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FREE RPG DAY 2011! - 6/18/2011

Hello everyone,

FREE RPG DAY 2011 IS HERE (starting 6/18)!

Many of these items are sure to become sought after collectors items like they have year after year. Below you'll find the details of participation, slightly refined from last year.

To ensure that everyone gets a fair crack and that the products aren't snatched up en masse by people looking to resell them, we have set the following limits on them:

1) In store pickup - One free item of your choice! You can come back another day to get another item if we still have them available (no duplicates and limited to in store allocation).

2) Website order - Choose one item for each $15 spent (before shipping)! Please limit duplicates of the same item so we don't run out prematurely.


Q. I thought Free RPG Day was supposed to be free?
A. It is! You may stop at our shop, or your local participating retailer, and pickup a free product of your choice, no charge or purchase necessary! Mail order costs a significant amount of postage and labor. In order to get any sort of volume of these products to meet the demand of our mail order division, we had to pay a significant amount for the items, so for mail order we ask they go out in reasonable quantity with an order. Please note, we routinely offer a lot of items on our site at .01 as bonus freebies for our customers (our site won't allow .00 price to be input thus the .01) so feel free to add those per the same rule - one .01 item per $15 spent in your order (before shipping).

Q. I want all your copies of the new Dungeons & Dragons module and I will pay you a lot of money for them! What do you say?
A. We could sell these at a premium, but we have decided to give them away free in the spirit of Free RPG Day.

Q. I want more then one item, I'd like to pickup an extra item for a friend, etc, can you help me?
A. Sure, you can add 1 item per $15 spent as a guideline. We expect to have enough product to do this a bit. Do not add lots of multiples of the same item to your order. Please feel free to email us with questions or suggestions.

Q. I will just add them to my cart anyways, how come your system doesn't stop me?
A. It would be expensive to ask programmers to develop functionality to handle this one situation. Our packers will be instructed to remove items that abuse the spirit of these rules and your order will be shipped without them.

Q. A product listed here is no longer on your website? Can you get more?
A. No I'm afraid not. Once they are gone, they are gone. We usually get a few back in trade over time, but we have to pay more for these so they will be priced accordingly.

Q. How long does Free RPG Day last?
A. While Free RPG Day is technically for just one day, we will continue offering these until our supply is gone!

Q. What products are included in Free RPG Day?
A. Here's a list of the products offered:

Fantasy Flight Games
Warhammer 40,000 Role Playing - Black Crusade
Broken Chains

BlackWyrm Games
XDM - X-Treme Dungeon Mastery (BlackWyrm Games)
Laser Squid Nemesis (Free RPG Day 2011 Edition)

Troll Lord Games
Castles & Crusades - Core Rules
Quickstart Rules w/The Call Him Guff (2011 Edition)

Flying Buffalo
Tunnels & Trolls
Rescue Mission (Free RPG Day 2011 Edition)

Goodman Games
Dungeon Crawl Classics (d20)
Adventure Starter (Free RPG Day 2011 Edition)

Paizo Publishing
Pathfinder Modules - 1st-5th Levels
We Be Goblins!

Wizards of the Coast
Dungeons & Dragons (4th Edition) - Essentials
Domain of Dread - Histaven

White Wolf
World of Darkness
Quickstart Rules w/A Nightmare at Hill Manor

Green Ronin Publishing
Dragon Age - Dark Fantasy Roleplaying
Quickstart Guide w/An Arl's Ransom

Stone Tablet Games
Quickstart Rules w/Here There be Demons

Paradigm Concepts
Arcanis - The World of Shatterd Empires
Fast Play Rules w/Something's Rotten in the State of Ostermark

Eden Studios
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Quickstart Rules w/The Waking Dead

Savage Worlds (Pinnacle/Great White Games)
Wild Hunt, The

Valkyrie Games
Stellar Horizons
Quickstart Rules w/The Road Less Travelled

Exile Game Studio
Hollow Earth Expedition
Quickstart Rules w/Trapped in the Aircraft Graveyard

Amarillo Design Bureau (ADB)
GURPS Prime Directive (ADB)
Prime Directive (d20)
Starship Aldo (GURPS 4th Edition & PD20 Modern)

Blue Panther
Dice Towers & Dungeon Tiles
Knockdown Dice Tower - Stone Finish

Dice - Miscellaneous (Chessex)
d6 2011 Free RPG Day Die

Elven Dice
Free RPG Day 2011 Dice Sample.

