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New Update Posted - New AFF, Numenera, Deadpool, Games Workshop, Yu-Gi-Oh, ASL, Dust Tactics, Descent, Blue Moon - 5/21/2014

Hello everyone,

We are back with even more new, used and rare games for your perusal!

New Role Playing Games this week include:

Advanced Fighting Fantasy - Heroes Companion
Warhammer 40k Only War - Shield of Humanity
Thunderscape Campaign Setting for Aden
Character Options for Monte Cook's Numenera
Rats in the Walls (Limited GaryCon Edition) for Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea (only a few available)
Several new retro 1st Edition modules from Pacesetter including the Monster & Treasure - Level Six Assortment (still waiting for #5)
GM's Miscellany volumes, collector's editions, and more Pathfinder from Raging Swan Press
A set of rare Earthdawn Journal's
New very bargain priced Dragon Magazine lots and runs

For Miniatures & Miniatures Games we have in:

British Starter Pack for AE-WWII
New 7TV Miniatures including a Villians Program Guide, box sets, and much more
Apocalypse War Zone - Valedor, Cadian Defence Force, and much more from Games Workshop
New Dropzone Commander, Impact's Elfball, Legendary Realm's Terrain
A nice selection of new Outlaw Wild West Exodus miniatures
New Sci-Fi terrain from Plast-Craft Games
West Wind Empire of the Dead Characters and more
Deadpool, X-Men Days of Future Past, The Simpsons, and more pre-painted figures from Wizkids
A nice selection of now failry rare Rackham Confrontation figures
Great Escape Games Dead Man's Hand minis
New Vallejo paints and sets
If you haven't had the chance, and are a fan of Games Workshop, check out our loose miniature inventory on the site. We have added hundreds of lots, and continue to almost daily from our backlog of trade ins, and each product features a unique picture of exactly what you would receive. Some are painted (many skillfully), assembled, etc.

For new Collectible & Living Card Games we have:

Game of Thrones Chapter Pack #8 - Fire Made Flesh
Primal Origin Boosters for Yu-Gi-Oh
A huge new selection of Magic, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh singles

For Board, Card & War Games this week:

Romance of the Nine Empires - Arcane Fire from AEG
Advanced Squad Leader Lion of Judah, Tips for ASL Tankers, Behind Utah Beach, Ponyri Monster, DZ Normandy and much more from Critical Hit. We've worked with Critical Hit to also get a number of reprints of previously way out of print and rare materials to offer you at great pricing. Watch the page and future updates as we add a significant amount of these to the page.
Dust Tactics new miniature box sets, pro-painted miniatures, accessories and more
Blue Moon Legends from Fantasy Flight
Oath of the Outcast Expansion for Descent
Pirates & Bounty Hunters Expansion for Firefly
Forgotten Heroes - Vietnam 2nd Edition from Lock 'n Load
Revolver Bundle from Stronghold, featuring all the Revolver products at a great new price
The series of wargame Battle Packs from Two Buck Games
Victory Point's Mound Builders, The South Shall Rise Again and a large restock. I'm trying to change this, but it appears that the ziplock titles may no longer be available from VPG. We do still have a decent selection remaining.

To view this week's update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write anytime, with your questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Happy Gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - Battletech, TSR Shrinkwrap, Historical Minis, Magic Journey into Nyx, ASL, Axis & Allies, Munchkin - 5/14/2014

Hello everyone,

Welcome to this week's gaming update!

New RPG highlights:

Liber Magica for 3rd Edition Victoriana
Keeper's Guide for Achtung! Cthulhu
Undead Slayer's Handbook as well as new map packs, item cards, and adventure path for Pathfinder
Dungeon World from Sage Kobold is finally back in stock
A slew of obscure RPG items from an interesting collection such as Thieve's Quarter from Attack, Book of Wishes, Woof Meow, rare magazines like Alarums & Excursions, and much more
TSR Basic Dungeons & Dragons Gazetteers in the original shrinkwrap
New D&D & Pathfinder novels, as well as a new issue of the wonderful Knights of the Dinner Table comic

New Miniatures & Miniatures Games include:

