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Iron Wind Metals

Iron Wind Metals

Iron Wind Metals was started in 2001 by five long-time employees of Ral Partha Enterprises, along with one of the company's founders. Now Iron Wind, under license from WizKids Games, is the exclusive North American manufacturer for Ral Partha Classic Fantasy, BattleTech, Crimson Skies, Shadowrun, Crucible, and Mage Knight Metal miniatures. While bringing back many of the designs that made Ral Partha an industry leader for almost 30 years, Iron Wind plans to move ahead with cutting-edge original miniatures lines, high-quality paints, game settings and rules, as well as foam and resin terrain, buildings, and more.

»  Battletech Miniatures - Aerotech 2
»  Battletech Miniatures - Aircraft (Iron Wind Metals)
»  Battletech Miniatures - Beginner Sets
»  Battletech Miniatures - Buildings, Box Sets & Bases
»  Battletech Miniatures - Infantry
»  Battletech Miniatures - Lance & Star Packs
»  Battletech Miniatures - Mechs (A - B) (Iron Wind Metals)
»  Battletech Miniatures - Mechs (C - D)
»  Battletech Miniatures - Mechs (E - F) (Iron Wind Metals)
»  Battletech Miniatures - Mechs (G - H)
»  Battletech Miniatures - Mechs (I - L) (Iron Wind Metals)
»  Battletech Miniatures - Mechs (M - N) (Iron Wind Metals)
»  Battletech Miniatures - Mechs (O - R) (Iron Wind Metals)
»  Battletech Miniatures - Mechs (S) (Iron Wind Metals)
»  Battletech Miniatures - Mechs (T) (Iron Wind Metals)
»  Battletech Miniatures - Mechs (U - Z) (Iron Wind Metals)
»  Battletech Miniatures - Protomechs (Iron Wind Metals)
»  Battletech Miniatures - Tanks (Iron Wind Metals)
»  Battletech Miniatures - Vehicles (Iron Wind Metals)
»  Classic Battletech Miniatures (Armorcast)
»  Crimson Skies Miniatures (Iron Wind Metals/Ral Partha)