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New Update Posted - New Harn, Fate, Original D&D Premium, Cthulhu, Drizzt, Wizkids, Magic, Mage Wars, Blocks in the West Limited - 11/25/2013

Hello everyone,

We have a number of new games to offer you this week, starting with the RPG highlights:

Shadowrun 5th Edition - Splintered State
Harn - City of Shiran
Eldritch Enterprises - Lich Dungeon Level 2 (Frank Mentzer) and Monty Haul's Lesser Tower of Doom (James Ward)
Fate Tool Kit and Fate Worlds #1 & #2
Spirit of the Century - Strange Tales of the Century
Star Wars Edge of the Empire Specialization Decks
Savage Worlds - Five Story Drop for Streets of Bedlam
Deadlands Noir Flip-Maps
Call of Catthulhu - a fun RPG on sale for only $4!
Dungeons & Dragons Premium Reprint of the original Dungeons & Dragons white box, VERY limited edition and impressively deluxe, and one of those "we said it was all on sale so it's on sale! items")
A number of rare RPG's including Middle Earth from ICE, autographed collector quality AD&D hardbacks, and much more
Cthulhu and Malifaux T-Shirts from Offworld Designs
A new Cartographer's Annual for Pro Fantasy Software

New Miniatures & Miniature Games include:

4Ground pre-painted terrain
ArmsKeeper miniature accessories such as headstones, crates, chests, etc.
A new issue of CoolMiniorNot's Ravage magazine
Dragon Models - fully ready to display die-cast historical models
A resin Necronomicon Team for Elfball from Impact along with other new pieces
New miniatures for Battletech, Godslayer, Warmachine, Flames of War, GHQ, Warlord's Bolt Action and Dust Tactics imports
Drizzt Do'Urden - Drow Ranger (Limited Edition) from Gale Force Nine
Wizkids Batman Arkham Origins boosters, The Desolation of Smaug Starter Set and Boosters, Avengers vs. X-Men Starters and Invincible Iron Man boosters
The entire line of Zvezda plastic historicals has now been added to our catalog

For new Collectible Card Games and Living Card Games we are now stocking:

The Beckett Card Gamer Magazine and 2014 Collectible Gaming Almanac, publications covering the entire scope of the collectible games industry
New Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and Warhammer Invasion packs from Fantasy Flight
Invasion Earth for Kaijudo
Magic the Gathering 2013 Holiday Gift Box - sure to "sell out" just like last years, we've also added some Commander 2013 singles

And finally our Board & Wargames section is bursting this week with:

Mage Wars Druid vs. Necromancer Expansion Set
Dixit - Origins Expansion
Russo-Japanese War from Avalanche Press
The Duke - Arthurian Legends Expansion Pack
Map Collection #4 "Nederland" for Ticket to Ride
Badlands Rally from Dream Pod, a Heavy Gear expandable racing set
Mayday Games Bootleggers and Board Walk Expansion
Lord of the Rings, The - The Battle for Middle-Earth a simple game from Playroom Entertainment
Kingdom Builder - Expansion #2, Crossroads from Queen Games
Galaxy Trucker Anniversary Edition from Rio Grande
WWII Tank Combat from Zvezda
Blocks in the East & West Limited Editions - probably the last we will be able to get!
We also have a number of rare boardgames including unpunched Avalon Hill games including ASL classics, Europa Universalis, the Critical Hit ASL Map collection discounted, rare GMT Games, The Lonely Mountain (LOTR), small press rarities such as Operation Dragon Rouge, Angola, and much more!

