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Mithril Miniatures

Mithril Miniatures

Mithril was founded in 1987 and has been dedicated since then to the creation of miniature figures, inspired by Middle-earth as portrayed by J.R.R. Tolkien in his books, 'The Hobbit and 'The Lord of the Rings'. It has been our intention to faithfully recreate the characters from these works and imbue the miniatures as much as possible with the atmosphere and feel of Middle-earth.

»  Gold Status Fellowship (32mm)
»  Lord of the Rings (54mm)
»  Lord of the Rings - Designer Series (32mm)
»  Lord of the Rings - Helm's Deep (32mm)
»  Lord of the Rings Limited Edition - Bree to Rivendell (32mm)
»  Lord of the Rings Limited Edition - Five Istari (32mm)
»  Lord of the Rings Limited Edition - From the Shire to the Barrow Downs (32mm)
»  Lord of the Rings Limited Edition - The Early Ring Bearers (32mm)
»  Lord of the Rings Limited Edition - The Nine Nazgul (32mm)
»  Lord of the Rings Vignettes (32mm)
»  Middle Earth Boxed Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Armies of Gondor, Lossarnach Province (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Armies of Gondor, The Knights of Dol Amroth (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - At the Sign of the Prancing Pony - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Cirith Ungol (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Durin's Folk (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Fangorn (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Fangorn - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Far Harad - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Galadriel & The Battle of Mirkwood (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Ghost Warriors (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Gorgoroth (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Gorgoroth - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Helm's Deep #1 - Gamling's Rally (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Helm's Deep #2 - Death to the Strawheads (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Heroines of Middle-Earth (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Hobbits of the Shire (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - House of Elrond (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Isengard (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Isengard - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Laketown (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Laketown - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - MERP Middle-Earth Characters (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Minas Tirith (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Mirkwood (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Mirkwood - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Mordor Armies, The Corsairs of Umbar (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Mount Gundabad (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Mount Gundabad - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Orcs of the Red Eye (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Pelenor Fields (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Personalities of the Third Age (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Personalities of the Third Age - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Riders of Rohan - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Ancient Folk (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Black Sword (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Chamber of Mazarbul (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Elves of Lorien (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Elves of Lorien - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Fellowship of the Ring - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Halls of the Elven King - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Hobbit (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Hobbit - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Horse-Lords (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Last Alliance (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Misty Mountains (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Prancing Pony (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Prancing Pony - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Races of Middle-Earth - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Rangers of Ilthilien (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Shire Folk - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Tale of Turnin (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Vale of Anduin (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Vale of Anduin - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - The Village of Bree (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Thieves of Tharbad (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Thieves of Tharbad - Loose Miniatures (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth "M" Series - Thorin & Dain (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth Classics - Double Packs (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth Classics - The Hobbit (32mm)
»  Middle-Earth Classics - The Lord of the Rings (32mm)
»  Mithril Catalogs
»  Mithril Miniatures - Carrying Case