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System Robotics and Manufacturing (SyRaM) was founded in 2076 by Tom Duscott, in Paris, France, Earth, under the original name of Engineered Robotics and Manufacturing (EnRaM). The companyís initial mission was to produce fully automated systems to bring a product all the way from concept to mass production to completion of a sales and distribution network. At this it succeeded, and engineers throughout the galaxy swear by the SyRaM name.

In 2203 EnRaM changed its name to SyRaM as the company garnered its UCOR charter from the planet Earth -- one of the first such ever granted by the Terran government. Today, the SyRaM Group (SG) is among the largest and most respected manufacturing and communications firms. Clients -- many of whom are based outside of Terran territories -- include organizations operating on local, regional, national, international, and interplanetary levels. They each rely on SG for assistance in manufacturing, distributing, and servicing finished goods throughout the galaxy.

Innovative, forward-thinking solutions characterize the SyRaM Groupís client programs. Traditional services are expanded through research, teamwork, and creative implementation of high-impact plans through SyRaM's proprietary I3 Process (intelligence, integration, and impact). SyRaM is also recognized for its best-selling book, The Manufacturer's Manual, which is widely regarded as setting the galactic mark for most manufacturing standards and practices. Now in its third edition, the manualís specifications have been implemented by some 1,000 other manufacturers and UCORís throughout known space.

Galaxywide coverage is also a part of the SyRaM Groupís service. The SyRaM Group belongs to IPREX, a galactic partnership of major independent agencies in more than sixty major markets scattered across explored space.

While entirely loyal to Earth, SyRaM does its best to remain above governmental politics. Also, even thought itís not always possible, SyRaM does what it can to keep itself out of conflicts with any governments or other UCOR's. "These are our clients," SyRaM President Gilles Garnier states flatly. "Why would we want to fight with them?"

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