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Chaosium, (Kay-Oss-Eum) is known for publishing high quality books & games, and for having a well-developed sense of fun.

In 1975 the company was founded as The Chaosium by Greg Stafford. It was later incorporated as Chaosium Inc. Chaosium thrives in the mild climate, gorgeous surroundings, and gentle earthquakes of the San Francisco Bay area.

Most of Chaosium's product lines are based upon literary sources. H.P. Lovecraft's 1920's horror fiction provides the basis of the classic Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game line which has won so many awards that the we have lost count, though we do know that there are more than 70 of them. Mr. Lovecraft also provides the inspiration for our many Call of Cthulhu Fiction collections.

Michael Moorcock's popular Eternal Champion Swords & Sorcery novels form the foundation of the Stormbringer roleplaying game. Both Call of Cthulhu and Stormbringer use our Basic Roleplaying system which is alive and well despite many, many years of fun and insanity.

»  Basic Roleplaying - Core & Assorted
»  Basic Roleplaying - Monographs
»  Book of Dark Wisdom Magazine
»  Call of Cthulhu (Cubicle Seven)
»  Call of Cthulhu (Fantasy Flight Games)
»  Call of Cthulhu (Triad Entertainments)
»  Call of Cthulhu (WOTC) (d20)
»  Call of Cthulhu - Accessories (Chaosium 1981-2001)
»  Call of Cthulhu - Accessories (Chaosium 2001-Present)
»  Call of Cthulhu - Core Rules (Chaosium 1981-2001)
»  Call of Cthulhu - Core Rules (Chaosium 2001-Present)
»  Call of Cthulhu - Foreign Language Editions
»  Call of Cthulhu - M.U. Monographs
»  Call of Cthulhu - Supplements (Chaosium 1981-2001)
»  Call of Cthulhu - Supplements (Chaosium 2001-Present)
»  Catalogs (Chaosium)
»  Chaosium Merchandise
»  Cthulhu Plush
»  Different Worlds Magazine
»  ElfQuest
»  Elric
»  Eternal Champion
»  Glorantha/RuneQuest (Reaching Moon Megacorp Publications)
»  Glorantha/RuneQuest (The Chaos Society)
»  Glorantha/RuneQuest (The Unspoken Word)
»  Nephilim
»  Pendragon (Chaosium)
»  Ringworld
»  RPG Supplements (Chaosium)
»  RuneQuest (Chaosium)
»  RuneQuest (Moon Design Publications)
»  Starry Wisdom Magazine
»  Stormbringer (Chaosium)
»  Stormbringer - University of Cadsandria Monographs
»  Superworld
»  Tales of the Reaching Moon Magazine (Glorantha/RuneQuest)
»  Thieves' World (Chaosium)
»  Wyrm's Footnotes Magazine