AE-WWII box sets and packs from Blackball Games
Bombshell Babes, Sidekicks and more from Bombshell Miniatures
New figures from/for Spinespur, Fenryll accessories, Infinity, Firestorm Armada, and Zenit Miniatures
The theme this week in figures and periodicals from Games Workshop is Warhammer Fantasy Wood Elves
The full line of Retro Raygun from Hydra Miniatures
2014 ReaperCon - US Sophie
Rare Warhammer Imperial Guard figures from ForgeWorld
A rather large round of new releases for Flames of War
GHQ & MSD Games Historicals
Hudson & Allen castle accessories

For Collectible Card Games:

Magic the Gathering Journey into Nyx boosters, themes, fat packs, supplies, and singles
Pokemon EX - Charizard Box and XY Flashfire boosters
Weiss Schwarz Trial Deck - Love Live!
Cardfight! - Vanguard Catastrophic Outbreak boosters
Singles added in all categories including some promos for various systems, rare Magic dual lands, and more

New Board, War and other Table Top Games this update:

Pack of Heroes from Adventureland Games
Get Lucky from Cheapass
New Guinea I - Gona Mission from Critical Hit for Advanced Squad Leader
Dan Verssen Games The Cards of Cthulhu
Reluctant Enemies in the Operational Combat Series from the Gamers
Relic - Nemesis Expansion from Fantasy Flight Games
Hoplite - Warfare in the Greco-Persian Age from GMT Games
A large selection of Axis & Allies accessories from Historical Board Gaming
Rise of the Runelords - Sins of the Saviors Adventure Deck for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game
Munchkin Triple Play Set 1 & 2
The Confederate Rebellion from White Dog
A restock of ASL scenarios including the Zombie Pak from East Side Gamers

To view this week's update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write anytime, with your questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Happy Gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - Age of Rebellion, Wild West Exodus, Perry Historicals, Finnish Trilogy, ASL Expansions, Carcassonne, Import Wargames - 4/30/2014

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well. Below you'll find our newest update of games added to our catalog. The top section features some highlights followed by the entire listing. I recommend you click on the logo in the top left to view the update in a neat web version. This update will only be viewable until the next one is posted. Any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to write anytime.

Happy gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

RPG highlights this week:

Age of Rebellion Beginner Game for the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight, as well as a number of specialization decks
Deep Magic from Open Design for Pathfinder
Inner Sea Gods, Inner Sea Combat and the Alchemy Companion for Pathfinder from Paizo
Castle Keeper's Guide for Castles & Crusades from Troll Lord Games
Tales From the Sanos for Hellfrost
A number of harder to find older Call of Cthulhu books from Chaosium
DAG Designs very rare Supergame and the Reactor supplement
A nice selection of older Star Trek, Champions, DC Heroes, Cyberpunk, Star Wars & TSR modules and supplements

In the Miniatures & Miniatures Games section we have:

Black Scorpion Pirates, US Marines and more
A huge selection of Forge Craft Games bases packs
New GCT Studios Bushido figures, Iron Wind's Battletech, Eden, & Mierce Darklands
More figures in the classic D&D lines from Otherworld Miniatures
Outlaw Miniatures full Wild West Exodus line
A line of bases for Wyrd's Malifaux
Awaited restocks of Fenryll, Crooked Dice, Flashpoint & West Wind Productions
A restock of & Valiant Miniatures. Note that Valiant is unfortunately no longer selling to stores, so these are the last we will be able to get!
Perry Miniatures historical line, newly added to NKG
A nice selection of older pre-painted Mechwarrior figures from Wizkids

For our Collectible Card Games section:

Yu-Gi-Oh's Dragons of Legend booster boxes and packs
New expansions for Call of Cthulhu, Star Wars and Game of Thrones from Fantasy Flight Games
Sword Art Online Vol. 2 Booster Pack for Weiss Schwarz
Continued additions of Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and Magic rares, also some Warcraft loot cards were added recently

In the Board Games & War Games section:

Acies Edzioni's Walcheren 1809 & Wise Bayonets - Suvorov at the Trebbia
AEG's Mai-Star
Street Fighter - Deck-Building Game from Cryptozoic
Death Ride Kursk - Totenkopf from Grognard Simulations
The Finnish Trilogy Vol. 3 - Lapland War 1944-1945 (note that #2 is not out yet but we will be betting limited supply)
ASL's Action Pack #9 - To the Bridge! As well as the Winter Offensive 2014 Bonus Pack from Multi-Man Publishing
Zombies - Keep Out from Privateer Press as well as an expansion for High Command
6 new Carcassonne mini expansions from Z-Man Games!
Restocks of Cry Havoc expansions, Master Europa expansions, Vae Victis (including a new issue), & Blocks in the East/West (even a limited edition game for each!)
Restocks of Blitzkrieg, Balkan Fury, Madagascar and Mare Nostrum from Diffraction
Decision Games World at War #36 w/Winterstorm - The Stalingrad Relief Attempt

Happy Easter Update with Kobolds, Met Alpha, Hell Dorado, Pokemon, Red Sash Yellow Jack, ASL, Thunderstone, Forge Craft Games - 4/20/2014

Hello everyone,

Happy Easter (with Kobolds) and welcome to our newest games update!

Our Role Playing Games section has had a huge used collection added, as well as the following new releases:

Kobolds Ate My Baby returns in a "Color!!!" edition
Chaosium's Advanced Sorcery for Basic Roleplaying
Bride of the Black Manse for Dungeon Crawl Classics
The Android Underlords for Metamorphosis Alpha
Gothic Campaign Compendium as well as several Mythic Monsters installments from Legendary Games
We have added bargain bulk lots for AEG d20, Midnight, Legends & Lairs, Star Wars, Forgotten Realms and more
A huge amount of early AD&D hardcovers in interesting rare printings and variations

New Miniatures & Miniatures Games include:

Hell Dorado rules, minis, and card decks
Forge Craft Games - an entire line new to NKG, including battlefield bases, skulls, their Quantum Expanse science fiction game with rules, dice, ships and more
New Infinity terrain, bases and more from Micro Art
Hawk Wargames new releases for Dropzone Commander
Base & Peg sets for Wizkids Star Trek Attack Wing
Rare Wings of War planes from Fantasy Flight
Out of print single rare GW sculpts as well as collections of 40k, Lord of the Rings models, and more
4Grounds pre-painted Dark Age, Medieval, Old West and Shogunate Japan painted buildings
New Flames of War including a Panzergrenadier Platoon

This week in Collectible Card Games features:

Extra Booster #7 - Mystical Magus Booster Boxes and Packs for Cardfight Vanguard
Megaman Tin for the Universal Fighting System
A HUGE selection of Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and Magic singles as we have had a chance to unearth some cards in our backroom

And lastly in the Board & Wargames section:

Thunderstone Advance - Worlds Collide
Myth - a fully co-operative fantasy game from Megacon
Red Sash Games Sea Lords Series #3 - Yellow Jack, The War of Jenkin's Ear 1739-1743, as well as a limited restock of older titles
Rare ASL Annuals and rare Critical Hit ASL material
A nice selection of family boardgames at bargain prices
Spielbox 2014 #1 with a Power Grid expansion

To view this week's update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write anytime, with your questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Happy Gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - Ars Magica, Star Wars, Miniature Building Authority, D&D Minis, YGO Gold, ASL, GMT, Decision, ATO, Westerplatte - 4/9/2014

Hello everyone,

This week at Noble Knight Games we have a literal truck load of new, used and rare games to offer you! Highlights from each section our below. I hope that you find something exciting.