Mayfair Games
Catanimal Plush
Catanimal Variant Rules


Feel free to checkout our "One Cent Items" section on our website for a variety of other .01 items (one per $15 spent in your order please). We added this section merely because I remember how I enjoyed going into a game store when I was young and getting some cool catalogs or other surplus items to look over at home. I hope you find the same enjoyment out of it that I did back then.

Valid while supplies last only!

We hope that you enjoy Free RPG Day!!

Best regards,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - Pathfinder, Laundry, Deathwatch, T&T, Command Decision, Impetus, Dust Tactics, New Wargames - 5/26/2011

Hello everyone,

This week we have in new Prime Directive Federation, Battletech Handbook - House Liao, Shadowrun Fistful of Credsticks, Black Bag Jobs for The Laundry, Deathwatch Mark of the Xenos, several new Tunnels & Trolls adventures, new Pathfinder & Swords & Wizardry adventures from Frog God Games, Ultimate Magic and much more from Paizo, Eoris Essence RPG, Star Fleet Battles Andromedan Threat File, new Helldorado, Enigma, Anima Tactics, RAFM and Reaper miniatures, a new line of post-apocalypic miniatures from Taban, we've also added JR Miniatures huge line of buildings and terrain for fantasy and historical games (in various scales 6mm, 15mm, 25mm, etc), Cosmographer 3 and a new Annual for Campaign Cartographer, new Test of Battle Command Decision and Volley & Bayonet supplements as well as Command Decision miniatures from Old Glory (more being added), Impetus and Extra Impetus supplements, Olympus and Dust Tactics expansions (including painted premiums) from Fantasy Flight, Armored Knights - Operation Gazelle from Grognard Simulations, new ziplock wargames from Minden Games, a restock of Canons en Carton wargames and much more!

To view this weeks update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted.

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - Lamentations, Shadowrun, Fighting Fantasy, RIFTS, ASL , Cthulhu, Pirates, New Magic, Moscowa, Lock 'n Load, Much More! - 5/16/2011

Hello everyone,

We have an awesome update for you this week with new and interesting products in every gaming genre! For RPG's we have the new Grindcore Edition of the Lamentations of the Flame Princess and the new Vornheim Complete City Kit supplement, Shadowrun - Attitude, the Fighting Fantasy RPG 2nd Edition from Catalyst including Titan, Advanced Fighting Fantasy and Out of the Pit (temporarily out of stock but more in by Wed), Kerberos Club for Wild Talents Savage Worlds system, Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition Gamemaster's Kit, The Legacy of Arrius Lurco for Call of Cthulhu, Traveller Starports, RIFTS Thundercloud Galaxy, new Battletech, Noble Armada, Bolt Action & Ancient Armies miniatures, several new lines of miniatures to NKG including Freebooter's Fate miniatures (mostly sculpted by Werner Klocke!), Zenit fantasy miniatures, JR Miniatures (buildings and terrain, much more to come), Micro Art Studio (bases, conversions, Discworld and more), Magic the Gathering New Phyrexia boosters, boxes, intros, fat packs and singles, La Bataille de la Moscowa (3rd Edition) from Clash of Arms, Battles of Westeros - Tribes of the Vale Expansion Set from Fantasy Flight Games, Summer Lightning - The Invasion of Poland for Lock N Load, ASL Starter Kit - Starter Kit Expansion Pack #1, several new Victory Point Games, World at War #18 w/The South Seas Campaign 1942-1943, Line of Fire #9, a restock of C4 corner cutters and much more!

Don't forget to check out our new Twitter feed on the right hand side of our webpage. You'll find last minute deals, news flashes for hot new releases, want list requests where we're paying top dollar, and much more.

To view this weeks update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted.