To view this week's update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write us anytime, we invite all questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all our fellow Americans and Happy Gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - New Pathfinder, Crystal Shard, Ion Age, Mage Knight, Zombicide, S&T, Midway, Montenotte, Lilliburlero, Gettysburg - 11/11/2013

Hello everyone,

Our weekly update is back with new RPG releases including:

Rocket Age - pulp interplanetary adventure from Cubicle 7
Pathfinder from Open Design/Kobold Press including Midgard Legends, Tales of the Old Margreve, and more
The Pathfinder Beginner Box
Legacy of the Crystal Shard for D&D Next!
A rare copy of the Mouse Guard box set
Dragon magazine bargain 10 packs

For new Miniatures we have:

Alternative Armies pre-painted limited edition Ion Age miniatures
Apocalypse War Zone Pandorax from Games Workshop
New releases from Plast Craft pre-cut scenery, Micro Art bases and scenery, Ziterdes bits & pieces, and more
The Two Towers pre-painted miniatures from WizKids
Mage Knight Resurrection - the re-launch of the game that started the entire pre-painted miniatures industry
Warlord Games Bolt-Action, Ancient Armies and more

Collectible Card Games highlights:

Cardfight! Vanguard Volume #11 Seal Dragons Unleashed
Android Netrunner Data Pack #2
Shadow Specters booster boxes for YGO
Pokemon Black & White Legendary Treasures boosters, starters and World Championship decks
Ultra Pro leatherette Magic deck boxes
A rare complete set of Babylon 5

For Board & Wargames we have:

Campaign Expansion - Stalingrad for Tide of Iron
Against the Odds Vol. 10, #4 with Lilliburlero - The Battle of the Boyne July 1690
Montenotte - April 11-12, 1796 imported from Camelot Games Italy
Zombicide - Prison Outbreak and Toxic City Mall
Several new mini games from the makers of Vae Victis including Syracuse, Operation Biting, Les Rois Francs, as well as a new issue of Vae Victis with Caesar in Britannia
Maciejowice 1794 from Strategemata imported from Poland
The Battle of Midway from Turning Point Simulations
Gettysburg 150 from Worthington Games
Strategy & Tactics #284 with Shenandoah - The Battles of Cross Keys & Port Republic

To view this weeks update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write us anytime, we invite all questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - Double the Update! New Wilderlands, Cthulhu, Savage Worlds, Studio Zombies, Dark Elves, The Ion Age, Magic Commander, Dust Tactics, Star Trek Catan - 11/5/2013

Hello everyone,

We took a break last week but our back with a whopping double update to make up for it! New RPG highlights this week include:

Bernhardt Publishing City State of the Sea Kings for Judges Guild Wilderlands
Special new prices on Numenera from Monte Cook and the complete series (I accidentally ordered mistake is your gain!)
New Pathfinder including Towns of the Inner Sea, Bestiary 4, Seedy Tavern and more
Nemezis and Steamscapes for Savage Worlds
World War Cthulhu
Various small press RPGs including Base Raiders, Project Ninja Panda Taco and more
Rare D&D Gameday, Encounter and Delve Night modules, accessories and promos
A new issue of Game Trade magazine which features an exclusive Pathfinder Adventure Card Game promo card

For Miniatures & Games we have:

Alternative Armies - Firefight - The Ion Age. A new Sci-Fi game from AA, available in both 15mm and 25mm, expected to be strongly supported by both AA and NKG.
New miniatures for Infinity, Freebooter's Fate, Center Stage, War Gods of Olympus, Bushido, Mierce's impressive Darklands, Malifaux & Hasslefree
Games Workshop Dark Elves as well as the new Triumph & Treachery box set
Last Stand Convertibles miniature accessories including shields and steampunk conversion bits
Themed Reaper miniature bundles
Splintered Lights fantasy 15mm lines including starter bundles
Studio Miniatures impressive entire line of miniatures mostly centering around Zombies, check these out!
Mage Knight Resurrection! New painted miniatures from Wizkids including boosters, starters and more as well as Heroclix Iron Man
Ziterdes pre-painted terrain and miniature bits

New Collectible Card Games include:

The Spoils - Shade of the Devoured Emperor boosters
UFS The King of Fighters XIII - Ruler of Time Booster Pack as well as several unique playmats
Kaijudo Shattered Alliance Competitive Deck - Solar Eclipse
Magic the Gathering Commander 2013 decks (very limited) as well as the Theros Challenge Deck

