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Avalon Hill

Avalon Hill

The Avalon Hill Game Company released its first three games – Gettysburg, Tactics II, and Dispatcher — in 1958. A division of the Monarch Avalon Printing Company, Avalon Hill became a pioneer in a new type of gaming: strategy games based on historical events.

Up to this point, strategy games had been more abstract in nature and popular games, although themed, relied more on luck and less on strategy. By deviating from these traditions, Avalon Hill created a new type of game that appealed to a new type of gamer. For over 25 years, Avalon Hill created dozens of historical wargames alongside thought–provoking strategy games.

In 1998, Monarch Avalon decided to move out of the games business. Hasbro Games purchased the rights to the majority of Avalon Hill games. After a year and a half of research and design, Hasbro Games has started to bring back the Avalon Hill games line. Some games will be reissues of classic AH games but many will be new games to satisfy the Avalon Hill gamer.

»  ASL Map Boards - Mounted
»  Avalon Hill/Hasbro Board Games
»  Axis & Allies (Avalon Hill)
»  Board Games - Assorted (Avalon Hill)
»  Board Games - Business, Legal, and Political Games (Avalon Hill)
»  Board Games - Planes & Trains
»  Board Games - Puzzle, Trivia, & Word Games
»  Civilization
»  Diplomacy (Avalon Hill)
»  General Magazine - Collections
»  General Magazine - Variants w/Counters
»  General Magazine - Volumes 01 to Volume 8
»  General Magazine - Volumes 09 to Volume 16
»  General Magazine - Volumes 17 to Volume 24
»  General Magazine - Volumes 25 to Volume 32, Specials & Miscellaneous
»  Risk 2210 A.D. (Insurgency Gaming)
»  Speed Circuit
»  Sports Games - Assorted (Avalon Hill)
»  Sports Games - Baseball (Avalon Hill)
»  Sports Games - Basketball (Avalon Hill)
»  Sports Games - Football (Avalon Hill)
»  Squad Leader & Advanced Squad Leader Parts & Collections (Avalon Hill)
»  Squad Leader (Avalon Hill)
»  Squad Leader - Advanced Squad Leader (Avalon Hill)
»  War Games (Battleline)
»  War Games - American Civil & Revolutionary Wars (Avalon Hill)
»  War Games - Ancients - Up to 500 AD (Avalon Hill)
»  War Games - Assorted (Avalon Hill)
»  War Games - Fantasy (Avalon Hill)
»  War Games - Foreign Editions
»  War Games - Great Campaigns of the American Civil War Series (Avalon Hill)
»  War Games - Modern (Post World War II) (Avalon Hill)
»  War Games - Napoleonic (Avalon Hill)
»  War Games - Parts (Avalon Hill)
»  War Games - Science Fiction (Avalon Hill)
»  War Games - World War I (Avalon Hill)
»  War Games - World War II - Aerial Combat (Avalon Hill)
»  War Games - World War II - Land Combat (Avalon Hill)
»  War Games - World War II - Naval Combat (Avalon Hill)