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Rune Stryders
Rune Stryders

Civil war within the Confederated Nations threatens to engulf the world of Rhun, and the Outcast Nations wait impatiently for their chance to strike back at the countries that have enforced their exile for so many years. The world cries out for heroes who will stand against the tide of chaos.

Rune Stryders is a new direction in fantasy roleplaying. The game introduces Stryders, towering war machines (think mecha) brought to life through runic magic and guided by skilled pilots. These Stryders come in varied forms, from the steel-clad behemoths of the Confederated Nations to the living, walking trees of the Kantarin. The Sivatagi of the northern deserts control giant insects with runes, while the primitive Draslander augment their scavenged Stryders with bones and skulls.

Runic magic is not limited to powering war machines, however. Mages use the language of Rhun to cast deadly spells, and runed items command hefty prices and are treasured among those who trust their lives to their weapons and gear. Runic magic is powerful, but limited by the known runes. Knowledge of a new rune is an invaluable treasure, and many die in their pursuit of unique new runes.

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Rune Stryders (Revised and Expanded)
Type: Softcover
Stock #: PLIRUN001X 
Condition: VG
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Our Price: $28.00

Retail Price: $31.95
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Rune Stryders (Revised and Expanded)
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