Finally, in our Board & Wargames section we have:

True Blood - Eternal Night from Cryptozoic based on the popular HBO series
Dust Tactics - a huge restock and new releases imported directly from Dust in Hong Kong featuring many fully painted premium editions as well as decal 10 packs
Armored Knights - Guderian Crosses the Desna 1941 from Grognard
Francis Drake from Gryphon Games
Star Trek Catan
Rise of the Rune Lords - The Skinsaw Murders for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
Ghost Blitz II
Carcassonne - Winter Edition w/The Gingerbread Man Mini-Expansion
The Hobbit - Journey to the Lonely Mountain from Wizkids
A restock of Cry Havoc maps, counters and more
Queen Games Canterbury

I hope you enjoy this update and find something to enjoy playing round the gaming table.

To view this weeks update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write us anytime, we invite all questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - Cthulhu, Numenera, Hero, Wings of Glory, Star Wars, Princess Bride, Discworld, Walking Dead, Mage Knight, New & Imported Wargames - 10/25/2013

Hello everyone,

We have another new games update for you this week featuring all of the industries new releases, as well as used, rare and odd items that have come into our shop!

This week's new RPG highlights include:

An assortment of Indie Press RPG's including Eldritch Skies, Spark, Abnormal, Sojourner's Quest, Monsters & Magic (OSR), Demolished Ones, and more
New Politically Incorrect Games releases including One Page Dungeon Contest 2013, Earth AD2 Expanded, and more
Rune Stones for Fate of the Norns
Numenera The Devil's Spine
A Band of Zombies for All Flesh Must be Eaten
Canis Mysterium for Call of Cthulhu
Astounding Adventures for Basic Roleplaying
Hero Games Monster Hunter Dice
Several new QAGS releases from Hex Games
Frozen in Time for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
West End Games popular d6 system bargain lots
The next "Bundle of Trouble" compilation for the endearing Knights of the Dinner Table comic

Miniatures & Miniatures Games includes:

Aberrant Games Warlands
Alien Dungeon Fanticide
Ares Games Wings of Glory WWII releases
Heavy Gear Blitz!
ESLO Hobby painted terrain
Reaper Dark Heaven Bones - a huge assortment
Zenit Minaitures - Kensei
Amera Plastic Moldings restock from the UK
Architects of War historical terrain
Gripping Beast SAGA releases
GHQ historicals

New CCG and Living Card Games include:

Yu-Gi-Oh Sealed Play Battle Kit #2
Pokemon Tins
Magic Theros Event Decks

Some random Cool stuff that has come in:

Star Wars Plushes including a large Chewbacca (they also make things like Darth Vader slippers!)
He-Man and Marvel Plushes (both from Comic Images)
Call of Cthulhu Rock Operas, Soundtracks and other merchandise
Matrix Games historical PC Simulations
Osprey Historical Books

And last but certainly not least this week's new Board & Wargame releases include:

Alea Iacta Est from Canons en Carton
Heroes of Metro City
Deadwood Studios USA
ASL Mapboards and Scenario Packs from Critical Hit
The Walking Dead - Best Defense
Legacy - Forbidden Machines
Race to Adventure! - Dinocalypse Now and the Hollow Earth
The Princess Bride - Prepare to Die!
GMT's Navajo Wars, France '40, and a reprint of the first Ancients Expansion
Discworld - The Witches
Milne Bay & Pusan Perimeter from Schutze Games, both with the new improved thick counters
Munchkin Pathfinder
The Siege of Syracuse from TPS
Golan Heights from Victory Point Games along with a number of other releases including family games, Sci-Fi and more
The Mage Knight Boardgame - Krang Character Expansion
Redshirts Deluxe Edition
New reduced prices on the massive War in Europe from Decision Games including a shrinkwrapped copy
World at War #33 Operation Shingle - Anzio, 1944
Six Angles imported from Japan Special Edition #9 w/Assault on Leningrad & Assault on Stalingrad

To view this weeks update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write us anytime, we invite all questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - Deadlands, One Ring, Pathfinder Minis, Star Trek, Star Fleet Battles, Descent, Age of Steam, High Frontier, Legendary, New Wargames - 10/19/2013

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our latest update of new releases, used and rare game titles for your perusal.