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - New WFRP, V&V, AD&D, Alien Frontiers, GMT, more NKG updates on Twitter! - 4/27/2011

Hello everyone,

This week we have in Dark Harvest - The Legacy of Frankenstein, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay - Omens of War, V&V - Vigilantes International, Crime Pays - A Godfather's Grimoire, new Basic & AD&D 1st edition modules from Pacesetter, new Pathfinder, Mouse Guard, new Spinespur, Infinity, Dark Sword, Heavy Gear, Hasslefree, Star Wars, Marvel, Discworld, Void, and Flames of War Vietnam miniatures, new plastic terrain pieces from Amera including Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Uncharted Seas and WWII pieces, new Warcraft and Game of Thrones cards, JourneyQuest Season #1 (DVD), new Osprey historicals including Force on Force, Go for Broke supplement for Panzer Grenadier, Alien Frontiers, Fighting Formations - Grossdeutschland Motorized Infantry Division from GMT, Catan Dice Game, and a huge amount of out of print items in all categories.

Also Noble Knight is now posting on Twitter! This will primarily be short informational "tweets" about interesting items we have put in, lines we've carried, games or parts we've had a specific request or need for, etc. You can follow that on Twitter under NKGames or just view them at your convenience on the right hand side of our webpage in the Twitter box.

To view this weeks update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted.

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Game

New Update Posted - Critical Hit ASL, D&D 4th Ed, Lord of the Rings LCG, L5R, S&T, Labyrinth Lord - 4/19/2011

Hello everyone,

This week in addition to the large amount of restocks and out of print items you'll find below we have new Legend of the Five Rings - Emerald Empire, new Labyrinth Lord and Mutant Future releases from Faster Monkey, D&D 4th Edition Player's Option - Heroes of Shadow, Necropolis 2350 Adventure Compendium, Rifter #54, new Warmachine, Dark Heaven, Battletech, Ziterdes, Flames of War and Warlord terrain & miniatures, new Critical Hit ASL Bataan - Battle for the Mabatang Line 1941 & BoB Normandy, LZ X-Ray for ATS, new Dust Tactics, the new Lord of the Rings living card game from Fantasy Flight, the Dominion "Big Box" from Rio Grande and S&T 268 w/When Lions Sailed.

To view this weeks update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted.

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Game

New Update Posted - New Essex 15mm Historicals, Godlike, Cthulhu, GURPS, Heroclix, Winter Storm, Arnhem '44 - 4/12/2011

Hello everyone,

New releases this week include Black Devils Brigade for Godlike, Cthulhu Invictus Companion, Earthdawn Nations of Barsaive #3 - Cara Fahd, Mass Combat for GURPS, Vampire - Danse Macabre, Book of the Magnakai for Lone Wolf, new miniatures for/from Hell Dorado, Heavy Gear, Hasslefree, Elfball, Kings of War, Mercs, Redbox, Dystopian Wars, the Dr. Manhattan Colossal Figure, Malifaux, Ziterdes pre-painted figures and terrain, Flames of War, Art of Tactic plastics and boxed game from Zvezda, new Essex 15mm historicals - tons of Ancients, DBA and Field of Glory packs and armies, Winter Storm from Chris Harding Simulations, Arnhem '44 - The Operation Market Garden from MDVC, and much more. We've also gotten in a restock of Matrix Games PC games (which include many popular historical games including games like War in the East).

To view this weeks update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted.

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Game

New Update Posted - D&D Collecting Guide, Dark Heresy, Pathfinder, Noble Armada, Battlefoam Cases and Trays, Against the Odds, Space Hulk, ATO, ASL - 3/29/2011

Hello everyone,

This week our update features Hunters of Dragons - The Original Dungeons & Dragons Collecting Guide, new Dark Heresy The Apostasy Gambit #1 - The Black Sepulchre, Traveller Little Black Book #9 - Library Data, new Pathfinder including The Inner Sea World Guide, Colonial Gothic New France, new Battlefoam carrying cases and custom cut foam trays - at discounted pricing (see below), new Infinity, Noble Armada - A Call to Arms miniatures from Mongoose, new Tale of War miniatures, new Operation Squad World War Two from Warlord, check out Black Scorpion Miniatures (new to NKG) including Pirates, Aliens, Fantasy Football and much more, new Osprey Historical books, Nightfall from AEG, Against the Odds 2010 Annual w/Why Did Barbarossa Fail?, new expansions for Space Hulk Death Angel and Tannhauser, new ASL Action Pack #7 and ASL Journal #9 w/Verdict at Nuremberg & Suicide Creek and MageStorm - Mighty Battles in the Age of Magic.

