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Warlord Games

Warlord Games

Warlord Games is desperately passionate about historical wargaming and as such will be producing great rules and miniatures for you. They want to be bringing you miniatures, rules and the like that they are proud of and excited by. That way they know you’ll love them too.

John Stallard is best known as author of the Warhammer Historical: English Civil Wars rules. Whilst this period is one of his passions he’s probably better described as someone to whom history is an opportunity to play with as many different armies as possible. John’s gaming room is any wargamers dream - unlike his Timmy Mallett shirt…

Paul Sawyer was editor of Games Workshop’s White Dwarf magazine for many years. With an unhealthy love for World War II wargaming he can often be found lovingly stroking models of Jagdpanthers…

With over 40 years worth of experience in the wargaming industry between them, they think they know great games and miniatures when they see them.

»  Ancient Armies - Achaemenid Persians (28mm)
»  Ancient Armies - Ancient Britons (28mm)
»  Ancient Armies - Ancient Greeks (28mm)
»  Ancient Armies - Celts (28mm)
»  Ancient Armies - Celts - Loose Miniatures (28mm)
»  Ancient Armies - Dacians & Sarmatians (28mm)
»  Ancient Armies - Early Imperial Roman (28mm)
»  Ancient Armies - Germanic (28mm)
»  Ancient Armies - Greeks (28mm)
»  Ancient Armies - Hail Caesar (28mm)
»  Ancient Armies - Hail Caesar Rules
»  Ancient Armies - Late Republican Romans (28mm)
»  Ancient Armies - Macedonians (28mm)
»  Ancient Armies - Spartans (28mm)
»  Battle Foam - Warlord Games - Assorted
»  Black Powder - Anglo-Zulu War 1879 (28mm)
»  Black Powder - Core & Assorted (Warlord Games)
»  Black Powder - French Indian War 1754-1763 (28mm)
»  Black Powder - Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815 (28mm)
»  Black Powder - The Crimean War 1853-1856 (28mm)
»  Black Powder - The Jacobite Rebellion 1745 (28mm)
»  Bolt Action - Americans (28mm)
»  Bolt Action - British (28mm)
»  Bolt Action - Core & Assorted
»  Bolt Action - Core Rules (Osprey)
»  Bolt Action - Finland (28mm)
»  Bolt Action - France (28mm)
»  Bolt Action - German (28mm)
»  Bolt Action - Italy (28mm)
»  Bolt Action - Japan (28mm)
»  Bolt Action - Occult Wars (28mm)
»  Bolt Action - Poland (28mm)
»  Bolt Action - Soviets (28mm)
»  Bolt Action - WWII Terrain (28mm)
»  Miscellaneous Accessories and Miniatures (28mm)
»  Pike & Shotte (28mm)