our site won't allow .00 price to be input thus the .01) so feel free to add those per the same rules as well!

Q. I want all your copies of the new Eberron module and I will pay you a lot of money for them! What do you say?
A. We could sell these at a premium, but we have decided to give them away free in the spirit of Free RPG Day.

Q. I want more then one item, I'd like to pickup an extra item for a friend, etc, can you help me?
A. Sure, you can add 1 item per $15 spent as a guideline. We expect to have enough product to do this a bit. Do not add lots of multiples of the same item to your order. Please feel free to email us with questions or suggestions.

Q. I will just add them to my cart anyways, how come your system doesn't stop me?
A. It would be expensive to ask programmers to develop functionality to handle this one situation. Our packers will be instructed to remove items that abuse the spirit of these rules and your order will be shipped without them.

Q. A product listed here is no longer on your website? Can you get more?
A. No I'm afraid not. Once they are gone, they are gone. We usually get a few back in trade over time, but we have to pay more for these so they will be priced accordingly.

Q. How long does Free RPG Day last?
A. While Free RPG Day is technically for just one day, we will continue offering these until our supply is gone!

Q. What products are included in Free RPG Day?
A. Here's a list of the products offered:

Wizards of the Coast - Eberron 4e - Khyber's Harvest w/Dungeon Tile
Paizo Publishing - Pathfinder Role Playing Game - Bonus Bestiary
Goodman Games - Fantasy Adventures & Supplements (4e)/Amethyst RPG 4e - Hero's Handbook - Immortal Heroes/Amethyst - Hearts of Chaos
Q-Workshop - Elven Dice - Free RPG Day 2009 Dice Sample
Chessex - Dice - Miscellaneous - d6 Bronze Commemorative Die
White Wolf - Geist - The Sin-Eaters - Quickstart Rules w/The Return of Mr. Monster
Troll Lord Games - Castles & Crusades (Troll Lord Games) - Quickstart Rules w/The Wizard's Tower
Fantasy Flight Games - Warhammer 40,000 Role Playing - Rogue Trader - Forsaken Bounty
Exile Studios - Hollow Earth Expedition - Quickstart Rules w/Kidnapped in the Hollow Earth
Mongoose Publishing - Paranoia XP - Citizen's Guide to Surviving Alpha Complex
Mongoose Publishing - Dragon Warriors - Quickstart Rules w/Under the Rocks
Mongoose Publishing - Flaming Cobra - Corporation Quickstart Rules w/Grab the Cache
Lone Wolf Development - Hero Lab - Hero Lab Demo

We also have some leftover free products from last years Free RPG Day!

Countess Games - Heirs to Olympia - Quickstart Rules w/Adventure
Skirmisher Publishing - Cthulhu Live (3rd Edition) - Murder at Miskatonic - Scenario
White Wolf Publishing - Hunter: The Vigil - Quickstart Rules w/Adventure

We also have one other publisher who has sent us a free product for us to giveaway (technically not a part of FRPD but a quality offering) - Precis Intermedia's Brutes! Be sure to check that out as well.

Whats that? LOTS MORE?? - Feel free to checkout our "One Cent Items" section on our website for a variety of other freebies!

Note: Our website has been slowed to a crawl each year during this promotion. If its too slow please check back later or email us your order at that time. I will be manning my PC most of the day :)

Valid while supplies last only!

We hope that you enjoy Free RPG Day!!

Magic the Gathering FULL NM/MINT Beta Set and Other Rare Sets in Stock! - 3/27/2009
We are pleased to be able to offer an incredible find - a full NM/MINT Beta Set!!

From the same collector we also have full Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends and other sets available.

The condition on these is straight out of the pack into protectors.

Noble Knight Games Welcomes Infinity Miniatures by Corvus Belli - 3/15/2009
Infinity, by Corvus Belli, is a game with 28mm high metal miniatures that simulates combat and special operations in a science fiction environment with Manga aesthetics. Infinity miniatures are characterized by the high quality and detail of their modeling, the dynamism of their postures and their futuristic aesthetic. Noble Knight Games now stocks the full range of Infinity miniatures!

Collector's Rejoice - More Super Rare D&D Modules Listed!! - Updated - 3/10/2009
Less then 10 copies of most of these are known to exist!!

Dungeon Master's Guide (2nd Alpha Printing)
To the Aid of Falx (Pre-Publication Edition)
Doc's Island (Pre-Publication Edition)
Egg of the Phoenix, The (Pre-Publication Edition)
Tinker's Canyon (GenCon 1982 Convention Edition)
Dungeon Master Kit #1 - Palace of the Vampire Queen (1st Printing) *sold
Dungeon Master Kit #2 - The Dwarven Glory (1st Printing) w/Room Key

"The Ultimate" - Dungeons & Dragons Woodgrain Box - 1st Edition, 1st Printing Now Available - 11/18/2008

WOW, every once in awhile even the Knight gets truly excited…amazing…click on the picture for more details.

Super Rare TSR Convention Modules Available! - More Rarities Added - 11/11/2008

We are pleased to offer four of the rarest TSR modules ever made:

ST1 - Up the Garden Path
Lost Tamoachan (Convention Edition)
Ghost Tower of Inverness (Convention Edition)
Lost Caverns of Tsojconth (Convention Edition)

All complete and in fantastic condition, any of which make an excellent centerpiece to any D&D collection!

Update More Rare Modules Added!

Rahasia (Daystar West Edition)
Quest for the Fazzlewood (O1 Convention Edition)


The Ultimate D&D 4e Dungeon Master's Screen - A limited edition monstrous hand painted castle screen! *sold

Goodman Games d20 3.5 50% Off Sale! - 9/30/2008
Out With The Old, In With The New!

To remain compliant with Wizards of the Coast's 4E licensing requirements, Goodman Games is discontinuing their extremely popular 3.5 Dungeon Crawl Classics modules. Noble Knight Games is participating in the clearance sale, offering the majority of the DCC 3.5 items at 50% off of retail! Also on clearance are several Judges Guild and Wicked Fantasy Factory items.

Why is Goodman Games discontinuing the 3.5 modules? So they can publish 4E products. The new 4E license from Wizards of the Coast is called the GSL. A publisher who signs on to the GSL can begin publishing 4E products. But any product line under which a 4E GSL product is published cannot simultaneously be published under the OGL or the d20 license. This criteria is by product line, so if Goodman Games publishes anything that has Dungeon Crawl Classics on the product and also utilizes the 4E GSL, they can no longer publish any 3.5 product that also says Dungeon Crawl Classics.

Why aren't all of the DCC modules 50% off? If Noble Knight has not marked a product down to 50% (or less) of retail, that product is either already out of print or in very low supply. These are going to be the more valuable items down the road, although we expect the entire line to remain popular and collectible.

What is the selldown period? There are some technicalities, but for the most part, Goodman Games can continue to supply their 3.5 modules through December 31. After that, they can no longer sell them, but NKG may be able to supply many after that date.

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