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Alternative Armies

Alternative Armies

Alternative Armies manufactures and distributes quality small scale models and figures for collectors and hobby gamers. All products are designed by leading industry sculptors and are finished and hand painted to the highest standards in Scotland.

These fine scale models are manufactured in white metal and resins and have been carefully crafted to capture accurate detail. Due to the nature of the product, involving small and sharp pieces, they are not considered toys and are not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

Alternative Armies is a brand name of Alector Ltd which also owns and The Ion Age among others. They are the prime brand and the home of the famous Flintloque and Slaughterloo fantasy Napoleonic wargames, Typhon the game of Greek Mythology, Erin the game of Celtic Mythology, HOT and HOF 15mm systems and Alien Squad Leader (ASQL) 15mm SciFi wargame and the classic Laserburn range. Also 28mm Classic 'Oldhammer' type Fantasy ranges and the DarkeStorme fantasy skirmish system for 15mm and 28mm gaming. Also MOTH, Firefight, Patrol Angis and other space opera products and games.

They have been in this business for twenty years and enjoy a great reputation in their market places among thousands of customers across the world.

»  Altuos Historical Miniatures - Early 16th Century (15mm)
»  Altuos Historical Miniatures - Late 15th Century (15mm)
»  Altuos Historical Miniatures - Late 16th Century (15mm)
»  Altuos Historical Miniatures - Ottoman Turkish Renaissance (15mm)
»  Altuos Historical Miniatures - Renaissance Artillery & Crews (15mm)
»  Altuos Historical Miniatures - The 17th Century (15mm)
»  Brickdust Napoleonic Miniatures - Austrian Army (15mm)
»  Brickdust Napoleonic Miniatures - Bavarian Army (15mm)
»  Brickdust Napoleonic Miniatures - British Army (15mm)
»  Brickdust Napoleonic Miniatures - French Army (15mm)
»  Brickdust Napoleonic Miniatures - Naval Landing Party (15mm)
»  Brickdust Napoleonic Miniatures - Portuguese Army (15mm)
»  Brickdust Napoleonic Miniatures - Prussian Army (15mm)
»  Brickdust Napoleonic Miniatures - Russian Army (15mm)
»  Brickdust Napoleonic Miniatures - Spanish Army (15mm)
»  Brickdust Napoleonic Miniatures - The Brunswickers (15mm)
»  Brickdust Napoleonic Miniatures - Wagons for Horse & Musket Periods (15mm)
»  Furioso
»  Hordes of Things - Miniatures - Humans (15mm)
»  Medus Medieval Miniatures - Assorted (15mm)
»  Medus Medieval Miniatures - English (15mm)
»  Medus Medieval Miniatures - Flemish (15mm)
»  Medus Medieval Miniatures - Frankish (15mm)
»  Medus Medieval Miniatures - German (15mm)
»  Medus Medieval Miniatures - Hungarian (15mm)
»  Medus Medieval Miniatures - Hussite (15mm)
»  Medus Medieval Miniatures - Italian (15mm)
»  Medus Medieval Miniatures - Swiss (15mm)
»  Medus Medieval Miniatures - Welsh (15mm)
»  Ponywars - Wild West (15mm)
»  Potomac - American Civil War - Assorted (15mm)
»  Potomac - American Civil War - Confederate (15mm)
»  Potomac - American Civil War - Union (15mm)