This week's RPG highlights include:

Better Angels - the new supervillainy demon RPG from Arc Dream
The One Ring RPG - The Heart of the Wild region guide
Faith and Coin for Rogue Trader
Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Pathfinder official T-Shirts!
Albion's Ransom - Worm of Sixty Winters for the Esoterrorists
Deadlands Noir Companion and Flip-Maps
Red Dragon Inn, The - Guide to Inns and Taverns for Pathfinder
Several new novels set in the Forgotten Realms world

New Miniature & Games features include:

Lost Empires for Star Fleet Battles
Freeblades releases from DSG Games
Several new Gale Force 9 releases including Battlefield in a Box terrain, Lloth Demon Queen of Spiders box set, and more
Legendary Realms pre-painted terrain pieces including Altars, Barrels, Beds, a Goblin Raider Boat and much more (pictures coming soon)
Dreadball releases including the Season 3 rulebook from Mantic
All Things Zombie - High Rise to Hell and 5150 - Alien Fight Night from Two Hour Wargames
A Dragon from the impressive Ultra Forge
The next set of Pathfinder pre-painted fantasy miniatures - Legends of Golarion boosters, cases and singles, including the super limited Gargantuan Green Dragon!
Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 2 miniatures sold as a complete set and as individual ships from Wizkids
Zenit miniatures - a long awaited restock and wave of new releases for Kensei and Nemesis
General Quarters (3.3 Edition) from ODGW
Flames of War new releases including the D-Day Beach Landing Game Mat

For CCG's and Living Card Games we have:

Timewalkers - Reign of Fire, Epic Collection for World of Warcraft
Trial Deck's 8 & 9 for Cardfight! Vanguard
The Blood of Gondor for Lord of the Rings
Pokemon Figure Boxes
Magic Theros tokens have now been added to our inventory as well

New Board & Wargames of note include:

Obbedisco! and Caricat! imported from Acies Edizioni
Thunderstone Advance - Numenera from AEG
Conflict of Heroes - Expansion Pack - Wrecks & Destruction on the Eastern Front
Age of Steam - 2013 Expansion Set typically an Essen exclusive but available at NKG
Gloom - Unquiet Dead
Compass Games - Crusade and Revolution - The Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939
Descent - Trollfens Expansion
Blood Bound from Fantasy Flight
The Spanish Civil War from Guild of Blades, in a new edition with mounted color counters
Asgard's Chosen from Mayfair Games
Hordes - High Command Deck Building Game from Privateer Press
High Frontier - Colonization Expansion from Sierra Madre Games
The 3W Battleplan DVD-Rom - Complete Magazine Collections (DVD-Rom)
Legendary - Fantastic Four Expansion from Upper Deck

To view this weeks update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write us anytime, we invite all questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - Star Wars Age of Rebellion, L5R, Dark Elves, Mein Zombie, Firefly, Blocks in the West, To the Last Man - 10/11/2013

Hello everyone,

We're back this week with an interesting update chock full of new games, old favorites, rarities, bargain lots, and more!