New RPG's this week include:

Deus ex Historica for Mutants & Masterminds
Hooks for Ars Magica 5th Edition
Becoming, Tempus Omni, Kingdom, Amaranthine, Double Cross and many other Indie Press RPGs
The Jewel of Yavin for Star Wars Edge of the Empire
New Pathfinder including the Burnt Offerings audio CD, Champions of Balance, and more
Complete Dungeon of the Bear for Tunnels & Trolls
Stec Games Location Cards

In the Miniature & Games section we have:

Alternative Armies Flintloque, Firefight, Laserburn, and more
Murder in Baldur's Gate and Farideh box sets for D&D From Gale Force 9
New Hasslefree sculpts
Batman Arkham Origins Copperhead, Deadshot, and more
Legendary Realms pre-painted Dungeon terrain pieces
New Deadlands from Reaper
A new selection of Viking themed miniatures from RedBox
A huge restock of Blue Moon buildings, Essex, GHQ & Old Glory historicals
Architects of War new Siege Fortifications
Titan Forge - a new line of bases and impressive resin fantasy miniatures
A nice round of new painted buildings from Miniature Building Authority
New Battlefoam trays & cases
Dust Tactics imported from Hong Kong including new fully painted premium editions

For Collectible Card Games:

Legend of the Five Rings Ivory Edition Starters
Future Card Buddyfight CCG Trial Decks & Boosters
Drafter Starters & Packs for Android
Clash of the Duel Masters - The 5 Mystics for Kaijudo
YGO Premium Gold boosters, displays, and impressive array of singles

And lastly for Board & Wargames:

Against the Odds Vol. 11, #1 w/Circle of Fire - The Siege of Cholm
Lewis & Clark - The Expedition, Splendor and Seasons from Asmodee
Formula D Expansion #5 - New Jersey/Sochi
Battle of the Scheldt and Salem Church folio/mini games from Decision Games, along with Modern War #11 Greek Civil War
New Lieutenant packs for Descent
Last Chance for Victory from the Gamers
Multiman's Decision at Elst for Advanced Squad Leader
1914 - Offensive a Outrance from GMT
Several new releases from High Flying Dice Games including Brave and Noble Fights & Breakout from the Crimea
Lords of Vegas - Up! from our friends at Mayfair Games
Hearts & Minds Vietnam 2nd Edition from Worthington Games
Victory Point Games Dawgs of War and Hapsburg Eclipse
A restock of 7 Days of Westerplatte
We also got in a collection that included a number of very obscure and/or rare wargames such as La Grande Guerre, Robert the Bruce, Tokyo Express, Thermopylae, La Bataille d'Austerlitz (MINT/sealed!), War in Virginia, Valley of Hell, Bonnie Prince Charlie, and many others we've never even seen before!

To view this week's update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write anytime, with your questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Happy Gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - Lamentations, Rome, Pact Magic, 7ombieTV, GHQ, 40K, Magic Decks, Galaxy Defenders, ASL, Alien Frontiers, New Wargames! - 3/24/2014

Hello everyone,

Welcome to this week's NKG games update, containing all of the new, used and rare games that have come in the last week or so. First off, we have a special announcement to make! There is a great convention local to us here in Madison, WI called Gamehole Con. I know the organizer, Alex Kammer, personally and this convention is run TOP notch. It truly is impressive what they have accomplished in only two years. Event submission starts next week on April 1st. For more information or to submit an event check them out at

Onto the games! For new Role Playing Games we have in:

BRW Games - Adventures Dark & Deep, several new core books, modules and more
Fractured Kingdom from House Dok Games
Forgive Us and Scenic Dunnsmouth from Lamentations of the Flame Princess, direct from our Finnish transplant Jim Raggi
Two new Rome maps for Weird Wars from Pinnacle
Pact Magic Unbound Volume 2 from Radiance House
Divine Instruments for Part-Time Gods
We are also looking for a few rare modules for a collector - ST1 Up the Garden Path, RPGA1 Rahasia and RPGA2 Black Opal Eye. We will pay a premium price in cash or trade for these items.

For Miniatures & Miniature Games:

7ombieTV, 7th Voyage - Myths and Heroes, and several new sets of minis from Crooked Dice, imported from the UK
New Warrior Packs for Heavy Gear Blitz!
Apocalypse War Zone - Damocles for Warhammer 40,000, as well as a huge number of themed lots
New pre-painted gaming accessories such as coffins, coin piles and more from Legendary Realms Terrain
Vengeance for Warmachine
A wide array of GHQ historicals
New and restocked trays and storage bags from Battle Foam

For Collectible & Living Card Games we have:

Cardfight! Vanguard trial packs and Binding Force of the Black Rings boosters
A new Game of Thrones arc Chapter Pack #1 - Spoils of War
The Megaman Protoman Tin for UFS
2014 Spring EX Tins for Pokemon
Duel Decks - Jace vs. Vraska for Magic the Gathering
We also have a new gal, Katie, helping us with singles and so we have listed quite a few Magic and YGO singles!