Please note right now both Battlefoam carrying cases and foam products as well as all Reaper miniatures have announced an increase in retail prices. We're selling down our old stock at the OLD (in some cases much lower and in all cases lower) prices for a limited time only!!

To view this weeks update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted.

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Game

NKG Joins Bits & Mortar Initiative - Free PDF's! - 3/28/2011
Noble Knight Games is happy to be part of the Bits & Mortar initiative! The Bits & Mortar initiative provides a Free PDF from us with purchase of qualifying titles from the publishers below (with more hopefully being added soon!). Please email us with your order number to request your free PDF.

4 Winds Fantasy Gaming
Arc Dream
Bully Pulpit
Cellar Games
Contested Ground Studios
Cubicle 7
Engine Publishing
Evil Hat
Galileo Games
Interaction Point Games
Jon Brazer Enterprises
Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Mongoose Publishing
Nevermet Press
Pelgrane Press
Rogue Games
Two Scooters Press

Help Japan Fundraiser Finished and Donation Made! - 3/24/2011


Thank you to everyone who participated in our Help Japan fundraiser! Your orders kept us busy all weekend and we were able to raise $1141.13! Noble Knight Games is adding an additional $500 to that and a few customers tacked on a little extra ($32.16) for a grand total of $1673.29! This amount was contributed to the Red Cross's fund for Japan on 3/24 via Paypal and further details are below. Thanks again to you all.

Best Regards,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

March 24, 2011

Dear Aaron Leeder,

Thank you for making a donation to MissionFish. Because of your generosity, American Red Cross will be better able to serve their mission.

The details of your gift are:

Donation ID Amount Donated on To benefit Located in For
73845 $1,611.22 March 24, 2011 American Red Cross Washington, DC 20006 Donate Now donation
$62.78 March 24, 2011 MissionFish Washington, DC 20006 Processing paid by PayPal
Total $1,674.00 To American Red Cross

You've also agreed to share your contact details with American Red Cross. You may receive a separate acknowledgment or other messages directly from them.

Please save this receipt for your tax records. We attest that no goods or services were provided to you in exchange for this gift.

Thank you again for your generous contribution.

Sean Milliken
Executive Director
MissionFish is a service of Points of Light, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (Federal Tax ID: 65-0206641).
Copies of donation receipts available upon request.

New Update Posted - Help Japan Donation, New Ars Magica, Rogue Trader, Exalted, Heroclix, Kursk, World at War - 3/18/2011

Hello everyone,

I'm sure you've all heard by now about the challenges our many gamer friends in Japan are facing (I hope those of you on the newsletter in Japan are safe!). News is circulating that donations are on the low end and NKG has decided to chip in. We'll be making a base $500 donation as well as contributing 10% of every sale made through our website from you through Monday 3/21. The donation (10% of your purchase, before shipping) will be made to the Red Cross via Paypal. We'll report back the total amount in our next newsletter and forward the Paypal receipt to anyone who would like to see it. If you do not normally order via our website please email me (or ask over the phone, in store, etc) so we can make sure the donation and gift certificate is properly credited!

New releases this week including Ars Magica - The Church, Battlefleet Koronus for Rogue Trader, new Exalted - The Thousand Correct Actions of the Upright Soldier, Quintessence for RuneQuest II, Cardstock Fantasy Miniatures from Clerics of the Midwest, Mercs Miniatures, new Heroclix Giant-Size X-Men, Battlelore Battles of Westeros - Lords of the River, House Tully Expansion, Runebound Essential Collection, Death Ride Kursk - 3rd Panzer Expansion (Deluxe Map Edition), new Munchkin, and World at War #17 w/Leningrad '41 - What if Manstein Attacked?

To view this weeks update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted.

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Game

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