For RPG highlights this week we have:

Star Wars Age of Rebellion Beta rules (limited supply) from FFG
Star Wars Specialization Decks from FFG
L5R Naishou Province
Battletech Alpha Strike
Crafty Games Little Wizards
Pathfinder T-Shirts
Castles & Crusades bargain priced modules including To Kill a King and Paladin's Lament
Dungeon World restock
R. Talsorian Games restock
Rare Earthdawn Journals

Miniatures & Games exciting items include:

Battle Foam X-Wing & Space Marine trays along with an impressive "Black Label" case
Blue Moon & Old Glory sci-fi, fantasy, historical terrain and more
New Dark Elves for Warhammer Fantasy and the latest issue of White Dwarf
A new set of releases for Infinity
Soviet Army box set and more from Warlord
Malifaux Arsenal Boxes
GHQ historicals new releases and a huge restock
Muskets and Shakos rules from Two Hour Wargames
Mein Zombie and Mein Panzer from ODGW

CCG's are enjoying a great week of new releases:

L5R's Romance of the Nine Empires
Cardfight Vanguard Celestial Valkyrie boosters
Game of Thrones, Android and Lord of the Rings expansions from FFG
YGO's Legendary Collection #4, Sage of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Structures and the Posiedra Value Box
Wyrd's Showdown Icons
Shirts, Hoodies and Theros Supplies for Magic the Gathering

Board & Wargame highlights include:

Nightfall Eastern Skies Expansion from AEG
Relic Runners from Days of Wonder
Gunship - Arsenal! Value pack
Fortune and Glory - Rise of the Crimson Hand Expansion from Flying Frog
Firefly - The Game from Gale Force 9
A Brilliant Combat - Battle of Manila Bay, Thunder Gods - Kamikaze Battles at Okinawa and Atlanta Campaign from High Flying Dice Games
To the Last Man from Nuts! Publishing (imported, including restocks of their other popular titles)
El Caballero from Rio Grande
New Munchkin expansions including a Halloween themed booster
Blocks in the West - the successor to the very popular Blocks in the East from Vento Nuovo imported by NKG. Also includes a number of upgrade options, laminated mega maps, and much more!
We also have a number of bargain mega lots for Battlelore, Moves Magazine, Avalon Hill classics, and more
Rare games added to our inventory include Lost Battles & La Bataille de Deutsch-Wagram (both unpunched!)

To view this weeks update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write us anytime, we invite all questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - ASL Rising Sun, Reaper Bones, Essex, Infinity, Malifaux, Thor Minis, Ars Magica, YGO & Pokemon, Spielbox - 10/3/2013

Hello everyone,

I hope your week is going well! We are here to bring you our next update of gaming goodies, including all new releases that have come out in the last week (or so) as well as the used and rare titles that have come into our shop.

This week's new RPG releases include:

Ars Magica - Contested Isle
Brave Halfling "Old School Renaissance" Appendix N - Adventures #1, The Ruins of Ramat
DW Creations Winterfall Core Rulebook
Eclipse Phase Sunward 2nd Edition
A rare set of autographed early AD&D books - Forgotten Realms Adventures, Greyhawk Adventures, and Manual of the Planes!

New Miniatures & Games include:

Bandua Wargames scenery - European, Industrial Sci-Fi and more
Infinity Artbook One with an exclusive Authorized Bounty Hunter Miniature
Kings of War miniatures including the Men-at-Arms 40 figure box set
Mierce's Darklands bases and dice packs
Mega-City Judges and more from Mongoose
Reapers Dark Heavens Bones, a wide selection of the very inexpensive yet high quality plastic miniatures
Wiz-Kids Thor boosters and cases, Superman Quick-Start
Wyrd's Malifaux 2nd Edition!
Wings of Glory Bomber Flight Stands
Essex ready made historical armies

For CCG's and Living Card Games we have:

Cardfight! - Vanguard Extra Booster #4 - Infinite Phantom Legion Booster Box and Packs
Force Pack #6 - Escape from Hoth for the Star Wars LCG
Yu-Gi-Oh Judgment of the Light Box (Deluxe Edition)
Red Genesect Collection for Pokemon
Magic the Gathering Theros Land Packs, Players Guides, an assortment of fat pack storage boxes, and much more

Random Cool stuff this week includes :-)

He-Man and Star Wars Plush Toys
A Firefly Air Freshener
Lots of Gamescience/Gamestation dice including nowadays hard to get colors and shapes