In the always exciting Board & Wargames section:

Science Fiction Double Feature Expansion for Smash Up
Galaxy Defenders, Special Dice, and the Elite Alien Army expansion from Ares Games
Cardline - Globetrotter and Timeline - Music & Cinema from Asmodee
A new Friendly Fire pack for Advanced Squad Leader
Alien Frontiers, Rockwell and Ruse from Game Salute
Nuklear Winter '68 - Heart of Darkness Expansion & Anzac Attack - Australia and New Zealand in Vietnam from Lock n' Load
Revolution Games - Gazala - The Cauldron & Operation Battleaxe - Wavell vs. Rommel 1941
Baseball Hall of Fame - 75th Anniversary Edition from Strat-o-Matic
Legendary - Spiderman - Paint the Town Red Expansion from Upper Deck
Panzerschreck #16 w/Destruction of Force Z - Royal Navy Disaster in the Far East, December 1941
Strategy & Tactics #286 w/Sparta vs. Athens

To view this week's update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write anytime, with your questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Happy Gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - Dragon Age, Traveller, Radiance, Ristul's Market, Captain America, Against the Odds, Bobby Lee, Combat Commander - 3/14/2014

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the weekly Noble Knight Games new, used and rare games update! At the top here I highlight the new releases for each category. Below those you will find full lists of the used and rare titles that have come into stock as well.

In our Role Playing Games section we have in:

The One Who Watches from Below for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
Dragon Age Dice Set from Green Ronin
Radiance Master's Guide
The Book of Familiars and Upon the Powder River from Troll Lord Games
A nice selection of used/rare Traveller RPG supplements from FASA

For Miniatures & Miniatures Games:

Games Workshop Codex Imperial Knights as well as new issues of White Dwarf Weekly and Warhammer Visions, as well as a huge selection of loose miniature lots (many pre-painted)
Several new large box sets from HiTech Miniatures
A variety of new releases from Knight Models for DC Comics, Batman and the Lord of the Rings games and dioramas
Mierce Miniatures token sets as well as new models
Ristul's Extraordinary Market - a new line to NKG which includes bases, miniatures, some fantastic fantasy pens, and more to be added soon
Wizkid's Captain America boosters, starters and more
Malifaux rare limited edition GenCon 2011 releases
Blackwater Gulch old west miniatures
Italy Battles for Flames of War

For Collectible Card Gamse this week:

Legacy of the Valiant Deluxe Editions for Yu-Gi-Oh
A nice selection of Magic including Theros booster boxes back in stock

And finally in our Boardgames & Wargames section:

Against the Odds 2013 Annual w/Bataille de Vauchamps
A new version of the fun "We Didn't Playtest This at All!"
Countdown - Special Ops and Dragon Caster from Game Salute
Bobby Lee 3rd Edition from Columbia Games
Reprints of the Battle Pack #1 & 2 as well as a new Battle Pack #6 for Combat Commander from GMT
Blood & Roses, a new game in the Men of Iron series from GMT
Mayfair Games Mad City
Cthulhu!!! - Hastur La Vista, Baby! (Kingsport Edition) from Twilight Creations
World at War #35 w/Strike North from Decision Games
Restocks of most popular and obscure manufacturers including Schutze, White Dog, Legion, GMT, and much more

To view this week's update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write anytime, with your questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Happy Gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - L5R, Star Wars, Numenera, Rome, M&M, One Ring, Star Trek, Simpsons, Lost Battalion, Magic, Decision Games, OSG, Six Angles - 3/7/2014

Hello everyone,

The Noble Knight Games update is back after a short hiatus with a *massive* list of new, used and rare titles that have come out over the past 5 weeks. Just some of the highlights that you will find in this update include:

Role Playing Games

The Book of Water for the Legend of the Five Rings
Cultists Under the Bed for the Laundry
Rocket Age - Blood Red Mars
Hobbit Tales - From the Green Dragon Inn for the One Ring
A hardcover edition of Runequest 6th Edition
Dangerous Covenants for Star Wars Edge of the Empire, as well as a new round of Specialization Decks
Emerald City Campaign Setting for Mutants & Masterminds
Ninth World Bestiary for Numenera
Rome for Savage Worlds Weird Wars, and the GM Screen with the Nox Germanica adventure
Pathfinder - a wide assortment of new adventures, sourcebooks and accessories

Miniatures & Miniature Games

Alternative Armies Ion Age including two special deals available for a limited time only
A new series of WWI Wings of War planes from Ares Games
A round of new releases in the Warhammer Fantasy Dwarves line, as well as several issues of the new White Dwarf weekly magazine
More LED lighting and accessories from PoweredPlay Gaming
New releases for 7TV, Infinity, Bombshell, Fenryll, Freebooter, Bushido, Mithril, Taban, West Wind, Reaper and more
Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 3 from WizKids
Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes boosters, bricks and more
The Simpsons collectible figures
Lost Battalion Games Sergeants miniatures, and expansions

Collectible and Living Card Games

CardFight! Vanguard Trial Decks
Weiss Schwarz Bakemonogatari Boosters
Ice & Fire Edition Draft Packs and Starters for Game of Thrones
YGO Star Pack 2014 and Cyber Dragon Revolution Structure Decks
XY Collections, Themes, Boosters, Trainer Decks and more for Pokemon
Booster Brawl for Kaijudo
Born of the Gods boosters, singles, event decks, fat packs and intro decks for Magic - The Gathering

Boardgames, Wargames and stand alone Card Games

Builders - The Middle Ages, Cappuccino, Continental Express, Origin and more from Asmodee
Liberation 1944 from Avalanche Press
Rivet Wars - Eastern Front from CoolMiniOrNot
Desert War 1941, Graziani's Advance and Devils Domain Upgrade Set from Critical Hit for Advanced Squad Leader
Decision Games Molino Del Ray folio and Modern War #10 with Target Iran
Several new DUST Limited Edition painted starter sets imported from Hong Kong
Tree of Wonders and New Kingdoms expansions for Upon a Fable
Dangerous Waters Expansion Pack for Flash Point - Fire Rescue
Miku Games Vol. 1 - Winter War - 1939-1940, the first entry in the Finnish Trilogy, and only a few copies left unfortunately before it's already out-of-print
La Patrie en Danger 1814 from Operational Studies Group
Perry Moore's The Final Lunge - Moscow 1941
Zombie Dice Deluxe and Munchkin Mars Attacks from Steve Jackson Games
Knockout and Cuba The Splendid Little War from Victory Point Games
A new issue of Six Angles magazine including Panzerkrieg - Von Manstein & Heeresgrubbe Sud

To view this week's update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write anytime, with your questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Happy Gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - Pathfinder, Cthulhu Minis, Essex Biblical 15mm, Night Goblins, Infinity, Catan Boards, C3i, Perry Moore, Berserk, Firefly - 1/29/2014

Hello everyone,

We have a smaller update for you this week but still some goodies to offer.

For RPG's we have:

Heroes of the Fenian Triarchy for Pathfinder from 4 Winds
A new Castles & Crusades flipbook as well as Universal Character Sheets
Restocks on the Morrow Project 4th Edition
More value bundles on White Wolf hardcovers, including Hunter, Werewolf, Mage, Vampire and more

For Miniatures & Games this week:

Bandua Wargames Infinity accessories, as well as Dire Foes Mission Packs
Blue Moon's line of 15mm Old West buildings
Old Glory's 15mm and 25mm WWI and WWII and Old West terrain and buildings
RAFM's Call of Cthulhu monsters and player character figures
A number of loose Night Goblins collections for Warhammer Fantasy
West End Games Star Wars loose miniatures lots (last of these we will likely be able to source)
A selection of accessories such as tables, chairs, bannisters, beds and stools from 4Ground
Essex's line of 15mm biblical ancients

