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Micro Art Studio

Micro Art Studio

Micro Art Studio was created in 2003 thanks to initiative of Sebastian Makowski and Grzegorz Tomaszewski. At the beginning, it was an informal group of hobbyists painting and converting figures and models for miscellaneous wargames systems. In 2005, the group was legally registered and a year later transformed to official company Micro Art Studio S.C.

At that time, first designs of the company's own resin products had been created. At first, figures and models made by MAS were used for their own needs but later company started production for retail.

As Micro Art Studio's products gained popularity the company changed their profile from services (painting and conversions) to manufacturing. Right now, painting and conversions are only additional services offered by Micro Art Studio. In 2008, MAS created Micro Art Studio Shipyard making ship models for shipyards and collectors worldwide.

Right now, Micro Art Studio is one of the fastest evolving manufacturers of figures and accessories for wargames. Their range of products include battle diorama bases, resin and hardfoam terrain elements, movement trays, miniature bases, accessories for figure conversions, markers, tokens, templates, Wolsung, fantasy, s-f miniatures, 70mm miniatures and other.

A very important moment in the company's history was when in 2008 Micro Art Studio signed a contract with Colin Smythe Ltd - agent of Sir Terry Pratchett; from that moment on, the company started production of 30mm miniatures of Discworld characters.

»  Battle Bases - Ancient
»  Battle Bases - Arcane
»  Battle Bases - Assorted
»  Battle Bases - BioTech, Tech, & Power Plant
»  Battle Bases - Chaos
»  Battle Bases - Chaos Waste
»  Battle Bases - Cobblestone
»  Battle Bases - Dark Temple
»  Battle Bases - Desert
»  Battle Bases - Forest & Winter Forest
»  Battle Bases - Graveyard
»  Battle Bases - Infested & Hive
»  Battle Bases - Jungle
»  Battle Bases - Mosaic
»  Battle Bases - Mystic
»  Battle Bases - Old Factory
»  Battle Bases - Pipeworks
»  Battle Bases - Possessed
»  Battle Bases - Ruins
»  Battle Bases - Scrapyard
»  Battle Bases - Shale, Winter Shale, & Snow
»  Battle Bases - Shrine
»  Battle Bases - Skulls
»  Battle Bases - Spooky
»  Battle Bases - Swamp
»  Battle Bases - Temple
»  Battle Bases - Trash
»  Battle Bases - Trench & Wasteland
»  Battle Bases - Troglodyte
»  Battle Bases - Urban & Urban Fight
»  Battle Bases - Warehouse
»  Battle Bases - Wood
»  Battlefield Fantasy Terrain - Resin (28mm)
»  Battlefield Future Terrain - Hardfoam (28mm)
»  Battlefield Future Terrain - Resin (28mm)
»  Conversion Lab - Body Parts (28mm)
»  Conversion Lab - Separate Heads (28mm)
»  Discworld Busts (135mm)
»  Discworld Miniatures (30mm)
»  Infinity Gaming Accessories (28mm) (Micro Art Studio)
»  Infinity Gaming Tokens (Micro Art Studio)
»  Iron Brotherhood - Miniatures (28mm) (Micro Art Studio)
»  Miniature Gaming Templates (Micro Art Studio)
»  Miniature Movement Trays - Chaos
»  Miniature Movement Trays - Jungle
»  Miniature Movement Trays - Ruins
»  Miniature Movement Trays - Shale
»  Miniature Movement Trays - Skulls
»  Miniature Movement Trays - Temple
»  Miniatures - Fantasy (28mm) (Micro Art Studio)
»  Miniatures - Fantasy (70mm) (Micro Art Studio)
»  Miniatures - Sci-Fi (28mm) (Micro Art Studio)
»  Miniatures Base System
»  Scenery (28mm) (Micro Art Studio)
»  Token Sets - Objective Markers & Tokens
»  Wolsung - Core & Assorted (28mm)
»  Wolsung Miniatures - Ash & Oak (28mm)
»  Wolsung Miniatures - Inventors Club (28mm)
»  Wolsung Miniatures - Scylla Club (28mm)
»  Wolsung Miniatures - Triad of Lotus Dragon (28mm)
»  Wolsung Miniatures - Ven Rier Agents (28mm)