And finally our last genre of new releases to offer for Board & Wargames includes:

The long awaited Rising Sun for ASL combining Gung Ho & Code of Bushido with new material!
Werewolves of Miller's Hollow, The - Expansion #2, Characters
Z-Man Games Carcassonne and Neuroshima Hex expansions
Spielbox magazine #4 w/The Messenger and The Damned

To view this weeks update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write us anytime, we invite all questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - Shadowrun 5, Magic Theros, Otherworld Classic D&D Minis, Portal 2, Batman Heroclix, Dragon Dice, GMT & Decision Wargames - 9/28/2013

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the next weekly installment of the Noble Knight Games weekly newsletter!

Highlights for new RPG's this week include:

Shadowrun 5th Edition core rules in softcover and hardcover
Cosmic Patrol The Moon Must be Ours!
Pathfinder Mythic Realms, Mythic Origins as well as Adventure Path #74
A number of "one off" indie press RPG's that we received in trade including Advanced Master Adventures, Stonehell Dungeon, Brave Halfling, Ronin's First Edition Fantasy
Several rare Author's Editions (first we've ever seen) and Limited Editions from Robert Kuntz's Pied Piper Publishing

New Miniatures & Games releases include:

Gale Force Nines D&D Limited Edition Eye Tyrant
Basilean Army from Mantic as well as other Kings of War releases
A nice new selection of Otherworld Classic D&D miniatures imported from the UK
Batman Heroclix as well as the Classic Batmobile painted miniatures from Wizkids!
Pathfinder's Undead Horde painted miniatures
Portal 2 boosters and cases from Wizkids
Bolt Action historicals from Warlord including the Banzai! Japanese Starter Army
GHQ - A huge restock of Micro Armour

New Collectible and Living Card Game releases this week include:

Magic Theros! - Fat Packs, Boosters, Boxes, Intros, Singles and more. Limited availability!
The Black Riders expansion for Lord of the Rings

New Boardgames, Wargames, Card Games and Dice Games include:

Smash Up - The Obligatory Cthulhu Set Expansion from AEG
Dungeon Twister - The Card Game
Meuse Argonne - The Final Offensive and Saalfeld - Prelude to Jena, new folio/mini games from Decision Games
Cuba Libre, A Distant Plain (Afghanistan), World at War 2nd Edition, and a new printing of Sekigahara from GMT Games
Star Trek Catan - Federation Space Map Expansion
Demon Dice, Dragon Dice Kicker Pack Coral Elf, Lava Elf and more from SFR
Agricola All Creatures Big and Small - Even More Buildings, Big and Small Expansion
Decision Games Modern War #8 with Holy Land

To view this weeks update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write us anytime, we invite all questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - Mecha, Shadowrun 5, Deadlands Noir, Fate Dice, Star Wars Minis, 7TV, Gettysburg, S&T 283, Zombies! - 9/21/2013

Hello everyone,

Our weekend update of new, used and rare games is here!

New RPG highlights include:

Mecha for Basic Roleplaying, only a few were left available for us to import
Hero System 6th Edition - Imaginary Friends
Adventures Dark and Deep - What if Gary Gygax had not left TSR in 1985?
Battletech Tech Readout 3145 and the Battlecorps Anthology 4
Shadowrun 5th Edition - Limited Edition leather as well as Sprawl Wilds
End Transmission Games - several releases in the Singularity System, as well as a number of other small press RPGs
Hollow Earth Expedition - Perils of the Surface World
Mutants & Masterminds - Power Profiles
Deadlands Noir
Pathfinder - Book of Foes and Wicked Fantasy
Castles & Crusades - Runelore (hardcover)
Evil Hate Productions Fate Dice

New Miniatures & Games include:

Crooked Dice Games 7TV miniatures including the 7th Voyage Rulebook and Dice Set
FFG's Star Wars Miniatures Game Wave 3 - B-Wing, Tie Bomber and more
Battletech - Thunderbolt, Wasp, and more, as well as a number of loose old metals from Ral Partha
DC Comics Miniatures Games releases from Knight Models including the Heath Ledger Joker
Elfball, Essex, GHQ, Reaper, Hasslefree and many others
Battlefoam - New cases, GW army trays and more

For new Collectible Card Games we have:

Shadowfist Rebirth Cycle Action Pack, Revelations and Reinforcements
Kaijudo - Shattered Alliances boosters
Magic the Gathering Gatecrash Orzhov and Boros Pre-Release Guild Packs as well as a number of cards from the early Beta set!
Games Workshop art sleeves from Fantasy Flight

For Board & Wargames this week:

Solo Wargaming Guide from Precis Intermedia
Birth of America - 1775, Rebellion from Academy Games
Busting the Bocage (BAR) from Critical Hit
Hornet Leader - The Cthulhu Conflict from Dan Verssen Games
Railways Express, Railways of North American Expansion and Railways of Great Britain Expansion
Storm the Castle! From Giant Goblin
Gordon & Hague's Gettysburg - Valley of Death
Le Havre (2nd Edition)
Zombies!!! 12 - Zombie Zoo
Strategy & Tactics #283 w/Fail Safe - Strategic Nuclear Warfare in the Cold War

Thank you for checking out our update. Feel free to write us anytime, we invite all questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades.

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - Razor Coast, Tome of Horrors 4, Star Wars, Lamentations, Magic Decks, ASL Critical Hit, Lock n' Load, Special Ops #4 - 9/12/2013

Hello everyone,

The Noble Knight Games weekly new, used and rare games update is back this week with new releases, rarities and more for your perusal. Here I will list some of the highlights. To browse the update in a neater fashion click on the red link below these first few paragraphs.

RPG highlights this week include:

Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beyond the Rim hardcover from FFG
News piece - NKG *will* be getting the Age of Rebellion Beta in from FFG when it is released
FROG GOD GAMES - The highlight of this week's update is Razor Coast, Tome of Horrors #4, Stoneheart Valley and more from FGG. Available in both S&W as well as Pathfinder versions. We also have all the cool extras including cloth maps, exclusive miniatures, rare exclusive module, and much more.
Lamentations of the Flame Princess - imported directly from Finland we have the Rules & Magic core book, Adventure #10, Seclusium and more from the very popular LotFP

Miniatures & Games highlights include:

Badger Air Brush - new paints and accessories
Bombshell Miniatures, Babes and more - as you might imagine, some interesting new releases
New Infinity, Dark Sword, Freebooter's Fate, Secret Weapon, Tor Relics, Flames of War, Ronin and more
Codex Space Marines 6th Edition, and a number of new Space Marine box sets and blisters from Games Workshop as well as a new issue of White Dwarf
Britain's Lost Opportunity - Villers-Bocage Scenario Book and Skirmish Elite - Operation Overlord, Normandy '44 from SkirmishCampaigns

Collectible Card Games this week includes just one new release, but it's a good one:

Duel Decks - Heroes vs. Monsters for Magic the Gathering
We also have the Coils of Madness Complete Set Tin back in stock for Legend of the Five Rings
Rare Battletech starter decks

Board & War Games this week include:

Critical Hit, new for ASL - Action at Carentan! II, Counter Attacks!, Facing the Blitz, A Few Rare Men, Gembloux II, Hurtgen Surprise/Brecourt Manor, Red Christmas, Stalin's Fury, Roman Glory & Stonne Heights. WOW
Hornet Leader - The Cthulhu Conflict from Dan Verssen Games
Desert Heat for Nations at War from Lock n' Load
Eisenbach Gap Deluxe now including the Death of the 1st Panzer Expansion Pack from Lock n' Load
Special Ops #4 from Multi-Man Publishing with the game What Price Glory? France 1914-1918, ASL Scenarios, and more

Thank you for checking out our update. Feel free to write us anytime, we invite all questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades.

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

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