In Collectible Card Games we have:

Digimon's New World boosters, boxes, and theme decks
Game of Thrones resin house cards
Yu-Gi-Oh's Legacy of the Valiant boosters as well as Battle Pack 2 - War of the Giants Round 2, Booster Draft Kit, and Double Dragon card sleeves

And lastly in the Board & Wargame section:

Berserk War of the Realms and the Knights & Villains expansion from Asmodee
Eclipse - Ship Pack One Expansion
Settlers of Catan 3-4 and 5-6 player boards from Catan Boards
Flying Frog's Blood in the Forest Expansion for Last Night on Earth
Tokaido - Crossroads Expansion
Panzerschlacht #2 - The Battle of Torda and White turns Red - The Battle of Orel from Perry Moore Games
Firefly - Out to the Black from Toy Vault
GMT's C3i 27 with Soviet Dawn
A number of rare Critical Hit ASL titles, rare Formula De expansions, and a huge selection of rare Munchkin promos and more

To view this week's update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write anytime, with your questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Happy Gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

New Update Posted - Cthluhu, Star Wars, Tyranids, Pathfinder D&D Minis, Stalingrad, ASL, Ace of Aces, Firefly, Lincoln's War, S&T - 1/21/2014

Hello everyone,

We have a great update for you this week featuring a large number of releases across all categories.

For you Role Players out there we have in:

Secrets of Tibet for Call of Cthulhu
The Fate Freeport Companion
A number of Star Wars Specialization Decks from Fantasy Flight
Whisper & Venom limited edition box set
Rogue Games - The Stew
A huge selection of White Wolf lots at great prices, in some cases more than 50% off retail for new books, a special deal directly from WWP through Noble Knight
Rare items including Kult 2nd Edition, original Fantasy Trip, Book of Demons, and more

New in our Miniatures & Games section:

New releases for Alternative Armies Firefight the Ion Age, Flintloque, Hordes of Things, Laserburn, and more
New minis for Infinity, Crunch Waffle Enterprises, Freeblades, Elfball, Wolsung, Redbox, Tale of War, Flames of War, JR Miniatures terrain and more
The Tomb of Horrors D&D minis box set from GF9 plus Vasen Cale - Half-Shade Paladin
Games Workshop Tyranids - Codex, Warriors, Swarm, Harpy, Haruspex, new White Dwarfs and much more
A huge selection of science fiction releases from Hi-Tech miniatures
Wizkids Pathfinder Battles "D&D" pre-painted miniatures, boosters, bricks and cases, as well as Skele-Treks Star Trek and Yu-Gi-Oh miniatures!
New Reaper paints and triads

New Collectible & Living Card Games releases this week:

Fantasy Flight Games Netrunner, Lord of the Rings, & Game of Thrones
A selection of rare Magic cards including Dual Lands

And finally in our Board & Wargames section:

Suburbia Inc expansion
Lords of War Orcs versus Dwarves and Elves versus Lizardman
Critical Hit's Mamayev Kurgan II - The Battle of Stalingrad for ASL
Battle for Stalingrad from Dan Verssen Games
The Small World 6 Player Map
Wiz-War - Maelfic Curses Expansion and the Nether Realms expansion for Talisman from FFG
Ace of Aces - from Flying Buffalo, a reprint of the very popular classic game
Breakin' Atmo expansion for Firefly
Auspicious Beginning from Game Production Workshop (formerly known as Tom Johnson Games)
High Flying Dice Games What went Wrong and Prussia Rising
Lincoln's War from Multi-Man Publishing
Hordes Deck Building Game Expansion Set - Savage Guardians
An Ogre dice set
Several new wargames imported from Poland by Taktyka I Strategia, with English translations
Vae Victis #114 w/The Battle of Paris as well as Hanau 1813 both with English rules
Strategy & Tactics #285 w/Duel on the Steppe
A large selection of obscure and rare ASL material

To view this week's update click on the NKG logo. Please note this update will only be available for viewing until the next one is posted. Feel free to write anytime, with your questions, comments, suggestions, requests or trades!

Happy Gaming,
Aaron Leeder
Noble Knight Games

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